Naomi Supergun questions


I just won a Naomi mobo with Marvel 2 for real cheap at yahoo auctions.

Anyway I was wondering what else do I need to be able to play it at home without a cab.

I know I will need a PSU, an amplifier and a Sega or Capcom I/O.

I have a Benq evo monitor as well.

I’m a real noob at this, and I used to own a Naomi like a decade ago but was too overwhelmed on what to do with it. I also didn’t have any games back then too!

I also own an Atomiswave with Hokuto no Ken. I’m looking to buy a specific supergun by RGB hopefully soon, he said he’s trying for October to restock. It’ll also have Saturn to DB15. That one is more suited for JAMMA than JVS (what Naomi is) though.

Right now for Naomi I want to stick to cart games, I’ll look for Project Justice, and GD-ROM is an option considering that games are usually cheap like CvS2.


Fortunately, the Naomi outputs video in VGA and audio via the RCA jacks, so that’ll work just fine.
Other than that, you’ll just need a way to hook up controls. You can either look up the JAMMA pinout and wire up your stick and buttons there, or alternatively, you can connect Dreamcast controllers directly to the Maple bus.

Take some time to read through the Naomi thread here on SRKTT: