Naomi Universal

Well, I just recently found a Naomi model 1 board for a ridiculously low price, so I had to grab it. Unfortunately I can’t find a Naomi cabinet for a reasonable price; I think they are fairly rare in America. Undaunted, I decided I could build my own universal. I’m not looking for authenticity with the cabinet, I just love the design- and I think I got fairly close with this mock up I designed in 3D studio.

I do have a few quick questions about this project; One- I know someone else has done this before, but I can’t find any record of it. Do any of you know where I might find information about it? I’d hate to completely reinvent the wheel on this one.

Two, I’d like to get a little feedback about this model from some other gearheads. I plan on slapping an LCD monitor in to keep weight at a reasonable amount- but I can compensate for a CRT if necessary. My monitor width will have to fall within 25" -27" to keep the original Naomi profile.

Here is a thread that might answer some of you questions.

Bingo. Exactly what I wanted to see, thanks a bunch DevilsFang.