Naomi's, Atomiswave, SF2 Accelerator, MVC2 Naomi, Skull Fang and more!


Rumble Fish Atomiswave Kit (including Atomiswave), in the box, 225 shipped
Sammy Atomiswave Cart Neowave King of Fighters $30 Shipped
4 x Naomi 1 Systems, tested working, 60 ea Shipped
1 x Naomi 1 System working with Melty Bloody Actress Again Cart 250 shipped
Skull Fang Data East rare SHMUP pcb, $200
Street Fighter 2 Championship, 920310, accelerator, 75 shipped
1 x MVC2 Naomi Cart 125 shipped
5 x Capcom I/O boards 125 ea shipped (these are getting really freaking expensive)

(prices are with US shipping!)


Please let me clarify, the MBAA comes with a Naomi1, this is the Japanese version so it has the proper chip installed, but it does not come with an IO board


Bryan, Ill take a CAPCOM I/O and 2 of the NAOMIs.



PM Sent


Sent you a message.


The Melty Blood Naomi would be a Japanese bios, correct? Interested, just gotta sell my XBONE first.