Napervillians (+UIUC peepz) / brunswick players

Just wanted a place of our own. Chicago is just too far away sometimes… plus weekend time is girlfriend time, so no gaming then. Only choice: naperville.

I’ve seen some new faces at Brunswick, esp. Tuesday nights when games are 1/2 off at like 10pm or something?

Maybe we should even form a small group and have small matches against Chicago guys when we’re good enough. The scene is growing here, that’s right, in Naperville.

give a brief intro of yourself, games you play, and we’ll organize from there.

I’m Benson, grad from UIUC, play which ever machine has more people on it… playing since SSF2 for SNES =P

I go up to Brunswick zone every now and then to play Grid with Shiny. Haven’t been up there in a while though.

I play MvC2, Grid, and DDR if I feel fresh enough.

Try to make it out to Nickel City in Northbrook on Saturdays for bi-weekly tourneys.

amar (owner of nickel city) would own all your top players in 3s, probably in mvc2 as well. I would even put $$ on it. :slight_smile:

not to be mean but thats how bad gala sucks nowadays. aside from like 1 or 2 players, everyone else is sad. the game prices don’t help the situation either:bluu: :bluu: you guys should come out to nickels tonight for $5 all you can play, and get owned by amar and many others.:slight_smile:

a lot of us older players haven’t gone to brunswick in a while (Wes, Ernest, JackTheFob, Andrew…) I’m the only one that goes now and then cause my brother worked there and has some “connections”.

Yeah, the comp isn’t so strong, but it’s improving. I just met a guy, desiStyle, but he’s off to school again.

sometimes (most of the time) i don’t feel like driving an hour and 1/2 just to play games. Maybe when i get a job in northbrook later…

derek, you’re the one with the wild hair… i didn’t know you came down here.

anyways, saturday for me is out. girlfriend > games, and i only get to see her on the weekends. Seriously, we should do some SW suburb vs. NW suburb or something (make it like an event once a month), help out the guys here to get better.

yeah, I know desistyle. we play guilty every now and then.
I’d go out to naperville to play some of you guys if you know people are going to show, but all I really play right now is guilty and I know there’s no guilty action out there.

Yeah I’d like to see a bigger/better crowd at 'swick. That’s the only way I have a chance to not be beaten by storm/sentinal. I’m usually there on thursdays and tues. starting at 9, because thats when its .28 and .14 respectively. Hope we can get a decent crowd there. P.s ‘swick has more room between games and a nicer set. Too bad they have fewer fightin’ games.

what up!!

well school sucks …

im having fun…but classes suck…and to top it off…one dude i know plays 3s and no GGXX players.

no comp = boredom

how about we start setting up some meeting times? If anyone’s interested, let me know, so i can try and coordinate a good open time so many people can show. I’m hoping that we can get some sort of scene going at the arcade

I will be there tues and thurs (sorry missed this thurs) and get owned like last week on 3S. One day I will go to nickles to get owned but I really suck now and it’s not even worth the drive.

Brunswick sounds good to me for now. And like the other guy weekends is usually gf time and no time with gf = no sex. SO um I think I spend time with girl :smiley:

i’ll be there once a week on tuesdays at 9pm for sure. I’m only free if I make time, as I work at home and my “work day” doesn’t end. When I have a stable job, then I can probably come very often, but that won’t be for another month or two.

I’ll start playing the cheapest teams in MVC2 =P that way people will start moving towards picking the top tiers (yeah, it’s unoriginal, but there are reasons why they’re top tiers).

for 3S people… just ask me stuff when we’re playing or watching people play. It helps you learn the game, and it helps me learn the game too.

But for meeting times, put my vote down for tuesday nights, big_marcus. see ya guys then.

Tuesdays I will be there with Marcus. I will be playing 3S mostly unless I learn to play MVC2.

Btw were you there this Tuesday fyhbenz42 playing 3s?

yeah, i was there last tuesday. I was the one who had a small streak even against the dudley guy with chun li. i’ll get past his good basics without resorting to chunli cheapness yet…

Ill be there this Tuesday to get some gaming. Being it so close to me might as well go pay yall a visit.


just bait that fag until he learns not to mash every single move and get the controls all nasty from his sweat

D, go easy on em =P

fyhbenz42 I remeber you I was the guy playing Ken and getting my ass handed to me by both of you guys. But damn the other guy would parry everything :frowning:

Well I will see you guys this Tuesday.

haha… not that dudley guy… that guy sucks and thinks a lot of stuff is cheap. it’s a different guy andrew =P the official “Dudley Guy” hasn’t been there in a long time…

oo, chicago comp…

oh that guy. ummm… just either repeated jab his jump-ins or EX DPs. you can still bait him too. he likes wakeup supers. or just use urien or yun :smiley:

he likes to try and bait you too. especially with Q. just dont fall for it =p

haha, nope, not that guy either. this guy’s good at poking… plays makato and dudley. good range perception too. i think he started to come to gala this year, so you probably haven’t seen him before

fyhbenz42 you plan on coming each tuesday? It would help my scrub game a whole lot if you come and give me tips :slight_smile:

Hopefully sooner or later I will get a bit better.

yeah, just tuesdays. i almost considered going this thursday night, are the same people there thursday nights too?

The best way to get decent at 3S fast is to play the DC a lot, the arcade AI is pretty good… try to parry some comming special moves, especially shoto stuff (ryu, ken, akuma, sean). They have decent AI’s and when you can own them on the highest difficulty, the next step is to learn better basics against people.