Nappa Thread - I Can Grow Some Nice Saibamen Here!


SIDENOTE** This one of my favourite characters in the game. Nappa’s design is so dope!

Compiling character subthreads, post your tech/discussion here!

Please @ me if any tech you’d like adding to the OP comes up!


Nappa’s autocombo wallbounces in the corner, letting you combo into S and then 2H, 236M, super.

I don’t know if all autocombos wallbounce, but it seems that some do, giving them lots of power in the corner.

Also of note, here he links an overhead to a 2L, probably by hitting with late active frames or something. I couldn’t reproduce, but I’m ass.


Posted twice on accident and I don’t know how to delete, so here’s more stuff from the internet:

He could probably get more damage if he let the autocombo wallbounce the opponent.


Im not one for browsing twitter tech so idk if something like this has already been posted

Input for OS is 2H then H again when Nappas hands meet + 214S
Demonstration 1: Uptech + Mash L
Demonstration 2: Uptech + Block then mashing L after the 2H
Demonstration 3: Uptech + Block
Demonstration 4: Backtech + Mash L
Demonstration 5: Backtech + Block the mashing L after the 2H
Demonstration 6: Backtech + Block
of course if they get hit with the 214S after the 2H then you can just rinse and repeat


Best character in the game, easily. Has big body footsies but with none of the draw-backs of actually being a big-body. Wanna win a tourney? Hop on the Nappa band-wagon until he gets nerfed.


Thats a 100% welcome to vegeta

Corner with no setup mass damage

Nappa autocombo is pretty good in the corner


Fellow High IQ Nappa players, whats the combo yall are doing off of a counterhit 214S?


Nappa midscreen resets


More nappa midscreen ideas. This one has potential.


Vid from the subforum. Good oki pressure solo:


I am playing around right now with Nappa on point. Who do you think works best as a teammates? I was messing around with A Gohan and Android 16.


Nappa is bffs with the buus and vegeta because they allow him to plant saibaman mid combo and continue combo


Something I just threw together with my Nappa team. the dH can be avoided entirely with forward tech and if they block then you just get to suck them back down to the ground and continue pressure.


Nappa is that character I only have week 1 tech for that still makes it on to most of my teams.


Same FeelsBadMan