Naptown C-L-U-T-C-H ... Footage and Thanks


Thanks a million to Silver Rain for running this tournament and for his colossal patience with our tardiness. I’d say arriving 3 hours late is just beyond fashionable. Also, a huge token of appreciation is due to Thelo for making the trip. It’s awesome to see that kind of commitment for our beloved HDR. And of course, congrats are in order for kindly taking all our money in the process. :sad: HA!

All in all while the # of entrants was less than we’d hoped, the intensity and atmosphere was more than we could ask for. Aside from the competitive aspect, what was truly rewarding was the experience of just hanging with our fellow HDR/ST heads. Something I feel our community greatly underestimates. Sure made the grueling 3/4 hour drive there and back feel well worth it.

Anyway, without further adieu…I bring you the footage. The likes of which I’m sure will not leave any of you disappointed. Let’s just say it brought a whole new meaning to “Naptown Clutch.” BIG UPS to RoyalPhlush and TheloTheGreat for putting on one of the single greatest exhibitions of top tier play in their first to 5 money match. It was, dare I say…Evo-worthy. Anyway…enjoy.

P.S. I won’t let it go unsaid that while the effort to post this metric ton of footage online was a total bitch and a half, the effort to bring my camera to the tournament and record, wasn’t. What’s my point, you ask?..make it to your local tournaments and R-E-C-O-R-D!!! Need I reference our most recent Major WCW3!? You’d almost think HDR got dropped from the roster if it wasn’t for Aquasnake’s few posts. I’m just saying…Kinda tough to make a case for our game when we don’t bother to show up to tourneys and subsequently share our matches for the world to see. I hope the following footage encourages the community by demonstrating just the kind of thing we all miss out on when we don’t show up and don’t record. :wtf:

Anyway, enough literature…THE VIDZ!!!

The creme de la creme:

RoyalPhlush vs. TheloTheGreat Money Match @ Naptown Clutch 2/19

Grand Finals, Winner’s/Loser’s/Semis:

TheloTheGreat vs. ImmortalBMW Grand Finals @ Naptown Clutch 2/19

RoyalPhlush vs. TheloTheGreat Winner’s Final @ Naptown Clutch 2/19

RoyalPhlush vs. ImmortalBMW Loser’s Final @ Naptown Clutch 2/19

RoyalPhlush vs. ImmortalBMW Winner’s Semi-Final

HAD0-KING vs. ImmortalBMW Loser’s Semi-Final @ Naptown Clutch 2/19

Casuals and Bracket Play:

HAD0-KING vs. madpossum Loser’s Bracket@ Naptown Clutch 2/19

ImmortalBMW vs. madpossum Winner’s bracket @ Naptown Clutch 2/19

ImmortalBMW vs. JigglyNorris Winner’s bracket @ Naptown Clutch 2/19

ImmortalBMW vs. JigglyNorris Loser’s Bracket @ Naptown Clutch 2/19

JigglyNorris vs. madpossum Casuals set @ Naptown Clutch 2/19

HAD0-KING vs. RoyalPhlush Winner’s Bracket @ Naptown Clutch 2/19

Hey man, sorry, where are the vids? Definitely want to see some of those matches. Thank you.

EDIT: Hahah, yeah. Good shit, awesome matches. The MM between Thelo and Phlush was especially great, I’ve never seen a Honda play top shotos better.

Man Noriega, you literally chkd the thread abt 12 secs after I posted it! lol. Anyaway, Vidz are now up. I accidentally posted the thread w/ the match headings but, forgot to include the links. Anyway, should be all updated now.
minor disclaimer ** Winner’s Final Footage should be all uploaded in about 15 minutes so, I’ll be adding that the list as well. Enjoy guys.

congrats to thelo. very impressive taking both titles (is bmw very rusty? playing ssf4 all the time :slight_smile:

sf2 on crt definitely looks better than on lcd. too bad crt is so bulky and all.

why is phlush playing under the name “thelothegreat”, that is confusing as hell. btw you guys forget to mention the $ amount involved, so we can measure the hype in that match =]

so how was the turnout for both tourney?

i also see that st is being run on supergun instead of xbox360.
so i guess pad players are out of luck (phlush & had0king) ?

i’m a little curious about that setup since we are using supergun as well with psx converter.


Thelo deserved 2 win.
I remember when we were in a partychat and he told me how he ALWAYS gets second place @ tournaments , lol.

How much prizemoney was it btw?

Goodshit everyone, i wish i could go to those! Congrats to Thelo & Phlush

We were late and couldn’t enter the ST tournament, but it didn’t bother me one bit. Supergun setup was pretty lousy. The screen would flicker on and off at random times, and if the default stick that was set up (which also sucked imo) was shaken from moving the stick or pressing a button, the screen would shake or flicker. I was doing a casual with Mad Possum and just walked away in the middle of our match. He didn’t blame me either for doing so.

In the end, they should’ve stuck with classic mode for ST.

Edit: MM was 20 bucks.

Pretty daring for Thelo to MM Phlush on even terms. I like that oldschool “players overcome tiers” mentality.

Thanks for this! It deeply saddens me when tourney footage isn’t upped <3

Yeah it was a great tourney. I was honored to run it. I’m proud of the fact I ran that sucker quickly too… I got it done…

Also, while I finished 9th… my loss to Jiggly was really good, I beat his Hawk and he went to Ken and I had never seen him play Ken before… I should have stuck to it with Cammy but I did okay as Chun, just missed too many punishes…

Thanks to everyone for coming out. Possum said it best, we didn’t have huge quantities, but I dare anyone to show me a tournament that had as much quality per entrant… and I’ll tell you we had better.

Thanks guys!

Hahah, sorry about that, we used my console and I didn’t think about using my own gamertag. I actually remember at least one point where I tried to super because I saw “TheloTheGreat”'s super bar was full, except that wasn’t my super bar, lol.

And yeah, MM was for 20 bucks. The money involved wasn’t anything special, but I hope the match itself was!

We had 10 ST entrants and 14 HDR entrants. The 4 extra HDR guys were the Chicago crew, who were too late to enter ST, plus Silver Rain.

Oh yeah, I think that this experience about running a supergun tourney then a console tourney right after each other really underlined how drastically more convenient running on console is. Even little things like needing to wait after each match for the CPU to bash the winner into a game over so we could re-choose our characters was annoying. I think that in retrospect, everyone involved would have rather run the old ST tourney on console.

So that is my take-away for the day: even if you want to play old ST for some reason, running on console rather than supergun is probably the winning move.

Like silverrain007 said, that depends on who runs it :slight_smile:

But yeah. no matter what the setup is, people need to be well prepared.

@NCR I made a mistake assuming one of the people would bring a ps2 stick along (that didn’t happen) and for the first hour or so no one can use one of the casual setup.

(similar situation IIRC Snake Eyez got a malfunction pad @ SBR and cost him the game, and phlush said he could have defeated jwong if he has his pad with him?)

The screen flickering / bad stick issues on the supergun setup are unacceptable :frowning:

So double/triple check everything is in order before the tourney (either you’re the TO or you’re there to compete)

There is a reset switch on the A board and there should be also one on the supergun too. If you watch japanese ST ranbat, you’ll see that’s what they use when a match is finished. You’ll get back into the title screen immediately.

BTW, any particular reasons you guys used CRT for HDR? I thought you all get used to 16:9 and I have already tested that on EVO monitor there is no extra display lag compared to CRT.

And what is the SSF4 / MVC3 numbers so we can have another data point to see how badly sf2 numbers got beat?

SSF4 had 50, MvC3 had 53. Guilty Gear XX Accent Core had 6, but that game’s caliber wasn’t too hot, I somehow managed to get 2nd in that despite having almost never played AC, lol. Third Strike had 16 I think. There was some MvC2 too, but I don’t know how many people entered that.

We used these mono-sound-only CRTs because that was what was available, it’s not a statement or anything :P. I would’ve played on a good LCD if we had one.

Yeah GGS to Thelo, Had0 King, Jiggly, Silver Rain, Mad Possum, Immortalbmw, and others and yeah special thanks to Had0 King for gettin all that footage good shit!

@ Papasi yeah me Had0 King and a few others I remember definitely didnt like that monitor and had issues with it from the very start unfortunately…

Congrats Thelo! And good shit to everyone else involved :tup:

Congrats Thelo. Watching you play some of your toughest matchups make me and probably others sad that this wont be at EVO. Your efforts must be applauded for how you have figured out how to play those. Well done to you and also well done to the others who were able to make it and also put on a good show.

Good stuff, Thelo! Go Honda! :slight_smile:

I’m glad we had such a strong field and I hope that when we do this again, we’ll get HDR even more of the love this game needs. Naptown Clutch 2012… the SF2 Extravaganza… what do you think?

Also, Thelo can vouch for this, we did our best to show some Hoosier Hospitality to all those who came out (I mean we held up a tournament for three hours because we knew how good the people on that car were!) and hoepfully it will show you that Indianapolis is a great place to hold a tournament… That means next year, all of you should get up off your rear ends and come visit.

We had a HDR Classic Mode tournament in Brazil this weekend (deathgun took it, convincingly) and button config was very annoying. Certainly more time-consuming than resetting a board. You guys have experience with HDR tournaments, would you care posting an optimal procedure for HDR button config? It didn’t help that some stations had X as select and others O instead. I don want to hijack the thread, so I guess this could be posted elsewhere (maybe a sticky thread?).

Plush sure kicked Thelo’s shotos’ butt! (lol, j/k, good stuff, Thelo!)

In my experience, the key to not getting the button config bug is to always have the same player drive all the menus, click Accept in button config, and always play on the same side (left / right). By convention I try to always have Player 1 (i.e. left-side guy) do it. Although it seems that sometimes, even following all of these will sometimes still get the buttons screwed up, so I’m not 100% sure.

At some point I really should make an actual test and determine exactly what causes it…