Naptown C-L-U-T-C-H ... Footage and Thanks

Naptown C-L-U-T-C-H … Footage and Thanks


Thanks a million to Silver Rain for running this tournament and for his colossal patience with our tardiness. I'd say arriving 3 hours late is just beyond fashionable. Also, a huge token of appreciation is due to Thelo for making the trip. It's awesome to see that kind of commitment for our beloved HDR. And of course, congrats are in order for kindly taking all our money in the process. HA!

All in all while the # of entrants was less than we'd hoped, the intensity and atmosphere was more than we could ask for. Aside from the competitive aspect, what was truly rewarding was the experience of just hanging with our fellow HDR/ST heads. Something I feel our community greatly underestimates. Sure made the grueling 3/4 hour drive there and back feel well worth it.

Anyway, without further adieu...I bring you the footage. The likes of which I'm sure will not leave any of you disappointed. Let's just say it brought a whole new meaning to "Naptown Clutch." BIG UPS to RoyalPhlush and TheloTheGreat for putting on one of the single greatest exhibitions of top tier play in their first to 5 money match. It was, dare I say....Evo-worthy. Anyway...enjoy.

P.S. I won't let it go unsaid that while the effort to post this metric ton of footage online was a total bitch and a half, the effort to bring my camera to the tournament and record, wasn't. What's my point, you ask?....make it to your local tournaments and R-E-C-O-R-D!!! Need I reference our most recent Major WCW3!? You'd almost think HDR got dropped from the roster if it wasn't for Aquasnake's few posts. I'm just saying....Kinda tough to make a case for our game when we don't bother to show up to tourneys and subsequently share our matches for the world to see. I hope the following footage encourages the community by demonstrating just the kind of thing we all miss out on when we don't show up and don't record.

Anyway, enough literature...THE VIDZ!!!

The creme de la creme:

RoyalPhlush vs. TheloTheGreat *Money Match* @ Naptown Clutch 2/19

Grand Finals, Winner's/Loser's/Semis:

TheloTheGreat vs. ImmortalBMW Grand Finals @ Naptown Clutch 2/19

RoyalPhlush vs. TheloTheGreat Winner's Final @ Naptown Clutch 2/19

RoyalPhlush vs. ImmortalBMW Loser's Final @ Naptown Clutch 2/19

RoyalPhlush vs. ImmortalBMW Winner's Semi-Final

HAD0-KING vs. ImmortalBMW Loser's Semi-Final @ Naptown Clutch 2/19

Casuals and Bracket Play:

HAD0-KING vs. madpossum Loser's Bracket@ Naptown Clutch 2/19

ImmortalBMW vs. madpossum Winner's bracket @ Naptown Clutch 2/19

ImmortalBMW vs. JigglyNorris Winner's bracket @ Naptown Clutch 2/19

ImmortalBMW vs. JigglyNorris Loser's Bracket @ Naptown Clutch 2/19

JigglyNorris vs. madpossum Casuals set @ Naptown Clutch 2/19

HAD0-KING vs. RoyalPhlush Winner's Bracket @ Naptown Clutch 2/19