Naptown Clash 3 Results

Thanks to everyone that came out.

1 wolfkrone
2 big marcus
3 Humbag
4 Perfect Legend
5 Derrek Legend
5 gary
7 aaronS
7 PJ
9 dandy j
9 Actionhank
9 anthony s
9 flexo
13 otter
13 venomish
13 Cheezface Immortal
13 diet stu
17 octopus on fire
17 Arkayne
17 ailerus
17 Riot guard
17 kayloud
17 Gigasmasher
17 tonio
17 bigapple3am
25 holden
25 Barzard
25 shin ronald reagan
25 Munin
25 djon
25 Mr. Nannie
25 rakae
25 tim
33 Alex 6x6x6
33 servo
33 Sparkster
33 pope temmy
33 round tree
33 mobile suit justin
33 j crofts
33 cocoichi
33 pops
33 Ghettoontherise
33 Ali
33 Nasty Note
33 osirun
33 Parabellum
33 Bank
33 Silver Rain 007
49 koolcow
49 vj sann
49 Darkholme

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike

1 Humbag
2 Riot guard
3 Mr. Gonehatesyou
4 Ghettoontherise
5 Delpheus
5 Gigasmasher
7 Cheezface Immortal
7 Actionhank
9 Mr. Nannie
9 Masamune Shadow
9 Frankie
9 Sparkster
13 Dogworth
13 Darkholme

2 Derrek Legend
3 Drago
4 Forgotten Kazama
5 PJ
5 spearl
7 Daddy Neptune
7 Perfect Legend
9 Action Hank
9 Grunt
9 Nasty Note
9 Noize
13 Barzaard
13 Arkayne
13 bank
13 Mr. Nannie

1 PJ
2 pro
3 kurasa
4 Frankie
5 Grunt
5 jaylyn
7 aaronS
7 knyghtfall
9 Masamune Shadow
9 tyde
9 osirun
9 pope temmy
13 dandy j
13 j crofts
13 Sparkster
13 vj sann

1 Brent
2 Ghettoontherise
3 Sean
4 Alex 6x6x6
5 Silver Rain
5 Munin
7 Mr. Gone

1 abstract
2 PJ
3 rei
4 aaronS
5 mathias
5 Frankie
7 otter
7 Sparkster
9 Masamune Shadow
9 moi
9 solar
9 pro
13 warhippy
13 Nasty Note

Team SF4

  1. Team Rooster (Gary, Brent, Humbag)
  2. Team Octo. (Octopus on Fire, Big Marcus, Holden)
  3. Team vortex (Perfect legend/aaronS/Wolfkrone)
  4. Team Haters gon hate (Actionhank, Derrek Legend, Ailerus)
  5. Team Whomever (Dietstu, Arkayne, BigApple3AM)
  6. Two Guys One Chun (Flexo, Dennis, Parabellum)
  7. Team Gary Sheffield’s Dance Party (Dijon, Shin Ronald Reagan, ?)
    5 Team MOO (Riot Guard, Otter, Osirun)
  8. Team A ghetto productions (Ghettoontherise, Masamune Shadow, ?)
  9. Team BRAF (Dandy J, Rakae, Face)

1 face
2 pro
3 Delpheus
4 pope temmy
5 rei
5 abstract
7 effenhoog
7 Actionhank

SF4 Grand Finals thanks to Nathan and Quentin.

Looks like some good results. Good looking in 3s Mario and Justin.

Who were the members of team “Haters gon hate”?

GGs to everyone I played with. One of these days I’m going to have the right amount of practice, preparation, and my own arcade stick to not fail miserably in GG.

FYI for all the Tager players in BBCS, I figured out the proper punish for a baited sledge. Lambda can 5D the recovery for a counterhit and (as long as she doesn’t do 5DD for the second hit) combo into 236C, the launching teleport attack, which leads into her most damaging combo. So watch out for that, Lambda can still be a bitch. :sweat:

damn i should have went…good shit marcus

Oh I got trampled in T6, good games to ActionHank and Drago

And for those not knowing Wolfkrone > You

Tourney was fun but it was some real bs that there was not one tv available for casuals and money matches for tekken after tekken was over. There should have been at least 1 because there was at least one for all other games at all times, even mvc2 and that didn’t have a tournament. Playing casuals and mm are part of the reason I go. I wouldn’t drive 3 hours for that again.

ggs drago, derrick, action hank, loc, forgotten kazma, nasty note, noize and pj. Lars is on the come up.

There were setups going for T6 for hours prior to T6 starting, close to as many setups as SF4 and didn’t have half as many particpants. Also, some people drove for hours to play Marvel and didn’t get play in a Marvel tourney because there weren’t enough particpants. So they got one setup out of a dozen for casuals. There was also a T6 machine right by the tourney area.

Man, I don’t even know where to start with shout-outs this time; I have a lot of them! :woot:

Mario & crew: As always, thanks for throwing a fantastic tourney! Without your efforts we wouldn’t have been able to, once again, waste an entire Saturday playing fighting games and blowing money we don’t have. lol Seriously, though: thank you very much, guys, for having us all out again. Every time that I hit up Naptown I come back with a smile and a good story or two.

Humbag: You’ze a beast, son. What else can be said? Congrats on taking deep breath 1st in 3rd Strike, 3rd in SFIV, AND pulling off a clutch OCV last game to take 1st in SFIV teams. Wow!!! We all feel pretty lucky that you’re down with the Champaign crew. If it wasn’t for you, our scene wouldn’t be HALF of what it is today. Nothing but respect…always, bro.

Marcus: Everything I’d heard about your Dictator was at least dead-on, if not understated. I was supremely impressed, and I want to thank you for taking the time to help a fellow psycho bent on world domination. :wgrin: You’re good people, bro, and I’m glad I finally got to kick it with you. I’ll definitely hit you up on Live! Oh…and one more thing:


Wolfkrone: WHY ARE YOU SO GOOD, DAMMIT!!! :rofl: Seriously, you have an almost preternatural skill with Viper that is only made more impressive by the fact that you’re young AND (for those that didn’t know this) playing on a pad!!! I have never seen anything quite like that in person. Mad, MAD-respect, and huge congrats on gettin’ that $$$, son. FYI: Folks, if you missed this dude playing…well…shit: sucks to be you. For real, y’all need to be watchin this guy.

Justin: As always, great seeing you again. I feel like most of the time that we hang out we’re more concerned with chillin’ and “expanding our minds” than actually playing games. And you know what? That’s pretty fuckin’ alright by me, hommie. Great job sending Humbag’s punk-ass to losers’ in 3rd Strike. lol Keep on that Necro – he’s a beast!!!

ActionHank: First off, lemme apologize. I always have trouble remembering your real name, and for that I feel like a dumbshit, bro. lol I am so…so…SO happy to see that you dropped Rufus for Dictator. That makes my balls feel all tingly and shit, real talk. Hit me up with some more details about that tourney you mentioned in May, and we’ll more than likely be there. Glad we got to kick that bullshit again!

Indy crew (Dave, Gary, Brent, etc.): You guys are like brothers to us Champaign cats, so it’s always good to see family again. Gary, I’m glad you and I finally got to throw down in tourney – we had some nice battles! Congrats to you and Brent for pulling that 1st place win in teams!

Jeff (Kurasa): It’s always a surprise running into you, bro. This time was no exception. As soon as I woke up this morning I popped in TVC and started getting familiar with the game. I can’t wait to get some matches in with you as soon as I get a stick within the next week or two! I’ll be in touch soon, man!

Derrek Legend: Dude… You’re a cool motherfucker. Period. I mean, like, flip-side-of-a-pillow-cool. lol It’s sort of rare to meet a cat with your skill that’s as humble and mad-chill as you. The only regret that I have from the tourney yesterday is knowing that you and I both attended, and we didn’t play each other a single time, not even once. :sad: Next midwest tourney we hit up we have to play some matches; that’s not a request, hommie. :wgrin:

Alright, now I want to make a very special shout-out to a guy that I think might have slipped past a lot of people’s attention. However…I’ll be damned if he slipped past mine. Okay, I hope I get this right, but correct me if I’m wrong:

Anthony S: I was sitting there watching you play Humbag with your Gen in tourney. …just…wow. I…I…20 FUCKING HITS!!! That was just fucking raw. I mean really fucking raw. You had every person in that corner of the tourney going ape-shit crazy when you busted those combos out!! You, my friend, have earned my respect for a VERY long time to come. I hope to see your name popping up more and more in future tourneys!!!

As always, there’s others that weren’t specifically mentioned here, but you know who you are. It’s tourneys like this that keep me interested in competitive fighting games, so I technically owe EVERYONE in attendance a shout-out. You know what? Fuck it. That’s precisely what I’m going to do:

Everyone in attendance: You guys are what keep me motivated to hit Training Mode when I don’t feel like it. You guys are what make me want to learn a couple new tricks just when I think I’ve run out of ideas. Basically, what I’m saying is ‘thank you’. :tup:

In honor of my homeboy Sluch, epic shout outs shall now commence.

Good stuff to LOC and Derrick on 1st and 2nd place respectively. Kinda salty I didn’t get to play LOC in a tourney match but eh, always next time. Way to go to Derrick for his clutch when it mattered, can’t hate and I am proud of you man.

Spearl, I feel you man, when I got there, there was one station for casuals and I noticed that all T6 stations for casuals/ money matches disappeared post tourney which was a shame. Good stuff in the tournament as well, Lars has the tools and I know you’ll be using him to his full potential

4gotten Kazama: nice King, we’ll have a more decisive King vs King match next time we play.

Perfect Legend: Nice to meet you in person, we’ll get more casuals next time as well, I was there with my wife so I had to leave early.

Mr. Nannie: Good stuff to you too man.

Nasty Note: I got your monies… lol you have improve alot tho, just stop relying on strings and go for punishing and poking.

Noize: ‘Now Loading’… ahh screw it, good stuff man. Fun hanging out with u like always.

Anchor, Arkayne, Jason, Zack: Thanks for the support peeps. Appreciate it and you know I am down for y’all as well. Cincy/Dayton/ N. Ky are on the rise baby.

In closing, good venue, good people. I will stop by again if you throw another one.



Champaigne- Thanks for coming out. I didn’t get to play any of you even once except Humbag in 3s. His Dudley>mine still. Hope that guy that showed up at the tourney follows up on his interest in playing with you guys. Not a better crew to bring in new blood.

Indy- Eric the better TO. Kyle and Mike for helping out. All the locals that showed up. Congrats to Dietstu and BigApple in SF4.

MO- PJ is good at everything. Kurasa, Grunt, Forgotten Kazama and anyone else thanks for coming.

OH- Arcade Legends players, good to see everyone. Team tourneys were fun. Nathan with the expectional Viper play and Lee with the methodical Ryu, gg’s.

Dave- Jack of all trades, Team America will reunite in the future.

Venomish- Good tourney match.

Brent- 3rd time HDR champ.

MI- Long drive, thanks for coming.

This was quite a lot of fun. Some of the BB players were really cool people. Sorry about having to bail on GG though. Really wanted to keep playing, but my ride home was exhausted from SF4.

The Ragna (Frankie) was really cool. So was the Bang player(Rei).

Also whoever set up BBCS was a wonderful person and are awesome. That’s a better game than BBCT.

@Effenhoog: We never played MB or GG!

Such a shame

Thanks again Mario and Eric for hosting. I liked the new spot except now in hindsight I think it helped cause my headache. I had a headache throughout much of the evening as it wore on and then I started finding out other folks as well were dealing with headaches. Not sure about this but just a possibility.

Anyway onto the good stuff that is for sure. The SF4 tournament was much better than expected. The number of entries went up a couple from last time (I think from 48 to 51) but wow the level of competition was way way better than last time. I am amazed at how on a grand scale BB immediately peaked in popularity but just a few months later has really died off. This event showed the same trend. Around 42 entries last time and just 14 now. Unreal.

It was great to see a team tournament go off too. Those typically get cancelled but this one happened.

Nice seeing everyone again and meeting some new folks just like always. If this is the last time the tourney is held at Circle Centre I am certainly going to miss peanutbutter-banana smoothies I’m used to getting from Frullati’s in the food court. :sad:

**@Immortal: ** I bet it was the projectors beam. Every now and again I’d get an eye full of it, and get a slight headache.

This had to be one of the best tournaments I’ve been to in recent memory.

Good games to Frankie in MvC2 and TvC. I wasn’t ready for Karas this time, but I look forward to the run back.

Goods games to the St. Louis crew. You guys are mad chill, and humble to boot. I learned a lot during casuals. I’ve got to level up my TvC game and come out there to play you all again. Kurasa, you’re too good man. That Souki/Karas player is beastly too. My Ryu/Tekkaman needs some time in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

Mario/Jesu/Officials: You did an excellent job as always. Thank you for making this possible.

I blame the air in the mall. No more than 15 minutes after I got there my sinuses were completely dried out and miserable (they still partly are) and gave me random headaches on and off all day.

Yeah, but I would have felt bad kicking the TvC people off my TV. Are you going to the next Arcade Legends BB/GG ranbat? I could bring a setup, maybe there would be some other MBAA players as well.

There were various people recording throughout the day and I would like to get those matches upload here

Please let me know if you got any footage and we’ll work on getting it uploaded.

I got some random TvC matches I think, just a couple with Nathan or Me playing someone in Tournament. Kurasa asked us not to record any of their matches, so I didn’t.

Cool tourney just wish we weren’t playing on multiple consoles for SF the timing difference is too big.

Amen. Im a pad player and I enjoyed playing BBCS on stick moreso than I do playing BBCT on pad. BBCS pretty much has me bought. Thank you very much.

Drago- $10, SB5, be there.

Noize- Good stuff in our casuals. Also, thanks for the useful Dragunov tips. You suck for rooting for Drago though!

Arkayne- We didn’t play too much but I still enjoyed the matches we had and I look forward to our MM.

LOC- Although your still head and shoulders better than me I want to play a few casuals against you next time, specifically your Hworang if you still play him.

Ohio- Stop taking Indiana’s money in Tekken!

Barzaad- Dont get too discouraged about our T6BR MM. Im pretty sure I have a lot more free time than you (as well as everyone else that went lol) and I am very fanatical about useing that time to train in Tekken. If I MMd you in any other game that was there the result would of been the complete opposite. GG and keep getting better!

Bank- Good game in our tourney match. Keep working on your Raven.

Perfect Legend- Good games in Tekken and SF4. Your Devil Jin is beast.

Thanks a lot to Mario and jesu for hosting this! It was a really awesome event, and made me want to train my combos/execution dedication like 10x more than i had been. Also that BlazBlue on the asus monitor inspired me to go buy a VGA cable for my HD monitor and try BlazBlue again… Anyway I think it being held in the arcade made the setting 10x better than last year.

Marcus & Tim practice more lol, Ive almost caught up to you guys by now.

Shout out to parabellum, nice bison man that demon setup/gimmick was the first time I ever used it Im glad it worked lol.

also rakae: that match was awesome, even though I think we both fucked up a lot of combos (you shouldnt have told me how to get out of that ultra!!! lool) I actually considered not using the hurricane kick since you told me how in casuals but I had no idea what to do.

Anthony you are the GEN MASTER!

grats brett on winning blazblue, i finally got a grasp of how to play that game watching the grand finals.

Also the abel with the name starting in A that knocked me to losers, good games, good abels are scary.

fun as hell you guys im still kinda wiped out… sorry we had to bail out before this whole teams and the whole deal was said and done… damn team rooster really pulled it out?.. i’m so sorry i missed that, i thought i might’ve seriuosly upset the natural order of things by inviting wolfkrone, but it was worth the aftermath earthquakes to watch him play so viciuosly and i’m glad team rooster won in the end so everything was square…sorta… and we did get more T6 casual stations up and going after SF4 and BB were done… you know we kinda need as many setups as possible to finish the tourney…

shout outs

Drago, Arkayne, Spearl, Perfect Legend, daddy Neptune, Noize and the rest of the OH crew - you showed that indy just can’t step to ohio in tekken 6 we gotta buckle down like you guys and start playing eachother more often… nobody form indy made it passed 9th place and i thought atleast some of us had some game… we’re gonna have to spin the wheel and start diggin into t6 hard if we wanna stand a chance next time… and thanx for recording me getting blownout and losing my money, Neptune if you upload that vid lemme know so i can see what went wrong

Mario and Eric - you guys ran a great tourney, you spaced everything out perfectly and had time for most everything as planned, sorry i couldn’t stick around for the end of teams…i had fun running around helping regulate setups and watnot… but now alls we gotta do is find a sweet venue for next time and we’ll blow the roof off that place too…

Paul, Marcus, and Timmy - you guys were who i hungout with basically the entire time and that was fun beyond measure thanx for rooting for me in sf4 and it was likewise exciting the be pulling for you guys when you went up… also special mention to Tim’s chunli poke string… marcuz you gotta fill me in on what that was it was sweet… and lastly good shit getting our game faces on on the roof paul… we gotta get some t6 live battles in so wer can attempt to stand up to ohio next time

Brent, Josh and the Ft.Wayne crew - goodshit in everything… cept T6… still even then Josh managed to take my monies again and this time it was recorded… hell brent did a little better in his MM than i did in mine…and watching you guys in your SF4 match was fun as i’m sure i wasn’t doing much encouraging from the sidelines but josh’s akuma was much better than i expected

Humbag - thanks for floating the brakets around and ensuring a fun tourney went down, and you had a nice pro station going in the front to make sure everyone got a chance to warmup against all the pros and experts… and your winner’s finals against wolfkrone was exciting

Wolfkrone - thanks for coming a rocking the foundation of gameworks man, i knew i bet on the right pony… goodshit represting for MI, for pad warriors, and for the midwest in general… you were doing some crazy shit so there’s not a doubt in my mind that you have a bright future in our gaming world

sorry if i forgot anyone… i especially appreicate all the SF4 practice i got with my cammy at the casual stations, for reference i was the dude playing cammy/chun/sagat with the blue colts bandana on… good games and fun times all day and nite long i had an indescribable amount of fun and i can’t wait to turn around and do it again next time…also that dude playing TvC with the GC controller… upside down???.. where did he come from… he played it all while holdin the controller upside down… fascinating