**Naptown Clash! A Winner is You!** - Indianapolis, IN - 7/12/08

Get hype. This will be our 4th Gameworks tourney.

**Where: **
Gameworks (Circle Center Mall 4th floor)
49 W Maryland St
Indianapolis, IN 46225http://www.gameworks.com/locations/indianapolis.php

Please Pre-Register - Name, alias, games entered (also include if you plan on bringing a setup).

Time: Date: 7/12/08
Doors open at 11:30AM.
Signups begin at Noon.
Tourney begins at 1PM.
Venue closes at 10PM.

Venue Fee: $7 per attendee (this includes players and spectators)
*Please bring exact or close to exact change.


PS2- Arcana Heart $5 1PM
PS2-Guilty Gear: Accent Core- $5 entry 1PM
PS2-Capcom vs. Snk 2- $5 entry 2:30PM
DC-Super Turbo- $10 entry 3PM
PS2- Fist of the North Star- Free Last Tourney
PS2-3rd Strike- $10 entry 4:30PM
DC- Marvel vs. Capcom 2- $10 entry 5:30PM

Possible Games:
KOF 98

Parking: Park on the street if possible. There are no meter fees on weekends. All day garage parking is about 18 dollars.

More info to come:woot:

I’d be careful holding signups at 12AM, you never know what kind of weirdos you’ll get at midnight near the Circle. :wink:


Now with that out of the way, I’m really wishing I still lived in the Nap. I might have to come out for the weekend for this one. Depends on whether I can get one of my friends to let me crash at their place.

in for GG, also i will be helping to keep the event organized

also i have GGAC and a PS2

Will be there.

Cool, I’m assuming Mike and Luigi-Bo are coming along too?

Get hyped people. I said it in the other thread but if you want to borrow one of my consoles, feel free to do so. I ask, however, that either Ray, Deryck, Mario or Justin hold onto it as I see you guys a lot.

Hey Mario, I will fully plan to attend and will try to start getting others in Fort Wayne to show interest.

Yes, Thomas and Clem need to make this. Haven’t played either in way too long.

Indy- When are you leaving for England? Oh, and say what’s up to Dudley if you see him.

i’m def interested in this… would enter gg and ah

Hey, I’ll try to be there. It’s my b-day that day but I’m pretty sure I don’t have plans or anything. Cool. If anyone talks to Deryck, please please please tell him to bring my Saturn PSX pad.

I am entering gg and ah as well although I am almost no competition in either. The Fist tourney will be free at the end of the night. I’ll come up with some kind of prize for the winner.

If someone can teach me AH and GG I’ll be there!

Yeah right…I know I’m going anyway…

David Johnson
games entered:SF3:TS, ST, CvS2, MvC2 (I don’t know why I torture myself by entering this game every time…)

Oh and I guess I can bring a “setup”. What do you guys need?

Awesome… maybe you can get Nunez to come out too.

Ill probably play most games as well including gg and ah.

Mike is going i hope.

ill be playing 3s,aH,GGXXAC…

I’ll be leaving on the 20th and will return on July 26th. Its a long stay I know but it literally takes me that much time to see everyone I knew back there. I was thinking about having people over at my place on the 19th. The house is kind of a mess but I’ll have it to myself so we won’t have to worry about keeping the noise down. I could have 3s running in the front room and Time Crisis (the one and only) running in my room or something.

Mario you better believe that Dudley and I will be showing Londoners the difference between us distinguished gentlemen and the guttertrash that they are.

PS: MGS4 is the shit!

Ray- you gonna enter Arcana?

Indy- I’m down for the 19th.

Pre-registration list (Let’s get it crackin fellas and fill in these spots :bgrin:.)


  1. Humbag
  2. Ghettoontherise
  3. Riot Guard
  4. Chickenfat
  5. Vega
  6. Knyghtfall
  7. Rexor
  8. Clem
  9. Ghaleon
  10. Exarchezekial
  11. The Beard
  12. Flexo
  13. Kinkey21


  1. Riot Guard
  2. Chickenfat
  3. Humbag
  4. Orka


  1. Humbag
  2. Chickenfat
  3. Astral
  4. Riot Guard
  5. Orka
  6. Exarchezekial
  7. Paul


  1. Ghettoontherise
  2. Vega
  3. Player
  4. Rexor
  5. Exarchezekial
  6. Kinkey21

2. Dereklearnslow
3. Vega
4. Knyghtfall
5. Riot Guard
6. NKI
7. Rexor
8. Ghaleon
9. Exarchezekial

Super Turbo

  1. Ghettoontherise
  2. Vega
  3. Humbag
  4. NKI
  5. Rexor
  6. Clem
  7. Riot Guard
  8. Ghaleon

Fist of the North Star (Free Tourney) Prize- Large Anniversary Edition Poster

  1. Riot Guard
  2. Humbag
  3. Vega
  4. Clem
  5. Kinkey21
  6. Flexo