Naptown Clash II: New Generation's Giant Attack! Gameworks, Indianapolis. 2/21/2009

Welcome all to the second bi-annual Indianapolis Tournament. We had a great turnout last time and are looking forward to another great Tourney this time. So come on out and get some much needed practice for Final Round!

Tournament Start Times
HNK 1:00PM
CVS 1:00PM
GG:AC 1:30 PM
TVC 2:00PM
HDR 2:00PM
3s 3:00 PM
Marvel 4:00 PM
SF4 6:00 PM
Bonus Tourney: 8:30PM

February 21st 2009
Doors open at 11:45 AM and we have the venue booked until 11 PM. Tournaments will begin at 12:30.

Gameworks on the top floor of Circle Center Mall

Circle Centre
49 West Maryland Street, Ste. 206
Indianapolis, IN 46255

Venue Fees and Registration
There will be a $10 Venue Fee. This fee will be waived if you bring either a TV or a System with Tournament Game.

SFIV, HD Remix, TvC and CvS2 will have a $5 entry fee. All other games will have a $10 entry fee.

Pre-registration is not required but will make things easier for us so it is appreciated. Simply post the tag that you will be playing as and which games you intend on participating in (eg. Indy: 3s, SFIV, HDR).

Street Fighter IV (PS3)
Super Street Fighter II: Turbo HD Remix (PS3)
Capcom Vs. SNK 2
Marvel Vs. Capcom 2
Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
Tatsunoko vs. Capcom
Guilty Gear: Accent Core
Hokuto no Ken
*There will be side tournaments as well as mad casuals the entire day.

For all intents and purposes we will be using Evo Rules ( as our Rule set for our games. I will open up the following item for discussion

TvC: Banned characters (if applicable)

Additional note: Evo rules allow in-game macros. However, we will not be allowing the use of any kind of Macros for tournament games. You will be reminded of this at the tournament. Use of macros will result in disqualification.
Code of Conduct**
Abusive/Offensive Language, Physical Violence, or the Threat of Physical Violence will not be tolerated. They will result in your immediate ejection from the premises, and you will forfeit all fees and/or winnings that you might have accrued. This will be at the discretion of the Tournament Organizers which means that we will not be ejecting anyone for a frivolous reason. Use good judgement and you won’t have a problem.

If you agree to a “Money Match”, and you being the loser refuse to pay the winner, you will be immediately ejected from the premises, and you will forfeit all fees and/or winnings that you might have accrued. This will be a zero tolerance policy. If you can’t pay up after losing, then don’t get into a Money Match.

The Code of Conduct will be readily available for viewing at the tournament; meaning that there is no reason for anyone to say they weren’t aware of it.

I believe that is all the information you will need but if I have forgot something or you have any questions do not hesitate to ask. I look forward to seeing you all there now lets get HYPE!!!

We will take note of all who say they will bring a setup to get in free. Probably cut it off around 14 or so. Just in case 40 people actually plan to bring setups. Also include your city with your registration.

Riot Guard
3s, SFIV and HNK.

We will post the tourney times in a little bit.


3s, CvS2, SFIV, whoops, and TvC.

**Pre-reg list.

SFIV** $5 6:00 PM

  1. Indy
  2. Actionhank
  3. Riot Guard
  4. Your Nemesis
  5. BigApple3AM
  6. Joe
  7. Arkayne
  8. Humbag
  9. Goya#1
  10. DaddyNeptune
  11. Vega
  12. benisjamino
  13. j-go
  14. jesu
  15. Tommy
  16. DJ Ramsey
  17. S-RX
  18. The Beard
  19. Techdatshit
  20. Masamune_Shadow
  21. RyanC
  22. neon geon
  23. Masamune Date 7
  24. Ghaleon
  25. Xombie
  26. Cron
  27. Dale
  28. Achala
  29. Napple
  30. Kurasa
  31. Trix

3rd Strike $10 (Ran by Riot Guard) 3:30 PM

  1. Riot Guard
  2. Indy
  3. Actionhank
  4. Ghaleon
  5. Arkayne
  6. BigApple3AM
  7. Humbag
  8. Goya#1
  9. Vega
  10. benisjamino
  11. jesu
  12. Tommy
  13. DJ Ramsey
  14. The Beard
  15. Techdatshit
  16. Trix
  17. Masamune Date 7
  18. Cron
  19. Napple

HD Remix $5 2PM

  1. Indy
  2. Riot Guard
  3. Ghaleon
  4. Flapp
  5. Napple
  6. Humbag
  7. Goya#1
  8. Vega
  9. Syxx573
  10. Dale
  11. j-go
  12. jesu
  13. DJ Ramsey
  14. S-RX
    16.The Beard
  15. 722
    19.Masamune Date 7
  16. neon geon


Marvel vs. Capcom 2** $10 4:30 PM

  1. Beatsofdevil
  2. Knyghtfall
  3. Joe
  4. Ghaleon
  5. Goya#1
  6. Daddyneptune
  7. NKI
  8. AuhsojSivart
  9. j-go
  10. dereklearnslow
  11. Ryan C
  12. Tony K
    13.Masamune Date 7
  13. Your Nemesis
  14. Flapp
  15. Hugo

TvC $5 2PM

  1. Ghaleon
  2. Kurasa
  3. Joe
    4.Sinow Beat
  4. AuhsojSivart
  5. S-RX
  6. Jfrisco
  7. Ryan C
    10.Sinow Beat
  8. neon geon
    12.Masamune Date 7

CvS2 $5 1PM (May get cut if less than 6 players)

  1. Actionhank
  2. BigApple3AM
  3. S-RX
  4. Masamune Date 7
  5. Sinow Beat
  6. neon geon
  7. Achala
  8. Trix

GG Accent Core $10 1:30 PM

  1. Delpheous
  2. Effenhoog
  3. Humbag
  4. AKA
  5. SuperFX
  6. 722
  7. Trix

Hokuto No Ken** $5 1PM

  1. Riot Guard
  2. Indy
  3. Humbag
  4. Effenhoog
  5. Sinow Beat

Tourney start times will be posted soon. We’ll need atleast one setup for TvC. Extension cords would help too.
Setup Contributions**

  1. Riot Guard (TV, 3s, PS3 stick, power strip)
  2. Indy (ps2, hnk, 3s)
  3. Arkayne (ps3, sf4, tv)
  4. Ghaleon (ps3, ps2, dreamcasts, tv)
  5. Knyghtfall (tv, ps2, GGAC, Marvel, Cvs2)
  6. AuhsojSivart (TvC setup)
  7. benisjamino (HDtv)
  8. Syxx573 (HD monitor)
  9. Sflegend (PS3, SF4 and HDremix)
  10. Astral (HDTV, TV)
    11.Masamune_Shadow (ps3, sf4, TvC, Wii, HDR)
  11. goukipoo (HDMI cable, TV, laptop, DC)
  12. Neon Geon (TvC setup, 360, TV, PS2, power strip, SF4)
  13. Xombie (HDR, ps3, tv, sf4)
  14. Kurasa (Jap Wii, a PS3, TVC, HD Remix, and SF4)
  15. Napple (Xvox360 with HDremix).
  16. Flapp (marvel setup)d

Way ahead of you Mario. I’ve got an Excel spreadsheet with everyone’s pre-reg so far.


Dayton, OH

…we’ll see what happens…

I’ll be bringing in my PS2, 3s and HnK. If PS3 is the preferred platform for HDR I will bring a spare HRAP3.

ill do my best to come, and i think i have a few friends who may come too, but i can’t make any promises, for hd remix, i don’t think anyone should be banned unless majority of the people playing there want akuma banned, for sf4, the game won’t have been out too long so i don’t see it being an issue unless there is an overwhelming amount of evidence

I’m leaning towards the Akuma ban as alot of people seem to be in favor of that and I’m going to go ahead and say that until somebody can prove otherwise, Seth will be banned for SFIV.

Yo yo.

What will HD Remix be on? Hopefully PS3 cause I could bring a setup then.

You already know!!!

Pre Regs:

KnyghtFall - Marvel - STHD Remix - SFIV - TvC

Joe a.k.a. THEXFACTOR - Marvel - SFIV - TvC

Setup(s) 1 DC - 2 TVs - 1 PS2

Marvel Mixes - GGAC - CvS2

Nobody is playing AH Full? Got it just in case.

Ghaleon: If your coming out, Joe wants MM you. $50 Marvel ft10 whats good?

IIm sooo coming!

Dayton , OH
SF4 , 3S , SC4 ( if you guys have it) TvC

Indy I vote you make UMK/MKT a main game. : )

I can bring… TV , PS3 , SF4 ,dreamcasts or anything you need.

I vote for Akuma ban in HDREMIX

no tekken love? again…

Prereg for marvel just incase!

Chicago, IL

Pre-regs added to the list.

Xombie: Right now it looks like PS3 is the best choice for HDR and SFIV because including your setup, Arkayne and my own we would have three PS3s which is certainly enough to run those games.

Arkayne: If there is enough interest and we have enough stations then that could be a possibility. However, if its going to interfere with the other games then I’m afraid we’ll have to give it a miss. Also anything you could bring will most definitely be appreciated.

sflegend: In the past Tekken has not seen much action here so it would be wasting a station and considering that there are two tournament games that could use those stations we have decided against doing Tekken.

Cool, I’ll be there. IN is sweet!

I can bring the usual: extention cords, Playstation 3 + a couple 2’s, 2 DCs, at least 1 TV, random shit. Let me know what you need and/or if you want someone to run something.

Oh yeah: 3s/MvC2/SF:HD. Whoever wanted some cannon spikes for $50, sure.

I bought TvC but haven’t played it yet, haha, so not sure on that one. I’ll pre-reg for that or SFIV after I get to mess with them.

I’ll talk to Josiah tomorrow, but I’m sure he’s coming. Jason, who can you give rides to, we got this mess again to figure out :rolleyes:

Count me in!

I will be playing SFIV, SF3, CvS2, and HDR

Do you want me to bring anything? I have arcade pads for ps2 and 360. I can bring my 360 and 2 arcade pads for HDR or SFIV if that helps. Just let me know!