Naptown Clash II Results


Thanks to everyone that made it out to the tourney, it wouldn’t be possible without your support! Here are the results.

Hokuto no Ken

  1. Humbag
  2. Riot Guard
  3. Indy
    Capcom Vs. SNK 2**
  4. VDO
  5. Gary
  6. MashingMexican
    Marvel Vs. Capcom 2**
  7. Tony K
  8. Beats
  9. DerekLearnSlow
    Guilty Gear Round Robin**
    Winner: Effenhoog
    Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom**
  10. PJ
  11. Neon Geon
  12. Kurasa

Street Fighter III

  1. Ghaleon
  2. Gary
  3. Kurasa
    Street Fighter IV**
  4. Humbag (Boxer)
  5. PJ (Akuma)
  6. Gary (Ryu/Zangief)

Street Fighter II HD Remix

  1. iDEAL GAMING |Immortal/bmw (Claw/Chun)
  2. Syxx (Cammy)
  3. Humbag (Ken)

3s, SFIV and HDR results are not on my computer so Ghaleon or Riot Guard will have to get those posted up. Also my database got a little screwed up so if I’ve made any mistakes, please let me know.

Shout outs coming soon!


I thought Hugo (MashingMexican) made 3rd in CvS2?

fun tourney shoutouts comin’ later


Yeah…after talking to humbag you are correct. Good looking out man.



I don’t have the full results for 3s because they weren’t saved when the power died.

3s (25 entries)

  1. Ghaleon
  2. Gary
  3. Kurossa
  4. iDEAL GAMiNG |Immortal/bmw
  5. Clem
  6. Riot Guard


The tournament turned out really well. I was glad to see so many new people. Thanks to everyone who came from out of town to participate.
Good Games to every one that I got to play.
Indy, thanks a million for letting everyone hang out at your house Friday and Saturday.
Good times!


Clem here.

Great tournament? Or greatest tournament?

No time to do shoutouts right now though, IV is waiting for me.

Indy - Even though I am not a fan of wearing hats, I think I am obliged to buy one of those stylish hats anyways. Sorry our crew didnt stick around for the night session, if we were to stay up much longer Im not sure that we would have made it home without some unsafe driving taking place. Have fun in Japan man.


If anyone should be sorry it should be me. We kind of just decided to go on a food run Shinobi style and not tell anyone. Sorry about that. Always good seeing you Clem!


SF4 results were on the apple computer iirc.

Shout outs coming a little later.


Indy-can you add the 3s results to your original post? thanks.


Done…man my database is really screwed up lol but if I’m not mistaken SFIV was…

  1. Humbag
  2. DJ
  3. Gary


Good stuff, I had a fun time.

BRENT the IMMORTAL, my ST Hero, I had a lot of fun playing GF against you (like I said that I would). Too bad we couldn’t play any more afterward because of SF4 taking awhile to get going but it’s cool. We’ll play again sometime. :slight_smile: I tell ya man I’ve been practicing and practicing and even though I will probably never be at your level in the game, just to compete with you after meeting you last year, not knowing anything about ST, or even upper level 2D play in general, was a really great experience. I know I am NOT quite there yet, but I’m getting there, I do a lot of things well, and after playing this weekend know some things I could definitely work on, and I will for sure be sticking with the game.

Humbag - Obviously, good shit on winning SF4. Your Balrog makes the game look really fun. I wish I could decide on a character but if I choose one finally I’ll be talking to you on AIM to try to figure some stuff out. Also GGs in HDR, it seemed like your thoughts were somewhere else during our match and I was able to jump on your head with Cammy more than I really ought to have.

Bombchivo and Esoul, had fun going down there with you. It was hella good times playing the night before and good having company on what would have otherwise had been a boring trip there and back.

Ghaleon I hope you know I was just messing with you, I was really angry with myself for being put in losers right away but I know you are a good 2d player so sorry If I offended you or anything I just lose it when I get angry, because I wanted so much to do well in HDR and you really shaped me back up after we played. It’s that online rage mode haha. Anyway good stuff, play you online sometime for sure.

Overall, this tournament was really good (I go to a lot of tournaments). I don’t really have much to complain about, other than SF4 dragging at first but you guys jumped to find a decent solution to the problem so I won’t really hold anything against you guys.

GGs everyone I played in HDR and SF4 anyway, I had a fun time and I’ll definitely be at the next one, and I hope a few of you guys decide to come up some time.


Can you guys include characters used for HDr and SF4 when you post results please?


You guys were calling me Kurossa all day! lol. Also, the guy that got 2nd in SF4 is PJ (he doesn’t post here though).


(In order of Placement)

SFIV was


and HDR was
…Idk, didn’t watch the match

but SFIV finals WERE HYPE! and Humbag proved the old axium that day…


Who kept getting hit by raging demons later on that night?


SFIV added and typos corrected.

Not a problem. Once I get the full HDR results they will also be up with characters.


Hollow I believe has videos but they aren’t up.


Woo fun stuff. GGs to the people in HnK and Guilty Gear. Humbag with that Toki action was just too much for the rest of us scrubs, lol. Sucks that I had to ditch early though. I wanted to stick around and watch SF4.

That first 3-way tie round robin was epic. :rofl: I think I’m just going to give up and switch Dizzy to my secondary and start maining Faust.

Thanks to Indy, Mario, and everyone else whose hard work made this event possible.


I played Ken/Gief/Rog/Ryu in HDremix.

Mainly Ken towards the end like against Vega and Syxx.

SF4 I used Rog the whole time except I played Gief once.

Bombchivo got 4th in SF4 iirc.


Neither of them came.

Nick had plans to go to the mardigras parade thingy in STL iirc.

Ari never said anything about coming ever to this tourny.

Imma own you in 4 webs. :slight_smile:

Oh yeah:

remix was

  1. Vega (Vega/Chun)
  2. Syxx (Cammy)
  3. Humbag (Ken)