Naptown Clash III! 1/30/2010

**Naptown Clash III is here. **
Date: January 30, 2010.
Organizers: Jesu (Eric) and Riot Guard (Mario).

Tournament Start Times
HDR 1:00
T6 2:00
3s 3:00
SF4 3:30
BB 4:30
MvC2 5:30

TvC Start Time: 2:30

Bonus Tourney: 8:30PM: Jackie Chan Fists of Fire

Doors open at Noon and we have the venue booked until 11 PM. Tournaments will begin at 1PM.

Gameworks on the top floor of Circle Center Mall

Circle Centre
49 West Maryland Street, Ste. 206
Indianapolis, IN 46255

Venue Fees and Registration
There will be a $5 Venue Fee. This fee will be waived if you bring either a TV or a System with Tournament Game.

SFIV, HD Remix, and T6 will have a $10 entry fee. All other games will have a $5 entry fee.

Pre-registration is not required but will make things easier for us so it is appreciated. Simply post the tag that you will be playing as and which games you intend on participating in (eg. Riot Guard: 3s, SFIV, HDR).

Street Fighter IV (PS3+360) (Both players have to agree to use 360 otherwise must use PS3)
Super Street Fighter II: Turbo HD Remix (PS3)
Tekken 6 (PS3)
Marvel Vs. Capcom 2
Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike (PS2)
BlazBlue (PS3)

*There will be side tournaments as well as mad casuals the entire day.

For all intents and purposes we will be using Evo Rules ( as our Rule set for our games. I will open up the following item for discussion

TvC: Banned characters (if applicable)

Code of Conduct
Abusive/Offensive Language, Physical Violence, or the Threat of Physical Violence will not be tolerated. They will result in your immediate ejection from the premises, and you will forfeit all fees and/or winnings that you might have accrued. This will be at the discretion of the Tournament Organizers which means that we will not be ejecting anyone for a frivolous reason. Use good judgement and you won’t have a problem.

If you agree to a “Money Match”, and you being the loser refuse to pay the winner, you will be immediately ejected from the premises, and you will forfeit all fees and/or winnings that you might have accrued. This will be a zero tolerance policy. If you can’t pay up after losing, then don’t get into a Money Match.

The Code of Conduct will be readily available for viewing at the tournament; meaning that there is no reason for anyone to say they weren’t aware of it.

I believe that is all the information you will need but if I have forgot something or you have any questions do not hesitate to ask. I look forward to seeing you all there now lets get HYPE!!!

Waiver List: Need PS3 and tourney game or a CRT. If you cannot make it and you are on this list, then please PM me so I can open the slot for someone else.

Need 8 PS3’s. 1 more Dreamcast

  1. Riot Guard (PS3 with HDR+SF4. PS2+ 3s, TV)
  2. Effenhoog (ps3, crt, monitor)
  3. Ghettoontherise (ps3, tv)
  4. Ailerus (ps3, megaphone, ps3 games)
  5. Knyghtfall (Dreamcast, tv, marvel)
  6. Osirun (A bunch of stuff)
  7. Pope Temmy (Wii + TvC, ps3 with games)
  8. Arkayne (PS3 , TV , SF4/T6/HDR)
  9. Kurasa (TvC setup, ps3 + games)
  10. Barzaard (360+SF4)
  11. Actionhank (ps2 +3s)
  12. Effenhoog (ps3 + tv, monitor)
  13. Mr. Gonehatesyou (tv)
  14. WarHippy (2 tv’s)
  15. kayloud (ps3, monitor)
  16. Jesu (TV)
  17. Mecha Emoker

If you have a question or concern don’t hesitate to ask.

**Preregistration List: **


  1. Parabellum
  2. BurnYourEgo
  3. Riot Guard
  4. SilverRain 007
  5. Baarzaad
  6. Alex 6x6x6
  7. Ailerus
  8. Arkayne
  9. Ghettoontherise
  10. Humbag
  11. Venomish
  12. Tsutter
  13. Vega
  14. Jesu
  15. Paul Nannie
  16. Actionhank
  17. Osirun
  18. Servo
  19. AviH20
  20. Munin
  21. Jmcrofts
  22. Flexo
  23. candlelightcat
  24. BigApple3AM
  25. kayloud
  26. Tourou
  27. Tonioz
  28. dandy j


  1. Nasty Note
  2. Arkayne
  3. Frankie Gomez
  4. Moi
  5. Otter
  6. WarHippy
  7. Abstract


  1. Drago
  2. Tara
  3. Bazaard.
  4. Ailerus
  5. Arkayne
  6. Ghettoontherise
  7. Humbag
  8. tukk1
  9. Nasty Note
  10. Paul Nannie
  11. Daddyneptune
  12. Servo
  13. dandy j


  1. BurnYourEgo
  2. Alex 6x6x6
  3. Ghettoontherise
  4. Silver Rain 007
  5. vega
  6. Jesu
  7. Parabellum
  8. Osirun


  1. Ghettoontherise
  2. Knyghtfall
  3. Daddy Neptune
  4. Frankie Gomez
  5. Beats


  1. Riot Guard
  2. Arkayne
  3. Humbag
  4. ghettoontherise
  5. vega
  6. Jesu
  7. Actionhank

TvC $25 Bonus

  1. Osirun
  2. Pope Temmy
  3. Frankie Gomez
  4. Knyghtfall
  5. Kurasa
  6. Jmcrofts
  7. dandy j

Jackie Chan: Fists of Old Emperor

  1. dandy j

Added: Team tourney double elimination $15 per team. SBO format. Character order can be switched but players must use same characters throughout the tourney. No same character teams allowed. 70/30 pot split.

SF4 Teams 3v3** ($15 per team) ** Starts at 6 PM.

  1. Two Guys and One Chun (Parabellum, Flexo, Dennis)
  2. Team ? (Osirun, Riot Guard, Angelo?)
  3. Team Oreo (Arkayne, Actionhank, Derrick Legend)
  4. Team Gary Sheffield’s Dance Party (Servo, Dijon and Shin Ronald Regan)
  5. Team Rooster (Immortal, Humbag, Gary)
  6. Team Rocket (toni0z, imcrofts, koolcow)
  7. Team Whomever (BigApple3AM, Diet Stu, ?)
  8. Team Chocobo (Tourou, Munnin, and Abstract)

First Post!
Ill be there for Tekken 6 and BB and maybe SF4

I should be there, depending on weather conditions. If you need a PS2 let me know.

i can bring a ps2 with 3S and a tv.

I should be able to bring a PS3 and a PS2, as well as a setup for TvC as well if that happens.

I won’t commit 100% yet because I need to see if Jesse is tweeking the AL Ranbat schedule at all. BUT! I should be in this, last time was Awesome, this should be even better!

I hope Jesse does tweak the ranbat schedule to accomodate TvU:G and now Naptown Clash, but if he doesn’t, I’m still coming to this (sorry Jesse!).

Count me in for systems and games. Whether or not I bring TVs depends on who may want a ride with me to the venue.

And yes, yes, yes, yes ,yes to TvC side tourney. It wouldn’t even have to be the Japanese version, we could go all out TvC:UAS!!!

We were going to have it earlier than the 30th but there is a big T6 even a couple weeks before in Tenn. and Frosty Fausings is right after New Years.

Sounds like a good time to have it – I’m sure I can get some people to go. I can bring cables/systems/TV and and all that again.

Man, you guys should do an SF:TM arcade tourney instead, on MAME! That shit is BA NA NA s

btw the title says “Naptwon” – unless you’re renaming this to try and get Antwan and MI here, you might wanna fix that Mario :slight_smile:

Haha, Naptwon. Just changed it. AL was nice enough to alter their ranbat date so we are good to go barring Mother Nature keeps her calm on the weather front.

Fists of Fire is spreading faster than H1N1.

Yea, I can’t tell whether people play it in jest or that it actually might be good.

I think jest. Becuase Jackie Chan with an AFB is funny as hell.

Host TVC 2.0!!!

It’d be pretty dope to have it there not to long after it’s release.

-EX :cool:

well last time i believe pope temmy (correct me if i’m wrong) ran a TvC side tournament, so at the very least i would expect something like that to happen again for supporters of the game.

ll be here ,

Dayton , OH

Ill supply PS3 , TV , SF4/T6/HDR.

Mario where those team tournies at???

Ill run some if you can make ithappen!

How about A $1 KI:Gold side tourney : ] LMAO… or even a KI2 side tourney on an emulator.

Man, I would like to do a team tourney. All about the time. If we get enough systems we should be done with everything at 8 giving us time for side tourneys.

Exarch - Hope to be the first tourney of the new TVC here. I’m sure someone will have it by Saturday.

Yo if I can get a ride up there I’ll bring a DC with mvc2

I’ll be there for SF4 and T6.

edit: and I will bring a PC/monitor that we can use for JC2: FoF.

It’s gonna be cooooold. If there’s no crazy blizzard, I’m in.

Sounds good man.