**Naptown Clash Results!** Indianapolis, IN 7/12/08

Well it was definitely The Time of Retribution, yk was in the running to sweep on all the games he entered for awhile, and the names listed below are how they were entered in for tourney maker.

Also Brent got some pics, so he will prob have some links here for us

1 yk
2 africa
3 paul
4 slymuoogle
5 chernel
5 humbag
7 flexo
7 matt
9 astral
9 riot guard

3rd Strike
1 humbag
2 yk
3 chernel
4 gary
5 david
5 clem
7 ghaleon
7 flexo
9 vega
9 riot guard
9 beard
9 loveless
13 justin

KoF98: UM
1 yk
2 humbag
3 beard
4 paul
5 justin
5 Jerry

1 Derrick
3 joe
4 ghaleon
5 vega
5 addams
7 david
7 EL
9 humbag
9 riot guard

Fist of the North Star
1 humbag
2 max
3 riot guard
3 deryck
5 clem
5 flexo
5 beard
5 paul
9 EL
9 matt

There was also a round robin of SF2 ST but i forgot to grab the paper for who won

Thanks everyone it was fun

Astral- Thanks for getting these up so quick.

3rd Strike Team Tourney (3 teams)

Team Ohio (Paul, Chickenfat, Riot Guard) vs. ATFO (Brent, Clem, Gary)
Team Ohio wins.

Team Champaign (Ghaleon, Flexo, Humbag) vs. ATFO
Team Champaign wins.

Team Ohio did not get to play Team Champaign.

*I’m tired I will post shoutouts tomorrow.

Had an awesome time! Will post some shoutouts sooooon.

Great thanks to Riot, Astral, Beard and Co for hosting such a good tourny. See yall soon.


What can I say? You guys: hats off to you for running a really fun tourney! :woot: I’ll definitely be throwing some shout-outs on here after a bit.

Good shit to derrick, james, and im assuming nick won st :slight_smile:
Wish i could have come, ima try my best to be there if you guys hold another one.

Who is yk?

It’s DEREK not DERRICK. Cmon its in my damn handle…

But yea, shoutouts to all I saw, and big boos to all the local Indy people that didn’t show. NKI and I had 3 hours + of driving to get there.

And shoutout to that hot milf who was staring me down in the food court. I don’t fuck with kids.

:rofl: i was waiting for the correction

Some surprising results there. Anyone get any vids by any chance?

I’ll be there at the winter tourney for sure.

That’s my bad. I entered your name in the software. But i blame it on Mario’s handwriting.

Humbag: Nice job on getting first in two tourneys and a second place in KOF98. Well done.

No CvS2 results? Did the game get played?

Excellent tourney, guys. Sorry I didn’t show up on time. BTW Astral, you should put me down as “Tonren” instead of “Max”, since that’s what I post as here. Yeah 2nd place!

Hey gang…

Yes I will post up some pictures. I think tomorrow is a good day to do that.

NKI won the ST tournament. Nick, like I said I should hopefully see you next at SB3 in October. I will make you work hard and sweat out any close victories from now on. :smile:

Derek, thanks for going to an easier team in MvC2 to start. I told you seriously that I was slowly getting a bit better and I think I showed some of that. I will keep trying and maybe if I show any big progress then one day I will enter Marvel tournaments outside of Indianapolis.

James, I was going to eventually mention to you that for whatever reason it seems that most of my best games in 3S come vs. you. That’s the only reason I can think of why I did so well when we first met in Columbus long ago and why my best two 3S performances of last night were hands down against you. Sorry man. :wgrin:

Nice seeing everyone again and meeting some new folks. :smile:

CvS2 had 2 entrants, Dave vs. Brent. They just got their money back. :rofl:

As for Super Turbo, I know 1st place is NKI and 2nd place is Immortal (Brent). I don’t know the rest.

I had a great time in the 3rd Strike tourney, many close matches.

Lots of casuals - I loved the place! Had a great time.

Shoutouts and Observations

Champaign- Came out and did there thing. James did his thing in 3s. Mike did his on teams and Africa showed skills in GG.

Matt- I am so glad you entered Fist. That was the funnest match I had all night. Back and forth down to the wire. Good games man.

YK- Just about ran thru everybody in everything.

Dave- You forgot that video modulator again. Thanks for coming out.

Paul- Man where did that 3s prowess come from in that team match. You walked over to me and told me there was one left. I just sat their confused.

CF- You win Zombies, you win team matches. What don’t you win man? LOL.

Max- Is the man for driving from Cleveland, entering Fist and taking second. I’m gonna check out that Cavestory game and I agree with you Metroid did make me feel claustrophobic. I guess I didn’t realize that’s what that feeling was when I was a kid. LOL.

Why did I quit playing Heart and switch to Thouther? Ahhhhhh. Humbag next time it will be me and you in the finals. Toki and his happy beam are getting shut down.

Clem- Best Makato I’ve ever played hands down.

Dereklearnslow- Thanks for stating that counting money was comparable to algebra, I didn’t know that. Good job on the Marvel win.

Beard and Astral- You guys made the tourney run much smoother. It would have been a mess if it was just me.

Ghaleon- Thanks for helping run stuff and bringing those setups.

Deryckthecid- You owe me 7 dollars. Not to mention you finally gave Ghaleon is controller back. I think 3 Harry Potter novels have come out since you’ve had it. On a brighter note good job on Fist though.

The Venue Fee issues- I must admit that I am dumbfounded by the number of people that looked like I asked them to sacrifice their closest friend when stating there was a venue fee. I just assumed that because I posted in advance the cost and that common sense would entail that Gameworks is a business and that I have to pay to rent out that business. But apparently common sense is elusive to some contemporary minds. A) your either to cheap to support the scene or B) your too cheap to suport the scene. Oh and LOL’s at the guy that tried to play dumb like I didn’t notice him sneak in and the guy that wanted a discount for playing half the day but not entering any tourney’s. Stay home next time.

The Locals- Half of you guys didn’t even show up. So we expect players to drive all the way from Chicago and you guys can’t make it from 10 minutes away.

I wanted to bring this up for future tournaments everywhere:

Some televisions (for 3s anyways, I am not sure about other games), clearly had a bit of a delay. I am assuming it is the result of newer technology, HD TVs or something like that. Some TVs were perfectly fine, others had the delay. Even during the 3s finals, they began playing on the worst of the TVs and during the first round they moved to another TV as a result of the delay. I do realize some people may be used to the delay because they may practice on those TVs, that is another problem in itself.

I noticed this problem at the most recent Seasons Beatings, but didn’t really bring it up because I thought my execution was off. I now think that the Canadian crew was accustomed to the small delay from the many TVs they brought, and perhaps did better as a result. At the time, I thought the ps2 hard drives were causing the delay, but I now think that theory is wrong, and I am convinced it is the new-age televisions that are causing problems.

I truly didn’t get myself worked up over this yesterday though, it was just a fun, laid back tournament; the most fun I’ve had at a tournament yet. I had actually totally forgotten about this until a few minutes ago. Hopefully this problem can be solved somehow, I just hope the future of all TVs isn’t headed in this direction.

I didn’t notice any lag yesterday or at SBII. I didn’t play many matches so it’s hard to tell. The best way to solve that problem is to bring your own tv. That way you can choose what tv to play on in tourney matches. The Canadians did so well, because well…they are very good. All the tv’s were basic tube tv’s, there shouldn’t have been any lag. I know one of the 5 or 6 tv’s that was brought to SB was ours and the Canadians seemed to have little trouble woopin ass on it.

Good shit to Mario, Ghaleon, and everyone else who helped run it. :smile:

Good shit to Brent and everyone else in the ST tourney. :smile:

Good shit to Derek for gracing me in Marvel. Bustin’ out totally unnecessary refly combos. You nice. :smile:

Bad shit to the rest of Chicago. I was looking forward to hittin’ that crack pipe with y’all… :sad:

Bad shit to everyone in STL. What happened to all y’all niggas!? :sad:

Hope to see everyone in Vegas and/or Ohio! :tup:

The one TV on the bottom level by the wall on the circle table felt very weird. The screen was a little jittery as well as there seemed to be slight input delay.

Was that PS2 running 3s from the harddrive? If so maybe thats the reason. Although the HD is nifty, running from the CD is still the best.


Riot the Mario Guard: Thanks for running and setting up this event. Thank god it wasnt there (or was she?). I dont think I got one game of 3s in against you :(.

Astral: thanks for helping out run this too. You guys helped make it go by pretty smooth.

Beard: same pretty much heh. GGs in 98UM as well.

Dave: looking snazzy as usual. Good shit in the CvS2 tourny (haha).

Brent: no more dirty tricks lolol. I still say stick to oro or chun in threeS.

Gary: ggs in 3s. Always great to sit down and play some matches with you.

Clem: ur makoto can get downright nasty when you get into a groove. I agree with you as well that one or two of those tvs felt odd at SB2 (was it the HD loader there too?).

Chris: thanks for the props dude. I was just fortunate to have good execution for once. GGs a bunch. See ya at SB3 GET HYPE.

Chernel: you Q is scary. Truth. That match was epic indeed.

yk: your yun can be a force. It was great to play against you for the first time.

NKI: sucks everyone bailed on you. Good shit in ST of course as well as Marvel. Go get em in Japan dude.

Derek: some of those combos I saw you do in marvel had my eyes pop out.

Justin: keep up that necro dude. Nobody expects a necro player and almost always will underestimate them.

Champaign road crew: Thanks for coming with. Good shit in 3s Mike, your execution was great all day. Stephane of course you did your thing in GG haha.

D the Cyd!!: glad you showed up later. GGs in 3s and HNK!

Max aka Tonren: good times chattin it up. GGs in 3s and for taking 2nd in HNK for playing it for the first time lol.

If I forgot anyone sorry but good shit to everyone. See yall at the next big thing.

Haha, yeah my Makoto has a consistency problem, particularly in high level play. Especially against Urien or Dudley it always seems to go back and forth, one side will get demolished. That always makes for an interesting match though.

Good shit in never being sent to losers in 3s!

If you remember the long line of TVs at SB2, about 3/4 of those were running on a hard drive. I was very interested in getting a hard drive after talking to some of the Canadian players, they were saying how convenient it was. Well, maybe the HD loader is the problem, who knows.

Thats what Im thinking. But I have no way to test this.