**Naptown Clash Results!** Indianapolis, IN 7/12/08

That setup had my ps2 and it used the cd.

Yes, “IT” was there. She came in the room around eleven. She looked at me intently like she wanted a gentle caressing but I got the feeling that she eats men and discards the carcasses behind the curtains.

What is her name? I saw briefly spoke a to lady behind the counter. I forget what her tag said. Celine? Something like that. Was that her?

celeste i believe, she seemed nice enough to me when i was the first one showing up, but who knows how she crosses people

Yeah I bet that was her. You’re right, hard to tell. I’m sure she was extra nice to us since we were customers, compared to one of her daily employees.

This was only my second real event; it was awesome to finally put faces to some of the nicks I see floating around on the boards. Shout-outs in particular to Mario for dealing with my late ass and still giving me a chance to play; to James for some serious 3s casuals & Hokuto no Ken finals; to everyone else I met, too… Riot, goukipoo… Clem, sometime we have to swap Makoto notes… or maybe I can just steal your style! I saw some of your games, and you’ve got something awesome going on there.

Yeah, that would be cool Tonren. I think I may see you at SBIII.

Mario, that was an amazing match. Honestly I haven’t played that game in like 4 months, and all I ever get to do is practice combos in training mode. Please come to Ohio and play me in that game some time. So few people play it. I need to practice Heart specific combos though.

Astral, put me in hokuto no ken results at 9th.

Guys I played a little 3rd Strike on that tv and I didn’t notice any lag. Not saying you guys were wrong, just my observation. I know Young was having problems with his controller so he might have chalked that up to lag if he said something about it.

Stephane, it was really cool talking to you. Sorry I didn’t get to play you too much. I was watching Young and Chernell play 3rd Strike a lot, and then when I wanted to play you, some dudes were using my stick on 3rd, and I felt like letting them. Also, I was waiting around to see if someone would put hokuto no ken in for casuals, and it took longer than I thought.

Hopefully I’ll be in Japan by the time SB3 rolls around, but if not, I’ll probably see a lot of you there.

I was just joshin.

But spell it with me now…


Good tourney still. And I had no problems paying the venue fee. Whatever it takes to keep the hope alive.

I’m down to travel. Next time you meet up with Chernell post up and I’ll try to make it down. My whole reason for doing the free Fist tourney was to introduce newcomers to the game. I’m glad people were having so much fun with it. I knew that first match when you combo’d into shin’s Fatal KO that I was in for some trouble :rofl:. My Jagi play was no match for that shin.

Have fun in Japan man. Gamer’s Paradise as I like to call it.

Derek-Thanks for making the long drive out. What happened to beatsof devil?

Mario - Chernell is moving to Kentucky like this week I think, so I probably won’t see him for a while. What’s a good way to get in touch with you? I’m usually on Dustloop, but I also check Dayton, OH thread here pretty much every day. PM probably works too.

I check the indianapolis thread a lot but PM would work too. Dayton is only about 2 hours away, right? If so, I am willing to bet I could get some Naptown players to make a road trip with me down there sometime in August. We all play 3s but are pretty new to GG.

I’m gonna be teachin some of the locals the basics of Fist. However, I am openly biased because I will only be showing them Jagi and Mr. Heart stuff. :rofl:.

Good shit Derek on taking Marvel.

Also, Good shit Humbag and the other Champaign fellas.

Wish I was there for this one. Oh well, next time.

flexo- Plays well when sleepy or sick, I really don’t know how you do it.

mario- I was impressed by how quickly you learned Dudley, your Dudley strong. I was also impressed by how much the folks I knew had improved, you all must play frequently?

Chernel- I apologize, I should have made it a mission to play you.

Very well run tourney, could somebody point me in the direction of this new tournament maker you guys were using?

Hey Humbag, can you tell me how to contact Stephane?

I am trying to post up photos now. I am getting these off my FaceBook account. I made little comments for them there and my bud Gary is tagging them like a maniac. :rofl:

17 pics total. I see these don’t work so I will upload them to photobucket and get them on here a bit later today.

Brent: Whats your facebook?

Yay pictures! Photobucket seems faster to upload pics than what I remembered. Sorry but I didn’t tag or make comments.

Cool pics…looks like you guys had a lot of fun.

Humbag: Good games as always, you were a lot better than last time I played you.
Flexo: close matches. Thanks for teaching me new set ups!
Ghaleon: Good games, yeah man I use 5 different characters and I don?t know who is main.
Dereck: good shit in marvel
Mario: good job I think the tournament was run smoothly
NKI: nice playing you
Indy: how come you didn?t go?
Y k: good job
Chicken: I don?t think we played at all in the tournament.
Justin: you have some good necro combos, keep it up. Although necro is a hard character to learn.
Clem: consistency is very important on mokoto!
Brent: I think you would have done better if you have use Chun-li
Rexor: I didn?t see you?
Dave: Why did you go home early? I would have got you something to eat.
Who is Astral, doragonkoroshi, tonren
Oh yeah by the way the pictures are also in facebook, so add Brent Werling(VEGA).

Gary: I’m in England at the moment. 3000 miles is a long way to go lol.