NapTown Clutch 2 (Feb. 25th+26th) Results

The final results of NTC2: Broken Threshold… I am sooooooo tired… I think all the competitors did a great job skill-wise. I hope everyone who played feels equally satisfied with their performance. We had a very tight level of comp in both UMvC3 and MK9, so making it to the top of those tournaments definitely means you’ve got game.

First and foremost I want to thank everyone who helped out. Ailerus and the Arcade Legacy stream team, for doing the huuuuuge service of streaming Clutch. Everything can be found on the AL TwitchTV channel here: Arcade Legacy . Tilt Studio and Mike Valenti, not only for letting use the arcade as our venue, but also for running a killer MK tournament. NetBattles for doing ALOT of groundwork via flyers, equipment, prizes, medals, and expertise. Osirun and PowerUp for helping promote the tournament and providing an over-the-top prize for the winners. DownTown Comics for bringing us some more great prizes. ModJunkies for supplying us with some nerdy merchandise, i got a new clear controller. Villa Pizza for feeding a bunch of us. And to all of our volunteers, for bringing and donating even the smallest piece of equipment to help things go smoothly, because we most definitely needed it.

And a personal shout-out from me to my boys Dustin (UrbanStew) and Kyle (Keiforce) who took the brackets in their hands and played them out flawlessly. This was their first time running brackets and all i did was hand them a stack of registration forms and they magically turned into applicable brackets… so goodshit to them

A quick round-up of some on-the-spot switches that had to happen: Soul Calibur 5 replaced the Mystery Game tournament, and Third Strike Doubles and SSF4 Sudden Death did not have enough entrants to play out.


**Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition 2012 **:
1st. Derrick Legend (Juri/Guile) (Cinci OH)
2nd. Zerp (Adon) (Virginia)
3rd. Servo (Seth) (Virginia?)

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3:
1st. GM KillerBee (Indianapolis) (Haggar/Dorm/Akuma)
2nd. ActionHank (Dayton, OH) (Wesker/Doom/Strider)… your team is dope
3rd. N.E.T. (Indianapolis) (Akuma, Sentinel, Ammy/Doom)

**King Of Fighters XIII **Top 4:
1st. ActionHank (Dayton, OH)
2nd. Zerp (Virginia?)
3rd. Cheeseface Immortal (Ft. Wayne, IN)

Super Turbo (round robin):
1st. Brent ‘The Immortal’ Werling ( Ft. Wayne, IN)
2nd. GhettoOnTheRise (Bloomington, IN)
3rd. Zamza (Indianapolis, IN)

Mortal Kombat :
1st. GGA Dizzy (Galloping Ghost Arcade, IL)
2nd. Kanye West (Illinois)
3rd. GGA Wafflez (Galloping Ghost Arcade, IL)

Mortal Kombat Tag Team:
Team He Needs it (GGA Dizz + GGA Moe3)
Team FlowChart (GGA Soonk + GGA Wafflez)
… all from the Galloping Ghost Arcade in Illinois

Soul Calibur 5
1st. GM Killerbee (Indianapolis, IN)
2nd. Crescendo G (Indianapolis, IN)
3rd. GGA Dizzy (Galloping Ghost Arcade, IL)

Guilty Gear
1st. Effenhoog (Indianapolis) (Dizzy)
2nd. GM Killerbee (Indianapolis) (Robo Ky)
3rd. Wolvves (Order Sol)

ggs to everybody!

Thanks to Osirun for getting me there!

Thanks to everybody who played SC5 with me!

That DJ on Saturday was sweet! When he arrived I wasn’t too sure about having a DJ play at a tournament, but once he started I really enjoyed it. I never got his name, but I would like to try to get some of his stuff for my collection. Anybody know who he was?

Good job G and crew. I had a good time : )

I second that the DJ was very cool; a nice touch to the event. Shoutouts to the AL stream service, Ailerus, and all the stream volunteers! Also, Mortal Kombat is still my favorite game, beside Vampire Savior!

I need some clarification, i don’t know who got 3rd place in GG or MK, and I’m not %100 sure when Zerp and D. Legend are from either… but that’s about it

Thanks to everyone for coming out to play and support. A big shoutout to Ailerus, Servo, Zerp, and the rest of the Arcade Legacy stream team for the huge service of providing a stream, i hope you guys had fun. And another big shoutout to the Galloping Ghost Arcade team, apparently the owner of GGA loves MK so much he sent a team of (highly skilled) MK players out to play in NTC and they ALL wrecked house, threw the entire MK tournament on it’s ear. I’d never heard of GGA before today but Dizzy and Val told me about it and I have to go on a trip to check it out for sure…

On the subject of the DJ… i do not know… i seriously have no idea where he came from… it was not on my schedule of things to happen… not that it wasn’t cool… Bank said “Hey, Gregg where do you want the DJ to set up?” and i went “He can go right over th- Wait what?!? we have a DJ?!”… so I’m at a loss

If anybody left anything behind, or if i have misprinted some results or anything like that just let me know and I’ll straighten it out, or atleast attempt to. Looks like I’ll see everyone at UGFT8 and then again at PowerUp with all the winners from this weekend.

D. Legend is from Cincinnati, OH. Zerp is from Virginia (not sure on city).

: )

Gregg - sorry i couldn’t get some more locals to come with, but regardless i had a good time here. long weekend, but a good one! :tup: regardless of what folks complaining of the format and any issues that arose during the event, i think it’s great that you tried doing things this way. in the end no complaints here, and of course i’ll try to be at the next one you do and hopefully have some backup. oh and keep hosting ST pleeeeeeeease? hehe. Japan loves it. Cali loves it. those scenes are like the best so they must be doing something right. :rofl:

Net Battles guys/gals - very friendly folks and very helpful indeed. made the weekend better overall! thanks so very much for sponsoring this event and just in general i want to of course thank y’all for everything you did this weekend, you know what i mean (this is Brent from Fort Wayne, so you know.) just from talking to you guys i like hearing that you are interesting in trying to expand the local scene down there and i’m 100% committed to attending some events for you as well as long as i’m free on a given weekend. but overall you guys really helped ensure that i enjoyed myself so thank you!!!

Mr. Osirun - thanks a bunch for kicking in the PowerUp prizes. i was certainly attending anyway but now perhaps i’m enticed to enter an extra game or something. :smiley:

Derrick Legend - you are way too fun to hang out with, as usual. please consider coming to more Indiana events! you with your crazy random comments and teaching me SF4 stuff that i sadly don’t know. :crybaby:

Action Hank and Zerp - i am forcing both of you to teach this noobie right here how to truly play this KOF13. y’all have no choice, you have to teach me your secrets and masteries of crazy offense!!! :pray: crazy offense i say. hehe. i think i have a nice starting point, my base is some zoning and also down + light kick shenanigans with Mai. i really think she has to be a keeper for me at this point. also some good blocking (i think i did well on defending overall considering i seriously don’t know what lots of those characters are even capable of, so i just tried to block and get away like a mad man). so if y’all can teach me some of your zany tactics, combos, pressure strings… whatever, then maybe i can get good with some different characters. i mostly remember Robert/Benimaru and EX Kyo/Elisabeth.

Shoutouts to everyone I saw! I knew I was going to have a great time catching up and meeting some new people. I’m going to keep blowing up this results thread until we get more and more people to chime in XD

3rd in MK was GGA Wafflez

I got 2nd in AE, not third

NOPE NO… yes you got 2nd.

Servo your Seth is godlike… Adrian says while he was all for playing Zach again for some money he wouldn’t have played you… Ha!

Dizzy you guys are so very cool, I hope to see you all again at more tournaments, I’m definitely gonna make a trip the GGA, and i hope the Nexus people didn’t give everyone too hard a time for not doing fatalities

And someone let ActionHank know that his team (Wesker/Doom/Strider) in MvC3 is the greatest in history

…I wouldn’t say greatest…scummiest, but not greatest.

I think 3rd place in Guilty Gear was Wolvves

I think that’s how you spell it, Ephraim might know better than me since he ran the bracket

Yeah, it was wolvves, and if your looking for characters in GGGAC for the players:
Kyle- (Dizzy)
Me-( Robo-Ky)
Wolvves- ( Order Sol)
For N.E.T. team: (Akuma, sentiel, and Doom/ammy )

i dunno Adam… the way you scam meter for Strider is legit warfare… and don’t even get me started on your Doom… staircase combo into rocks into hyper?.. I’m thinking of adding Strider to my team on principle since i can farm meter too, and i dunno how to use the dude… you just made it look too powerful, as long as you have the 3 lvls when he comes out… like i said… legit warfare

I like how everyone in SC wasn’t great but we all had the foundation figured out, but it came down to the actual fight… whoever was cheaper and landed more mixups generally won… it was fun to watch unfold … I wanted to win but Gmac has plenty more skill in SC than i do… and i still loathe Natsu… out of the 9 SC entrants we had… 4 of them were Natsu players: Me, D. Legend, Radical Edward, and Chauncy… god i hate her

Natsu is cheap and broken. lol. Felt like, I was fighting a clan of ninjas.

I’m still da best.

I couldnt make it, but I hope it was fun…maybe next year.