NapTown Clutch: Grand Prix Results and Shoutouts


alright ladies and gentlemen… we did the damn thing… i had a fantastic time… like it’s strange how much fun i had running around nonstop trying to make everything go smoothly… we had about a total of 70 entrants for the various tournaments… which is beyond what i expected

everything got ran, except TvC which was cancelled due to time restraints (let it be known that there were enough players though) and the mystery tournament was also lost in the melee due to lack of entrants… but atleast somebody managed to guess what the game was… I’m also told that the SSF4 sudden death tournament had to be left hanging with all the still active players getting twice thier entry back

also the raffles kind of broke down when 2 rolls of tickets went missing, but we did have a winner for the MvC3 raffle, and nobody really bought much from the comic stall so we didn’t really need the 2nd raffle… but we did get supplie some fly ass prizes… did you guys see that Rouge and Gambit picture?.. it was so sweet it was really the only reason i decided to actually try and win MvC3… it was indescribably awesome and apparently REALLY valuable… the comicbook dude even got it engraved for us… keep that shit clean Frankie

i hope everyone had a great time… SSF4 actually had more entrants than MvC3 since a good %25 of em were scrubs, and we weeded them out excellently guys… 3S doubles was fun a hell and had plenty of hype, glad IN took the top spots for that (cept for humbag)… MvC2 had two tournaments run, i meant to play in low tier but didn’t have time and the winner of standard also got a pretty sweet X-men collectors book…

I’ve got abbout 9 hours of recorded footage from the MM station and my camera combined… we’ve also got a ton of videos recorded on the stream archive and from ZAP’s stream station… we’ll get those added here to view as they come in so please if you got any videos link them here

now on to the results… which made it pretty far in the pre tourney thread already:

Marvel vs. Capcom 3
Champion -Exarchezikiel aka Franky G - Doom/Dante/Trish - made about $400
Runner Up - Humbag aka James - Sentinel/Magneto/Taskmaster - won about $160
3rd place - Heroic Legacy - … his team had (an awesome) Chris - won about $56
4th place - Bank aka Jay - Wesker/Ryu/Sentinel
5th place tie:
Mike [Merk]
Clayton [Phreakzoid
7th place tie:
John [Chilldog]
9th place tie:
J money
13th place tie:
Thourage [Zach]
Chris [Munin]
17th place tie:
Indy’s Finest
Dave [Ghetto Dave]
Flying V
25th place tie:
Marcus [Giga] [Hamilton]
Marcus [ Big MArcus]
Mario [Riotguard]
Adam [Chron]
Scott [Riot]
Derrick [Shadow Dragon]
33rd place tie:
G [G] [Indy] <— awwww
Keifonse Aulric XI
Steven [Death Grip]
Maurice [snake]
Titus [Rappleross]
Nate [Black]
Andy [Big Apple]
Ryan [Hitlow]
Gerald [G-mac]
da relic
49th place tie:
Ryan [Hellbent]
Ray C

Super Street Fighter 4
Champion - Marcus [Big Marcus], IL, Dictator
Runner Up - Humbag, IL, Boxer and Boxer
3rd place - Shawn [Renegade], IN, Dudley
4th place - [Tuboware]
5th place tie:
Mario [Riotguard]
Neil [Phozee][47906]
7th place tie:
Chris [Munin] [Purdue]
FJ [FJ[] [Fort Wayne]
9th place tie:
Sesh [Sesh] [Chicago]
Marcus [Giga][Hamilton]
Diet [Indy]
G [G] [Indy] <— whoo!
13th place tie:
Brent [Immortal Brent]
John [Chilldog][Purdue]
Tim [T-wong][Indy]
Andy [ Big Apple] [Indy]
17th place tie:
Zach [Thourage] [Fishers]
Nate [Black] [Indy]
[Clutch] [Chicago]
Max [Chicken][Indiana]
Carl [Tukk] [purdue]
Adam [Chron]
Gregg [Chupa] [Purdue]
Oscar [Grouchy Business] [Chicago]
25th place tie:
Scott [Riot] [Ft Wayne]
Maurice [ Snake]
Ghetto Dave [B-town]
Jason [Shi?] {Indy}
Zastrern [Death Grib] [Purdue]
Thomas [Sutter] [IN]
Ryan [Hellbent]
Adrian [The Truth] [Indy]
33rd place tie:
Marcus [Indy]
Bop [Bop] [Naptown!]
Jason [Banks][46218]
Kyle [Keifonse Aulric XI][Fortville]
Brendon [Cesar] [Indy]
Jane [Hurricane Jane] [Chicago]
Mike [Merk] [Ft Wayne]
Ryan [Tidbit] [Indy]
Chad [Fluffy] [Naptown]
O’sirun [Ohio]
Ryan [Hitlow]
Dominique [Shadow] [NAP]
[Shadow Dragon]
Billy [Billy Ma] [Indy]
Jody [Dotoromo] [indy]
Dan [Johnny 5]
49th place tie:
Carlos [Darksavior] [Indy]
Omar [Delgato Maid] [Indy]

Marvel vs Capcom 2 Low Tier
(round robin)
1st - Nolber Torres (Miami) ~ Guile/Ryu/Capcom
2nd - Ghetto Dave ~ Various
3rd - JMCrofts aka Chilldog aka dat Tron playa ~ Juggy/Tron/B.B. Hood

Marvel vs Capcom 2 standard
(also round robin)
Winner was Nolber Torres (Miami) ~ Team Watts

Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike Team Doubles
out of 8 total teams

  1. Team Denjin (Mr. Gonehatesyou, Riot Guard)
  2. Team Unstoppable (Humbag, Swat)
  3. Team GK0 (Ghettoontherise, Banks)
  4. Team Tsutter (Ssesh, Tsutter)

SF2 HD Remix
1st: Thelo (Honda)
2nd: Vega Immortal (Vega, Chun)
3rd: RoyalPhlush (Ryu, Ken)
4th: Hadoking (Ryu)
5th: Honeyboy (Vega)
5th: JigglyNorris (Hawk, Ken, Guile)
7th: Slyry (Hawk)
7th: mad possum (Honda)
9th: tsutter (?)
9th: Silver Rain 007 (Cammy, Chun)
9th: GhettoDave (Deejay, Guile?)
9th: Sean (?)
13th: Masamune Shadow (?)
13th: Mighty Max (?)

SF2 Super Turbo (SuperGun)

1st: Thelo (Honda)
2nd: Brent the Immortal (Vega, Chun)
3rd: Patricks aka Honeyboy (Vega)
4th: mad possum (Honda)

Guilty Gear: Accent Core
6 entrants

  1. Effenhoog - Dizzy
  2. Thelo - Axl Low
  3. G - Millia <---- my first GG performance

I think that’s everything… if any of these results are incorrect let me know and i’ll update it

[Feb 25, 2012] Naptown Clutch II: Broken Threshold (Indianapolis, Indiana)

saved for tournament credits… I’ll do my shoutouts later

saved for tournament credits… I’ll do my shoutouts later

decided to do tournament organizing credits like movies credits… for simplicity and fun… everyone on this list needs a thank you and a pat on the back for what they did individually to help this tournament go as smooth as it did… because i certainly couldn’t have done it myself… thanks for all the help you guys… alotta people think tournaments are to see who’s best when really it’s to get together and have fun… adn then see who’s best

Supreme Director and Host - Gregg aka G
Also Host and Partner in Crime - Jay aka Bank
T.O. and Registry - Marcus aka Giga
Venue Event Manager - Mike aka Hype Mike V.
Video and Stream Supervisor - Zack aka Z.A.P.
SSF4 and MvC3 master bracket wrangler - Kyle aka Kieforce
MvC2 bracket wrangler - Ray aka Knyghtfall
Third Strike bracket wranglers - Indy and Mario aka Riotgaurd
HDR and ST bracket wrangler - Jeremy aka Silver Rain
Guilty Gear bracket wrangler - Kyle aka Effenhoog
SSF4 Sudden Death bracket wrangler - Patrick aka Honeyboy
M.C. and bracket seeder - James aka Humbag
M.C. and bracket seeder - Frankie G. aka Ezerackiel

M.C. credits can all be applied to - G, Bank, Giga, Z.A.P., CT, Humbag, Mike V., Frankie G., Tuboware, and Flying V

Epic prizes provided by DownTown Comics Vice President Doug Benson
IVDGA representation from - Tom Marshall
Pizza provided by… Villa Pizza
Venue hosted from the Tilt Studios Arcade in dowtown Indianapolis Indiana


G, you did an excellent job running and coordinating all of this. It was hella nice. Seriously.

I look forward to the Marvel 3 runback.

Shoutout to that Chris player making Sentinels eat it, suck it, and take fire in their holes.


I wish it was 160 bucks =(

but if all 53 on the list entered it would have been like 105

only got 85, did mvc3 drop a lot of people at the last minute?


@Humbag: Good question.

@G, Bank, Staff: A very good job for a first run! Learn from mistakes and snags, and make the next event even better.

GGs to all. I’ve got plenty of work to do :slight_smile:


We didn’t have huge numbers for HDR / ST but the competition was all really high quality. I’m glad we were able to run everything pretty smoothly once people arrived. I wish I had entered Marvel 3, I thought I was just going to get trashed but having played a bunch of casuals, I felt much more confident in my team and game afterwards… but those are the breaks. Anywho, it was great to see everything run smoothly and I can’t wait to do it again. Congratulations to everyone who came out, supported your favorite games, and played your best.

See you guys next time!


GGs to everyone I played in tourny.

By the end I was mad tired and should warmed up before MvC3 gfs. Good shit frankie for coming back on me. I had tourny point and got hit by dante lol. After that I didnt really recover.

GGs to Renegade in SSF4, Big Barcus. Good shit Tuboware getting 4th and coming with keeping me awake driving home.

GGs Dave, Mario, Justin, Indy in 3s. Fun tourny just took forever hehe.

Only thing I can suggest is a more ordered sign up sheet. It was mad messy and we didnt even get some people into the brackets correctly.

Also I recommend Tourny Maker 2.1. Its a very good program and its offline so its much faster.


I should have entered HDR even though I only play it occasionally. You don’t see that level of competition for HDR very often.

GG’s as always James. See ya at Powerup.

Greg and Kyle or anyone else planning to run tourneys, ALJ Tournament Maker - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET There the link for tourney maker.


Only downside is you can’t view the brackets later on then :[


You can save the bracket as an image file.


The NTC SSFIV Winners Finals / Grand Final set should be up soon (Some vids are still in the middle of processing) as for the MvC3 matches that I’ve captured, I’ve got 16 total matches incoming. We were pressed for time at the end of the night for MvC3 so outside of the footage that I was able to grab on my phone I don’t think that anyone bothered to record / capture grand finals…in fact I dipped out early myself. I don’t even know who one MvC3…

Please be patient…I’ve still have a lot of footage for you guys.

YouTube - ZAPSRK’s Channel

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^^^Thanks sir.


Sry guys…but I just watched some of the match vids I just posted at the frame rate is not correct. You can Enjoy these for now, but I will be reposting these vids…the quality is just not up to snuff for me, I’m better than that. But like I said, enjoy these for now but I will be reposting tonight.

Thx for barring w/ me…Subscribe.


Remember when I said IL would take at least one top 3 spot in MVC3 and SSF4? Looks like we won both games, and 3/4 players in top 4 were from IL in SSF4 and MVC3. IL > Midwest!!


Until Wolfkrone shows up.




None of Detroit was there nor was Perfect Legend or Derrick Legend


I’ll call PL out now. We money matched at Evo 2010. I lost 3-2. We can run it back at Evo no doubt :stuck_out_tongue:

And yea, Michigan is good. I’d really like to see IL vs. MI in SSF4 soon. It hasnt happened recently. I might set something up in my hotel room when UFGT7 rolls around.

Until then, Chicago/IL got Marvel on lock. Not our fault MI decided to not show up.


Ok, the NTC: SSFIV Vids w/ the fixed frame fate are now live including the Grand Finals w/ Big Marcus Vs. Humbag…sry for the delay but I want to bring HQ content to you guys and vids w/ shitty frame rates are not going to cut it. So enjoy the SSFIV vids, I’m currently working on the MvC3 vids that I know your itching to see. More to come and don’t forget to subscribe !

YouTube - ZAPSRK’s Channel


just saw this, shoutouts to frankie for winning a week 1 mvc3 tourney without the robot :7)