NapTown Clutch - Indpls, IN - 2/19/11- SSF4, 3S, HDR, ST, MvC2 low tier, & MvC3!


Naptown Clutch Grand Prix

First off introductions; my name is Gregg, most people call me G, and alotta SRK heads stick to my sn barzaad, I'll be playing the part of organizer and host with the help of my friends. Here in Indianapolis we used to hold a tournament called Naptown Clash, most of the usual MW crowd probably remember them well (I know humbag does). Usually we?d have it right before Season?s Beatings, this year we sort of fell through with tradition. But with a combination of renewed support from our venue and a few sponsors, and a lucky stab at the MvC3 release date? We have reborn the newest installment as Naptown Clutch... full name is something like The Naptown Clutch Grand Prix

With this reiteration we get to jump on the Marvel release. Our venue itself will be holding a midnite release tournament for MvC3, and the following Saturday we get the left over facilities. We?re getting the Midwest?s premiere MvC3 tournament underway, and we aim to do it bigger and better than any previous NTC to do the long awaited release justice.

Plans are underway, and the date is set, this thread is to let the fighter community know what?s up to get as many participants as possible. At this point the event is coming along strong, It?ll be a 1 day event and is set to feature:

? Multiple tournaments
? Huge projections to watch the action
? Full run of our arcade venue at the mall
? A tournament stream provided by Brent Blasty
? Plenty of room for casual setups and side tourneys
? Raffles and prizes provided by a few choice sponsors
? More surprises to be determined

When and Where: **** February 19th at the Tilt Studios Arcade in the Circle Centre Mall in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana. The venue doors open to competitors at 11am, check in and registration follows, and the first tournaments are set to start at 2pm? with the standard gamer time buffer, and accounting whatever weather we might be having.

Venue info: The Tilt Studios Arcade (formerly Gameworks as some of our returning competitors may remember) is well? our last vestige of arcade nostalgia here in Naptown. It?s large, spacious, and is located on the top floor of the mall directly above the food court. During our event day we are allowed to utilize the 3 tier theatre room, and the back projection-room conjoined to it. Tournament matches will take place in the theatre room and will be projected for the spectators to watch. Casual setups and side tournaments will be held in the backroom of the arcade floor.

Google Maps for the Mall: Google Maps

Hotels: all these hotels are less than a 30 minute drive to and from the venue, if any crews riding in need a hotel to spend the night in, I’d start here. There are plenty more hotels in the city and they range pretty far and wide when it comes to price a location but here’s short list
- Marriotts -
-The Hyatt (oohlala) - Indianapolis Hotels-Hyatt Regency-Downtown Indianapolis Hotel, Accommodation, Reservation
-Motel 6 - Motel 6 Indianapolis South Hotel - Indianapolis, IN - Motels & Hotels
-Holiday Inn - Indianapolis Hotels | Explore Our Hotels in Indianapolis | Holiday Inn Hotels & Resorts

Venues Rules: Official venue rules are the usual; don?t get too rowdy, no disturbing the other non-tournament arcade patrons, take the fighting and arguing outside, no gambling (go for it really just be discreet), Apparently the new management at Tilt doesn’t care about outside food or drink so go nuts… after i told em how we get down they even said we could have alcohol on hand… sweet right?.. i owe Humbag a beer from Evo2k9. Just be conceterate … not that it’ll stop anyone but i’ll prolly be on cleanup duty when it comes down to it

Official Tournaments: There?s a $10 venue fee, that can be waived (first come first served) with a donated game full setup. All tourneys are default double elimination format. They each have individual rule sets you can find below. I chose the official tournament games with 2 aspects in mind. 1) What games would get the most draw 2) And balancing the game choice between newschool crack, and the fighter fiend?s oldschool classics. With the brand spanking new MvC3 being the headlining, big show of this event I want to see who gets the brokenest, dirtiest, grittiest tactics you can muster from 5 days worth of practice. We could be the tournament the upsets the initial tier listings.
? (DC) MvC2 Low tier Singles - $10 entry fee ? starts @ 2pm
? (PS3) SSF4 Singles - $10 entry fee ? starts @ 2pm
? (SuperGun) SF2 Super Turbo - $10 entry fee ? starts ~6pm after HDR
? (PS3) MvC3 Singles - $10 entry fee ? starts ~6pm after SSF4

Official Tournament Rules:
$$$: all official tournament payouts are the standard %70, %20 and %10 of the total tournament pot for the winner, runnerup, and third place respectively, all official tournament grand finals are 3/5

Universal rules ? B.ring Y.our O.wn C.ontroller and converters or be forced to borrow one, button mapping allowed, no turbo functions can be used, all double elimintation, all official tournaments payout to the top 3 in the standard

MvC2 Low tier ? best 2 out of 3 matches, double elimination, No Gambit flyaway glitch or any other glitches that freeze or break the game. Juggernaut Powerup Glitch is allowed…the Naptown Marvel Master Nyghtfall has agreed to help me run this

***Banned Characters:[/**I] Cable, Sentinel, Magneto, Storm, Spiral, Blackheart, Iceman, Dr. Doom, Strider, Cyclops, Ironman, and Warmachine…

Banned Assists: Tron’s Projectile assist
any 3 character team made up of any character not listed in the banned section is a vaild low tier team and can be used to compete… simple yet gruling i tell you

[COLOR=“blue”]SSF4[/COLOR] ? 90 seconds, 2/3games, 2/3 rounds, loser can switch characters and ultras, and the winner?s character is locked but they can switch ultras, no character bans? basic EVO ruleset

SF2 Super Turbo ? 90 seconds, 2/3 games, 2/3 rounds, loser can switch characters, winner?s character is locked, Akuma is banned cuz he’s the only shoto who wears shoes… Indy and Silver Rain have volunteered to run this tournament

MvC3 (this where it gets sketchy) - default timer setting (whatever it is), 2/3 games, team order is locked from the select screen (if that?s even an issue), loser is allowed to switch up team members and order, winner?s team is locked, the jury is out on the mystery final boss but that aside there are NO CHARACTER BANS! even Shuma Gorath and Jill are allowed? this might be a rocky stipulation, but since we?re rocking Marvel 3 so early character tier rankings aren?t likely to matter if they ever do at all? I?m actually interested to see who makes who look like a gawd.

Official Side Tournaments & Rules

Mystery Tournament - $10 entry, half the pot goes to the winner as well as a prize provided by one of our sponsors, the other half goes to a hometown charity for indy game development , this tournament is going to be directed by Patrick aka ‘needsamoniker’…It’s a mystery you guys… the only clue i can give you is that the game i’ve chosen is the game i got my SRK namesake from… if you care to guess please go ahead but i won’t say if you’re right… Indy player Patricks has volunteered to run the mystery tourney

(360) SSF4 Low Sudden Death - $3 entry, %5 health start, 4/7 rounds, 2/3 games, single elimination, winner gets the whole pot… Patrick asked to run this tournament as well

(PS2) SF3:Third Strike Team Doubles Tournament - $5 a head ($10 per team) the winning team will split the entire prize pot. 2/3 rounds, characters are locked from sign up, winner stays ‘pokemon’ style (Player 1A fights Player 2A, winner plays the second member of the other team, last team with a safe player wins and moves on) double elim, teams cannot consist of the same two characters, Gill is banned but Sean is encouraged… i’ve deligated ZAP to run this side tourney and he is also my teammate

(PS2) Guilty Gear: AC - $10 entry, no black or gold characters, 2/3 rounds, 2/3 games… Kyle ‘Effenhoog’ will run this tournamnet as our resident airdash specialist and i’ll be getting his rules soon

(Wii) TvC - $10 entry, will be ran in the side tourney area by Powerup the Midwest’s Osirun, no characters bans, 2outta 3 games, default timer, double elimination

(360) SF2 HD Remix - $10 entry, 2/3 rounds, 2/3 games, default timer, double elimination
(360) HD Remix Doubles - $5 a head, $10 total for each team, A-cho style team tournament, double elimination

Stream Info: stream to be provided onsite by ZAP… it prolly ownt be as tight as Blasty’s but we got it… be damn sure of that
This thread is to get the word out so everyone can prepare and so we can project some numbers. I still have much more in store, so keep an eye on the thread for the lastest news.And as Osirun has told me, this’ll be the lastest big Naptown tournament in a deficit of about a year, and by my fighter’s honor I will do my best to make it the best I can manage. Preregistration for any official event posted above begins after these first two regulation posts. Any questions, comments, or concerns can be directed to me here.

All info in this post thus far is subject to changes so check back frequently


reserved for whatever… soundoff people…

Naptown Clutch hype vid courtesy of ZAP : [media=youtube]NIlC9pIpBjk[/media]

Tilt arcade facebook: Welcome to Facebook
add them to get the heads up on any subsequent tournaments, i know the event manager and he keeps the page updated, you can see my T3 tourney coming up on tuesday night

some videos from the Naptown tournaments of the past : YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

vids stolen from the YT accounts of; Osirun, Masamune, and techdat … thru the powers of the internet

** SPECTATORS :** any spectators have to pay a $10 spectator fee. The payment entitles you to a spectators wristband to watch the event from the tournament floor, and play any casuals you can line up for but NOT to compete in any tournaments (obviously). And now since we have such good support from our arcade we can offer this: On top of you wristband and all it’s privliges you also get a courtesy Tilt gamecard that gets you an afternoon’s worth of credits in any of the arcade’s nonticket games.

games that are featured on the arcade floor include Smash Taxi, Time Crisis, HoTD 4, a Retro Classics Cab (bubble pop and dragons lair!), and many others i don’t have time to list… I know we get a lot of spectators at tournaments and sometimes they’re just bored, this is my way of helping grease the wheels

$MoneyMatch Station$
We’re going to have a setup set to record money matches with either a capture card or a DVR recorder. We’ll have a DC, PS3, X360, and PS2 all hooked up to it. Simply inform me or the MM station organizer; Bank and we’ll put you on the rotation list if . At the end of show we’re going to round up all of the recordings and compile them to youtube for everyone to enjoy. Any game on the featured systems is applicable (I definitely wanna see some MvC2 MMs) and any amount of $ on the line probably be fine. But if the rotation gets full we’ll have to make room for the higher stakes MMs.

Everyone always wishes someone was around to see their MM or record their spectacular match. Well this was my idea to adhere to that. All of us like to watch some money on the line as well as a good match, cause nothing makes you play better than having some dough wagered on the match. We’ll likely have a player cam setup to get the players on record too, and maybe a designated place to place the bills during the match. Not only do we get records of whatever MMs go down this way, we can also psuedo-sanction all of the gambling as ‘two man tournies’ so that nobody gets in trouble.

Downtown Comics: we happy to have a sponsor of sorts in our (my personal in fact) comicbook store Downtown Comics. They’ve offer their commercial services to our tournament. They’ll have a booth on site with comics, collectables, and other merchandise on hand for purchase.

their website: Downtown Comics - The source for comics and pop culture in Indianapolis since 1993

at a time when comic and videogame crowds are on the same wavelength I figured this would be a good addition to the tournament venue. With marvel movies at an all time high, and MvC3 at our fingertips this was a no brainer. Doug the VP knows to have all the classics books on hand (XMEN, Deadpool ect.), and to bring any udon or SF comics. But he’s asked me to survey the crowd and see what they’d like to have so please let me know. I gotta let the vice president know what kind of titles our corwd is looking for so he can know to bring them.

They’ve also agreed to provide prizes for raffles or tournaments, what the prizes are at this point are a mystery. But everyone gets a raffle ticket for entry (including spectators) and another set of raffle tickets are to be handed out to anyone buying anything from the DT comics stand. So stay tuned for more on this.

Villa Pizza: We’ve got food!.. We have a food court a flight of stairs away, they have your usual choice of mall standards chinese food, chicken (not caines), ice cream, pretzels. At our tournament however we’ll have a food vendor on hand. Villa Pizza is self explanitory, they offer pizza and i mean big as your head slices. They’ll have a stall setup for any of our patrons to order food from. We’re not clear on all the details but presumably they’ll take an order and then make and retrieve it from they’re store downstairs. The have much mroe than pizza to offer, I’ll see about getting a menu up or something. But the short and long of it is the arcade has connections with the VP people and we all know tournies are tests of endurance that include food

IVGDA: the Independent Video Game Development Association: Here we have a chapter of the IVGDA, basically a group for game development networking. They hold events like a retro game night this past weekend, and a indie game pitch night where everyone pitches and idea for a game for a team to work on. We’ll have the head honcho of the whole show on hand; Thomas Marshall… Him and a few other members (including me :woot:) on hand to talk about the IVGDA and put the word out. Y’know symbiotic circle, they can explain the the general function and operation and even offer membership is anyone is in the game. I’m quite happy to have them in the house

their website: Independent Video Game Development Association (Indianapolis, IN) - Meetup

RAFFLES & PRIZES(as promised)

I’m proud to say that we’ll have 3 different sets of raffle drawings going on throughout the day. One provided by the venue, on from the Downtown comics people, and one from us

Downtown Comics Raffle - anyone who makes a purchase from the Downtown comics stall will recieve a white raffle ticket, the winner of the drawing will win a prize provided by the Downtown comics vice president… at this point the prize is a mystery

Tournament Raffle - anyone who enter any onsite tournament, side or official, will get a blue raffle ticket (1 per person though)… there will be two seperate drawings for this particular raffle each winner will get a free copy of Marvel vs Capcom 3 for the system of their choice

Tilt Studios Raffle - anyone who pays their venue fee, be it competitive or spectative, will recieve an orange raffle ticket, the winner of this drawing will win the complete set of the Walking Dead… the complete up to date collection (vol. 1-13) of the groundbreaking, horror zombie series… mouthwatering


11AM - The arcade opens it’s doors, registration and check in begin
2PM - Main tournaments begin, subsequent tournaments on the same platform follow:
PS2 Tournaments - Guilty Gear ~ Mystery Tournament ~ 3S doubles
DC Tournaments - MvC2 standard tournament ~ MvC2 Low Tier
PS3 Tournaments - SSF4 Singles ~ MvC3 Singles
HDR and ST Tournaments - HDR(X360) ~ ST(SuperGun)

Secondary Tournaments
HDR Teams - HDRemix 3v3 teams will start after the conclusion of the HDR singles tournament
Tatsunoko vs Capcom - TvC will start at Nate/Osirun’s discrection
SSF4 Sudden Death - this will be ran on our UTE candy cabinet and will take place throughout the day

tournament registration cutoff times are thus:
registration for GG, SSf4, MvC2(s), and HDR gets closed @ 2PM
registration for MvC3 closes @ 5PM to make sure the brackets don’t get hellish
every other tournament’s registration period closes when the proceeding tournament ends i.e.
the mystery tourney’s registration closes after the GG tourney ends, and the 3S doubles tourney registration ends once the mystery tournamnet ends

i don’t want to be a zealot about these times but i’m gonna have to to keep things orderly, the start times will be strict
if you miss the registration period for your tournament but it hasn’t started yet, please see me or that tournament’s runner to see if you can be worked into the brackets

it’s likely we’ll have the standard gamer grace period as always but please try to be wary of your timing in the sense of the official schedule. We could also have delays if the weather gets as apocolyptic as it is now


Get fucking hype! NTC baby!


I should be there and will stream as well however there should not in any way be a second stream wasting banwith for any reason…also dont mind looking at marvel 3 yet


Time to hype this up.


Set Tractors Beams to MAXIMUM PULL!


SF2T - do you mean Hyper Fighting? I’m assuming you mean Super Turbo, and if it so, are you running HDr? But if you actually mean HF, that would be kinda cool too.


hyper …yes please!


Assuming nothing comes up that weekend, you know I’ll be there. I can probably bring a setup or two as well.


With ST, your gonna have to Ban Akuma right?


i see you are hosting a Naptown Clutch tournament. mmm hmmm. i’m pretty clutch myself. i think barring any unsuspecting events unfolding i shall tentatively commit to attending this splendid event. did someone say splendid? splendid claw!!! sorry i got carried there for a second. now i laugh. :rofl:


in there!


Can’t help but notice the name similarity with Naptown Clash, lol. Hopefully, all the Indianapolis posters that have been frequenting the thread will finally get to meet up.


i was actually going to mention this aswell


I will most likely try to make it out there for this


looks like ST will prolly be ran on DC… and yeah Akuma is likely banned… my ST experts seem to look down on SF2 anniversary edition dunno if thats the hyper version or not… but If i can get my friend to get her ST came carted in from Cali we’ll run it on that… but that looks to be unlikely right now

As for the name similarities… yep there’s reason behind that… i was just gonna call it Naptown Clash 4 or would it have been 5?.. anyway i thought that it would be bad form to name the event as a continuation of the clashes without heed from the original crew and at the same time i needed a newer title to show that this was not only another NTC but a new life for NTC… i couldn’t take out the Naptown part i’m mean duh!.. but i thought about the Clash part and thought hard about a fighting game term that could replace it… the word clutch came to mind

every FGer knows that clutching is knowing what tools you have to win and being able to identify the critical moment to use those tools… when the pressure is on and the chips are down the player with the greatest peace of mind and control over their clutch abilities will normally prevail… so hence the allusion to the elder Naptown Clashes with Naptown Clutch… smooth right


oh lord


no the hyper they are talking about is SF2 Hyper Fighting… aka SF2 Turbo. it’s the one that came right after Champion Edition but before SSF2 and SSF2T (ST). the game commonly referred to as AE is actually fully named Hyper Street Fighter 2: The Anniversary Edition.

anyway yes the dreamcast version is a very nice choice for ST. don’t feel bad if you don’t have an actual arcade cabinet, that’s unrealistic for folks to just expect that.

i don’t see any similarities between Naptown Clash and Naptown Clutch…


This is enough of a notice for me. Pending my car situation, I might make it up for this. I’ve been wanting to visit Indianapolis for a while now anyway, miss my homeys up there.

And if I can make it, and can update my firmware on my MC Cthulhu, I’ll enter ST on the Dreamcast.


sounds interesting. so many st heads up in here that i might come. only if there was a cab. :frowning: