Naptown: Crossroad of Fists ***Indianapolis, IN Aug.29th 2009

Naptown: Crossroad of Fists

Welcome all to another Indianapolis Tournament! We have consistently held events for the past few years and continue our tradition once again this August. Get in some practice before Seasons Beatings!!

Running the Event, what to expect
There will be a megaphone at this event to help me keep order. Please be patient with me and the other game judges, we will have to deal with alot of people.
-Show up to GameWorks
-Check-In and Sign-Up for a game (you will receive a wristband and must wear it, or risk having to pay again/being thrown out)
-Imperative that you Sign In, I would like to have an accurate count/location of the participants
-PS3 Systems will setup on the upper levels of the room
-PS2 systems and all other systems will setup on the lower level of the room
-Game Sign-Ups will be closed 20 minutes before the start of a game, No Excuses! We will need the time to create the bracket properly. I am going to be a Nazi about these times, to make the event run smoothly it has to be done this way, sorry.
-Brackets will be created on the computer with the ALJ Software 2.1
-Before each game starts up some people need to help me get the brackets in order
-Introduction of myself and the Judges just before 1:30 PM
-At 1:30 PM will immediately begin HDR and BB on the PS3.
-ALL PS3s/Event Games that are available during the specific event will be used. If your system is needed for a game, it will be commandeered for the game.
-Evo Rule Enforcement & Disqualification. It will be disappointing to enforce this if it happens. Your name will be called a few times before you are considered Disqualified for not playing during your Match, probably over a 3minute period. It has occurred and one probably will at this event, so please stay attentive to what is happening.

Tournament Start Times
HDR 1:30 PM
BB 1:30 PM
3S 3:00 PM
KOF12 3:00 PM
SF4 4:30 PM
Marvel 4:30 PM
GGAC 6:00 PM
Tekken 5:DR 6:00 PM

Saturday August 29th 2009
Doors open at 10:00 AM and we have the venue booked until 11 PM. Tournaments will begin at 1:30.

Gameworks on the top floor of Circle Center Mall

Circle Centre
49 West Maryland Street, Ste. 206
Indianapolis, IN 46255
(317) 226-9267
-Circle Centre Mall has parking garages attached underneath the building, and elevators that will take you to the top floor to Gameworks. Easy Access!

Venue Fees and Registration
There will be a $10 Venue Fee and a wristband will be given to identify you have paid. If you are not wearing your wristband and there is no way to prove you have paid, you must pay or leave the event. This fee will be waived if you bring either a TV, System with Tournament Game, or are helping organize the event.

Entrance Fee Waiver (Waiver list is now closed)* is on a first come first serve basis, simply post in this thread what you can bring and a list will be made. Once enough items have been accumulated we will stop giving waivers. (note some have already committed to items in the Indianapolis thread so the list technically begins after them)

Pre-registration is not required but will make things easier for us so it is appreciated. Simply post the tag that you will be playing as and which games you intend on participating in (eg. Astral: 3s, SFIV, HDR).

Games & Fee (game fees will be solely used for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd prize $$. 70/20/10)
$10 - Super Street Fighter II: Turbo HD Remix (PS3)
$5 - BlazBlue Calamity Trigger (PS3)
$10 - Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike (PS2)
$5 - King of Fighters 12 (PS3)
$10 - Street Fighter IV (PS3)
$10 - Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (DC)**
$10 - GGAC (PS2)
$10 - Tekken 5:DR (PS3)
*There will be side tournaments as well as mad casuals the entire day, organized by others though, not by me. Any disputes arising from a side tournament shall be handled by the organizer of the side tournament
**MvC2 on DC. since it will be released on the PSN only 2wks before this tourney and there has been mention of bugs/glitches, I think it would be best to keep it on DC this time.

For all intents and purposes we will be using Evo Rules ( as our Rule set for our games. I will open up the following item for discussion
-Payouts at 70/20/10 for all games.
-Double Elimination, 2 out of 3, Losers/Winners Final 3 out of 5, Grand Finals 4 out of 7

***PS3, PS2, & DC will be the console for event games, currently there are 7 PS3’s committed, but please bring a PS3 if you have one!! I will consider another waiver or two depending on how many people are showing up (and it seems like ALOT at this point)

Code of Conduct
Abusive/Offensive Language, Physical Violence, or the Threat of Physical Violence will not be tolerated. They will result in your immediate ejection from the premises, and you will forfeit all fees and/or winnings that you might have accrued. This will be at the discretion of the Tournament Organizers which means that we will not be ejecting anyone for a frivolous reason. Use good judgement and you won’t have a problem.

If you agree to a “Money Match”, and you being the loser refuse to pay the winner, you will be immediately ejected from the premises, and you will forfeit all fees and/or winnings that you might have accrued. This will be a zero tolerance policy. If you can’t pay up after losing, then don’t get into a Money Match.

The Code of Conduct will be readily available for viewing at the tournament; meaning that there is no reason for anyone to say they weren’t aware of it.

I believe that is all the information you will need but if I have forgot something or you have any questions do not hesitate to ask. I look forward to seeing you all there now lets get HYPE!!!

**Myself, Game Judges, and GameWorks will not be responsible for your stuff (tvs, games, systems, controllers, miscellaneous items) if they are misplaced, lost, stolen, or broken. There is a police officer in the mall who in the past checks in on our tournament to see what is happening. You are solely responsible for you stuff brought to this event.

Game Sign-Ups, please post your location and games you want to be part of!

$10 HDR PS3 1:30PM
Game Judge: Vega

  1. Ghaleon - Cleveland/Columbus OH
  2. chickenfat - Columbus OH
  3. Ghettoontherise - Bloomington IN
  4. xHandsomeDanx - Fort Wayne IN
  5. nomrah - Cleveland OH
  6. Syxx573 - Gurnee IL
  7. Vega - Decatur, IN
  8. NAP - Bedford/Bloomington, IN
  9. barzaad9564 - Indianapolis, IN
  10. Tonio - Chicago, IL
  11. Pope Temmy - Dayton, OH

$5 BB PS3 1:30PM
Game Judge: jesu

  1. Arkayne17 - Dayton OH
  2. Riot Guard - Indianapolis IN
  3. chickenfat - Columbus OH
  4. Humbag - Normal/Champaign IL
  5. Ghettoontherise - Bloomington IN
  6. doragonkoroshi
  7. Syxx573 - Gurnee IL
  8. Masamune_Shadow - Auburn, IN
  9. RyanC - Indianapolis, IN
  10. jesu - Indianapolis, IN
  11. Effenhoog - Indianapolis, IN
  12. 3B’s - Cincinnati, OH
  13. Otter - Dayton, OH
  14. Tonio - Chicago, IL
  15. barzaad9564 - Indianapolis, IN
  16. Nasty Note - Fort Wayne, IN
  17. Osirun - Miamisburg, OH
  18. Hyper Kid - Cincinnati, OH
  19. Da Prime - Cincinnati, OH
  20. Goatxz - Indianapolis, IN
  21. Moi_X7 - Indianapolis, IN
  22. The Real KT - Dayton, OH
  23. Hyper Kid - Cincinnati, OH
  24. Pope Temmy - Dayton, OH
  25. Delpheous - Dayton, OH

$10 3S PS2 3:00 PM
Game Judge: MrGoneHatesYou

  1. Ghaleon - Cleveland/Columbus OH
  2. Arkayne - Dayton OH
  3. Riot Guard - Indianapolis OH
  4. chickenfat - Columbus OH
  5. Humbag - Normal/Champaign IL
  6. Ghettoontherise - Bloomington IN
  7. jesu - Indianapolis, IN
  8. Vega - Decatur, IN
  9. BigApple3AM - Indianapolis, IN
  10. GigaSmasherXG3 - Indianapolis, IN

$5 KOF12 PS3 3:00PM
Game Judge: DeryckTheCid

  1. Arkayne - Dayton OH
  2. Riot Guard - Indianapolis IN
  3. Humbag - Normal/Champaign IL
  4. Ghettoontherise - Bloomington IN
  5. Syxx573 - Gurnee IL
  6. Tonio - Chicago, IL
  7. Osirun - Miamisburg, OH
  8. BigApple3AM - Indianapolis, IN
  9. benisjamino - Zionsville, IN

$10 SF4 PS3 4:30PM

  1. sflegend - Cleveland OH
  2. Arkayne - Dayton OH
  3. Riot Guard - Indianapolis IN
  4. chickenfat - Columbus OH
  5. Humbag - Normal/Champaign IL
  6. Ghettoontherise - Bloomington IN
  7. Tonio - Chicago, IL
  8. nomrah - Cleveland OH
  9. Syxx573 - Gurnee IL
  10. Vega - Decatur, IN
  11. Masamune_Shadow - Auburn, IN
  12. PaulNannie - Muncie, IN
  13. RyanC - Indianapolis, IN
  14. jesu - Indianapolis, IN
  15. Effenhoog - Indianapolis, IN
  16. kyarisan - Indianapolis, IN
  17. barzaad9564 - Indianapolis, IN
  18. Pope Temmy - Dayton, OH
  19. Osirun - Miamisburg, OH
  20. Otter - Dayton, OH
  21. BigApple3AM - Indianapolis, IN
  22. Ailerus - Cincinnati, OH
  23. Goatxz - Indianapolis, IN
  24. IronZhangief - Columbus,OH
  25. GigaSmasherXG3 - Indianapolis, IN
  26. Shiken - Indianapolis, IN

$10 MvC2 DC 4:30 PM
Game Judge: KnyghtFall

  1. Ghaleon - Cleveland/Columbus OH
  2. sflegend - Cleveland OH
  3. Ghettoontherise - Bloomington IN
  4. Vega - Decatur, IN
  5. BeaTs - Chicago IL
  6. RyanC - Indianapolis, IN

$10 GGAC PS2 6:00 PM

  1. Da Prime - Cincinnati, OH
  2. Effenhoog - Indianapolis, IN
  3. Delpheous - Dayton, OH

$10 Tekken 5:DR PS3 6:00 PM

  1. barzaad9564 - Indianapolis, IN
  2. Hyper Kid - Cincinnati, OH
  3. GigaSmasherXG3 - Indianapolis, IN

Waiver List List is now Closed
Astral - TV, PS2, PS3, GGAC, SF Anniversary, BB
mrgone - (2)TV, PS2, PS3, 360. stHD, SF4, BB, KOF12
jesu - TV, PS2, 360, BB
syxx573 - PS3, HDR, KOF12, BB
knyghtfall - (2)TV, PS2 (has GG:AC - Arcana Heart 1 - SF Anniversary lol - 3S ), DC (MvC2 - CvS2)
barzaad - (2)TV, (2)360, various games
Ghaleon - TV, Megaphone, various systems/games
sflegend - PS3, SF4, HDR
Arkayne17 - TV, PS3, SF4, KOF12, BB
Riot Guard - PS3, HDR BB

11 TVs
4 PS2
7 PS3
3 360

I might be there, but it depends on school

I will do my best to be in attendance and hopefully drag along some Fort Wayne folks for the ride. As everyone says in the SB4 thread… UUUNNNGGGHHH!!! We in there! Too gdlk!!! :rofl:

pfft!.. already there in spirit and mind… like i said in the indy thread i got 2 360s and 2 Tvs i can donate in exchange for 2 waivers for some local talent… Brent i sincerly hope to see you there…

I might make it to this if Schweikart goes.

Umm fuck yes?

Ill be there to try and defend my SF4 title.

And also try and win KOF12!!!


Awesome. See you guys there w/ my usual equipment

uuuuuungggghh we in there!!!

(p.s. what is the payout percentages)

bringing a ps3 with hdr, kof 12, and blazblue

I’m gonna really try to win HDR this time :slight_smile:

but if I get struck down by a lightning bolt and don’t make it to grand finals, I gotta make sure there is time to play a ft whatever with Brent :slight_smile:

Will Indy make a surprise appearance?

Im interested, live in south bend for 5 years, never been to indy lol! Cant have a better reason than this to go!

That’s what I’m talkin about:karate:.

This time I’m bringing a TV, it is big and generic though but it gets the job done.

we’ll try to make it for maaaahvel

I’ll try to make it and take Indy’s first BB tourny.

Syxx I’ll MM you in SF:HD if you want

Oh yeah – uh SF:HD, 3S, Marvel for me.

MMs in those welcome + MK Trilogy which no one cares about.

I can bring megaphone + bag of tourney systems/games. I’ll try to get a full car of Clevelanders over there too

Imma be playing the shit outta BB after evo.


KOF12 too!

Another Indy tournament eh. Well I missed the last one so naturally I gotta make up for lost time. I’ll be there barring an emergency or something.

This is gonna be hype but on a serious note. When you pre-reg, please include your citty & state aswell. This helps with the seeding so you don’t end up fighting your buddies throughout the tourney. Afterall, what fun is a tourney if you only get to play the people you always play?

i’ll bring a ps3 with sf4 and hdr
cleveland ohio
mvc2 sf4

Dayton Ohio

I can supply TV/SF4/PS3/KOF12/BB

: )

How about a UMK/MKT side tourney?