Naptown: Crossroad of Fists ***Indianapolis, IN Aug.29th 2009

***LOST & FOUND ITEM: someone left a converter, send me a pm if you lost yours

Here are the results. Thanks for coming out! This was one of the biggest events we have hosted in Indy, so we might consider doing it somewhere else next time. Osirun took quite a few videos, here is the website:, not sure when they will get posted but he will respond in here with info. Big thanks to Jesu for helping run the brackets and moderating the arrivals. Thanks to everyone who brought a system! Sorry if I have your user-tag wrong, some of your spelling is :wow: !!

Unfortunately I do not know the Tio Tournament Maker well enough to know how to add players to a bracket when it has already started, by throwing people into “bye” spots, so I only have complete results for 3 of the games, and MvC2 was played round robin it was not even put on the computer.

HDR - 10 participants
1: Immortal
2: Nomrah
3: Ghettoontherise
4: Ghaleon
5: Gethsemane
5: MrGone
7: Burn Your Ego
7: Tonio
9: Intrepeet
9: Pope Temmy

BB - 34 participants

  1. Mow
  2. Meta
  3. Face

3S - 13 participants

  1. Ghaleon
  2. |mpulse
  3. chickenfat

GGAC - 12 participants
1: Face
2: chickenfat
3: Delpheous
4: Effenhoog
5: meta
5: tock
7: abstract
7: kuma
9: arcana
9: hrky
9: Osirun
9: Jordan

MvC2 - 7 participants

  1. Nunes
  2. Ghaleon

SF4 - 39 participants
1: Gary
2: Humbag
3: Immortal
4: Derick Legend
5: Flexo
5: Ailerus
7: Dandy J
7: Henry Zhang
9: Actionhawk
9: sflegend
9: Nomrah
9: neon geon
13: Ghaleon
13: gigasmash
13: Riot Guard
13: Bigapple3am
17: Intrepeet
17: rakae
17: Tonio
17: Goatoes
17: The Relic
17: Ghettoontherise
17: Dietstu
17: kyariasn
25: 4th Gate
25: Shiken
25: Pope Temmy
25: Hanks
25: kayloud
25: King Chadwick
25: Nasty Note
25: Jonez
33: Parabellum
33: Masamune Shadow
33: Burn Your Ego
33: Otter
33: Osirun
33: G2
33: MrGone

We had to drop KOF12 and T5:DR due to BB and SF4 taking so long. There was a Tatsunoko vs Capcom side tourney that got recorded through the Tio by neon geon I believe. I do not have the results to that though.

Thanks for coming out everyone. There were 59 competitors total.

gs gary, humbag, and brent! Team Fray up in the top three.

Humbag vs Gary was so intense I think I completely stopped breathing at one point.

Amazing stuff.

GGs to everyone I played with. Almost all my BB matches came down to the last possible round with just slivers of health left, exciting stuff.

I was extremely pleased to actually have people show up for the GGXXAC tournament this year. Chickenfat it was awesome to meet you even though I never got to play your Axl. Dizzy vs Ky matches were fun though, hopefully we can play again sometime.

Anyone who lives even remotely close to Indianapolis should post in the local thread.
We have a pretty big potential group but our networking is poor and we tend to just play with the same little groups.

Bloomington people, GGs. It’s cool to meet new people,you guys should post in the Indy thread as well since it’s not really that far away.

Great event overall, thanks to Astral for putting it all together.

No doubt man. I even quit playing 3s to watch at times. I rarely do that. That last match was right down to the wire.

Gary- I had no idea you were that good at 4. I’m glad we didn’t do that MM now, lol.

Brent- Good job on winnin HDR again.

Mario- You suck at Marvel, 0-8.

Chernell- Good job in GG.

Jon (Impulse)- Aesome Chun, man close matches. Hope to play you again soon.

Ghaleon- We gotta run that MM back next time I see ya. I’ll try to level up. Your Ken is too good.

GG’s to everyone I played. Harmon and Dave in SF4, those matches were so close.

Astral, Jesu and everyone that helped- Great event.

Where are the official results???

I had a great time! Looks like I need to pick up another game so I’m not sitting around the rest of the day next time! lol!

Good stuff people. I enjoyed meeting the SRk/indy community .

This tournament was serious!nice turn out guys.glad to see alot of old and new faces at this one.forgot who mentally tireing tourneys are man,lol.glad to be back.GG’s to everyone that i played in tourney and cas’ was nice meeting you all.sorry for the quick bang out,but apprently the car i rode in got towed apparently sometime earlier 9:30pm from what the ticket says,yet there were no indications of a “no parking zone”,or in between the hours sighns in sight from what i saw.i should have just went to the garage instead of walking from that rozzettio place,lol.its all cool f’n times.hope to see you guys at the next one.COME TO SB4! HYYPPE IN TEXT!!UPPERRCASE LETTERS!SO YOU KNOW IM BILLY MAYS’N THIS SHIT!

effenhoog-gg’s bro!nuu is a hell of a match dude, games.yeah,next time ill pop axl out man.i usually use ky cause im still kinda learnin stick,so hes easier on the motions/execution for me until i get all the stuff down.

astral-mad thanx for running this so smooth.glad to see ya again man.wish you coulda got more games time we gotta play guilty!:Dand thank you for the stick.

mario-glad you made it looked tired as hell!lol!sorry we didnt get to play much 3s or time is a doner.

brent-you are refuckingdiculous in should be a damn shame of!gg’s man.

dave-you have thee most epic stick i have ever lol.that shit is serious bro:D do you still play dj in st?

justin-we…didn’t play 3s…:frowning: thanx for the stick man btw.last minutes.ive gotta get one of said its just like the 360 hori?glad to still see you rocking the tourney’s man!get cha some,lol.sb4 we got a set.

delphius-hadnt seen you in forever man!l.dudley’s broke.yep,i said it, matches in 3s and guilty.ABA too nasty.ugh:D

hank-hankman!nice seein you again man.rufus was nice from the matches i saw man.REP THAT FATTY!lol.

ghaleon-glad you made it out man!your another.sb4,we must play a set.its been wayyyy too long man:D

otter-nice 3s matches we had before i play a nice shot toe sir:D

columbus crew-i need to be in these forums again so if rides are happening i can be like “…eyyyyyy” lol.glad you guys made it out.jason,you must teach me you ways or the kof12z.avi,you must teach me have as a rugid beard as youself.and gg’s jakob my friend!i remember why may kills ppl so hard,lol.

keith-see you in cincy punk!lol!

i apoligize,for my mind is too slow working to retain knowledge of all the new faces,lol.but like i said,gg’s and you know who you are.and hope to see you at more so i can remember!L:D

event was great… had lotsa fun… shit got ran pretty smothly considering our small supply of TVs and systems… we should do it again as soon as Seasons Beatings is done… i kinda got smoked out of BB and SF4… but i kicked ass in casuals… played a couple dozen sets in everything with alot of people… KOFXII and DOA4 were prolly the most fun… and i forgot to find osirun and get some air time… totally slipped my mind


Astral, Jesu, Effen, Brent, Note, Gigasmash, and the rest of the indiana crew - it was kool meeting most of you for the first time… Note, DOA money match at SB… for real

Dandy J - gs in kof, be sure to lemme know when the recordings get sorted out so i can check em out

4th Gate - gs in SF4 where i had a slight lead in wins, and gs in kof where you had a more definite lead in wins

Humbag - you’ll get your big win sometime man… too bad razier didn’t show that woulda been a good MM to watch… i wanted to play you in kof but never managed it

everybody else - hadda great time… wish i could have won a bit mroe than i did… gotta get a bigger venue and do it again… bigger next time

Props to Face and Mow for beating me in BB.

Ghaleon, thanks for the Denjin tips.

Thank you for the ride Nathan.

Also everyone I played 3s with, great fun.

Amazing tournament. It was great meeting all of you.

Astral - lol, you got my name wrong!

Thanks to Astral for hosting and for Jesu for helping him out with stuff. I’m pretty sure Mario helped too so thanks to him. Thanks to the Champaigne, Cleveland, Cincy, Dayton, and Purdue crews for coming out as well, and maybe others I didn’t know about.

In particular I’m glad Nunes came up, always enjoy seeing that guy. :smile: Speaking of which I appreciate the Marvel tips everyone was giving me during my embarrassing tournament performance. I’ll try to really take them in and see if I can build myself up to a more respectable level.

It was a hoot getting to play T6BR was really cool. I have still never played regular T6 but it’s all good. I remember playing a bunch of matches with TRKT, thanks for putting up with my goofy use of those new characters. I am looking forward to really polishing up on them when the game hits in October.

Finally my apologies to folks that I promised $ matches with and failed to produce. I know I get a bit ticked when others do that to me so I feel really stupid about it. I will take this as a lesson learned that I should keep my requests to a minimum if I’m not aware of how much time/effort it will take to get everything going.

i just wanna give a huge shout out for everyone who helped me out during BB. i really appreciate the help. also shout outs to all the GG guys for signing up. thanks astral for letting me help and hopefully next time will go even more smoothly. it was awesome meeting all sorts of new faces and seeing the new indy people come out.

I had a lot of fun. I need to bring some money with me next time, because I wanna money match some peeps.

Or, you know, actually play in the tournament :xeye: Eating is also good. God, I had the worst headache when I left yesterday night. Anyway, shoutouts:

Astral: Good shit man. Keep it up.

Jesu: Sorry you didn’t get to play a lot of casuals. You helped make sure everything ran like clockwork though, so isn’t that better than having fun playing casuals? :wgrin:

Ghaleon: Thank you for coming out and lending your support. We want Naptown Clash to become a regular event, so please keep coming out. Bring the rest of Ohio with you next time will ya?

Indy Crew: Moar Marvel casuals pleez. I should have known to leave you all alone while 3S was going on. It’s always cool hanging out with all the Indy peeps though.

Gary: You are too humble man. I had no idea you were that good at SFIV.

Brent: Good shit taking ST again. Why can’t you play Spiral the way you play Vega? All kidding aside, you just need a lil more practice with that team before it becomes a serious problem. Keep it up.

Dave: You called it before the tournament even started.

Nunez: I really hate your MSS. Your going to make me start using Cable/BH teams just to keep from getting murdered so quickly (lets not forget the flashiness) GGs, see you in OHIO

Neon Geon: I promise I’ll play TvC next time we meet. I seriously missed out on what looked like a great tournament. I’ll bring an extra setup for it.

It was cool finally meeting the rest of the Indy crew. There are a lot of new faces now. All we need is to get a lil more organized. Weekly ranbats would do wonders for us. For now, can we at least all post in the same thread?

Shout outs…

First and foremost to the Indy crew. You guys always know how to throw a great tournament so thanks again for this one.

Mario - we got a few matches in, but not as much as we should have. I’ll get back on 2df/ GGPO again eventually, but I really want a beter controller then my crap USB one…

chickenphat - GG’s. Your Axl is…yeah. Boo. 5K ftw I guess… Great 3rd matches, and I was stealth spying on your Noel in BB. She’s real slick.

Face - -_- You knocked me out of BB AND GG… Great, great Tao. And all I can do is curse Josh for teaching you the ABA matchup so well… Real clutch though taking GG from losers bracket.

Effenhoog - Hmmm…perhaps we have an interstate rivalry going… Good match, and I thoroughly expect you to have some new stuff when we play again. Teach those Indy dudes GG though and I’ll try to teach more of my crew too.

Guys who let me use their controllers for BB - Thanks. Good lookin’ out.

Chick who played Anji in GG who I lent my controller - you’re welcome :smiley:

Dudes I was watching the SF4 finals with - Good times. Balrog tick throws are dumb.

The semi that kept flashing his brights on me on the way home cause I wasn’t driving fast enough – :smile::smile::smile:

Cincy crew - Always great hanging with you guys. You’re like a low key Dayton…

Team DYT - Strong showing everyone. Let’s keep getting better. Also props to Kam for actually getting some good footage of me.

Great tournament, and I’m looking forward to the next one.

GGs people.

GGs Gary in SF4.

Astral, great job running the tourney! You are one of the most professional and fair tourney organizers I’ve met. I’d definitely support any future events you run.

GGs to 4th Gate, barzaad, Keith, and everyone else I played in KOF. It’s too bad there wasn’t enough time to run the tourney, but I think most people aren’t too big on dropping money for a tournament yet anyway because of the online. If the patch is good and people can actually get real practice hopefully interest will pick up. I’ll be looking through the vids this week.

GGs to everyone I played in SF4.

Dietsu - You were the Ken player I played 1st round right? Hella close matches. If it weren’t for that damn trade on Sagat’s dp and his damage in general, things could have been real different.

Marcus/GigaSmasher - Close matches here again too. Really solid Ryu, not scared to throw! lol. You definitely had me freezing up.

Brent - Man you may be switching around since vega isn’t so hot in sf4, but you sure as hell know him front to back. I feel like a retard for wanting to play that matchup with someone else when I play freakin SAGAT! He’s called the King for a reason. LOL. At AL a month or so ago I was actually relieved when you switched to Rog, that’s how much your Vega fucks me up! lol

Derrick - God damn I gotta learn that rog matchup! Good shit. Your reactions, spacing, mindgames, and patience are totally on-point. Hell rog was representing in general at this tourney huh? haha. I was thinking about switching to Rufus, but I knew for sure I wouldn’t be able to handle Ryu with him.

Churnell (did I spell that right?) - Hey funny seeing you there! haha. Good shit in GG. I don’t think Jacob was truly expecting to be able to beat you. On the subject of rides, Avi Jacob and me are going to AL this Sunday, so talk so either of them if you wanna come along. There’s only the old school thing and the sf4 tourney for official stuff, but I’m sure there will be bb casuals. Old school thing should be fun, too.

Jacob - Do you even read this forum? GJ winning GG!

Avi - Joining forces to create the experimental 2-combo Ryu! Keith you better watch out!

Clint - I should have played some casuals in sf4 with you, but I was trying to get in as much kof as possible. Seth is tough to play because you really need to learn EVERY matchup in detail, because any mistake counts for a lot, there’s no leeway.

Henry - Good shit in sf4. I wouldn’t beat yourself up too much about that match. Gary won the tourney and tightened shit up real quick after the first round. Any time you gotta be patient just to get a guess, it’s gonna be an uphill battle.

Humbag - Too bad we didn’t play each other in kof, I shoulda came down there to play but I may have been watching/playing sf. Maybe at SB. Good shit in 2nd, I couldn’t believe that comeback!

Keith - GGs in tvc and kof. See you at AL. Next time we play tvc, I may know more combos, so be warned…

PopeTimmy - GGs in TvC, and thanks for running the tourney. $1 is a good price. :7)

Ailerus - Good job on 5th. You were playing really solid all day until your match with Brent. Don’t mindfuck yourself! I smell a grudge match with Marcell!

Sorry if I forgot anyone. Cinci/Dayton/anyone else who’s coming, see yall at AL this week (and weeks to come lol).

Yeah I wanted to play some but I didnt have a 360 stick. I tried using your stick once but I cant use stiff happ style sticks.

Interesting stick though. Howd you get that thing into a TE?

I just use spacers so theres enough space on the bottom. The mounting holes line up pretty well and it fits in good otherwise. It’s not as crazy impossible as everyone makes it out to be.