Nareg's Pre-Soldered PCB service (no wireless)



Prices if you order a pad from me:
Madcatz Wired PCB (not including shipping) = 60 Dollars
Wireless MS PCB (not including shipping) = 70 Dollars

With either of the above, if you want a daisy chain, please add 5 dollars. If you do not know what a daisy chain is, read on. If you still don’t understand after reading, make a post and hope someone answers. Better yet, if you do not understand what it is, just pay the 5 dollars and ask for one.

Shipping to the lower 48 in USA = 5 Dollars
Shipping internationally = 15 Dollars

Prices if you send me your own pad:
Common Ground Pad, with no daisy chain (Xbox 360, PC, PS2, PS1, PS3, Gamecube) = 35 dollars**
Common Ground Pad, with daisy chain (Xbox 360, PC, PS2, PS1, PS3, Gamecube) =40 dollars
**Non-Common Ground Pad, (grounds for everything included) (Xbox 360, PC, PS2, PS1, PS3, Gamecube) = 45 dollars

To order from me:
Make sure the address in your paypal info is accurate, otherwise I might decline service to you.
Paypal the quantity above to my e-mail.
(DONT FORGET TO ADD SHIPPING! Also if you are using a credit or debit card, you are responsible for the 2.9% fee. Direct bank transfers or Paypal balance payments suffer no fee.)

In your paypal payment, there is a window for messages to the seller, Answer these questions there:**
1: Which controller/pcb you want to use
2: Do you want a Daisy Chain?
3: SRK username, and email address?

After I see your payment, if everything looks good for the amount you have paypal’d me, I will accept the transfer and give you my address (if you are shipping me circuit boards.) The PCB should be done and back to you within a week. If there is something wrong with your request I will deny the payment on paypal and explain to you where the misunderstanding is.

IF you are trying to ship me a wireless 360 controller for 40 bucks off of your cost, READ THIS.

I only accept the late version 360 pads, that is the common ground version, here is how to tell which type you have:
Take the battery pack off and look at the sticker underneath where it is mounted. Compare the sticker to the images linked below:

On the ones I want, when you pop off the battery cover, you can see the green circuit board near the battery terminals say "c15" "c17" "r26" "t7", those are all visible in the bottom area.



BTW here is my own personal stick i made with these PCB’s


I would def. be interested! I have a 360 wireless PCB that I won’t have the time to solder any time soon.


im interested too


Sounds interesting


also interested. Would it work if I did dual PCB’s for one stick?


Are there any disadvantages to using the MadCatz one? Like shorter life span? Not as reliable as MS controller? Etc etc?


The only disadvantage is that it is wired. The MS controller can make a wireless arcade stick.


Ahh thanks.


I’m definitely interested. I actually just made a thread a couple of days ago looking to buy a couple of pads. I’ll send you a PM.


im interested as well. I would like to see the final product to see how neat it is but definitely interested.


I’m interested in seeing some pics of the unit too


How reliable are the Madcatz pcbs? Don’t feel like looking through threads for that info right now.


They are perfectly reliable, no problems; I use mad catz in my personal sticks.


Truth be told First Party is always better, in all regards, however I have not seen a failed Mad Catz, so in my personal experience, its good enough. But First party quality is definitely better. Will it make a tangible difference? Not really.


I wouldn’t say that. I think the difference in quality between third and first party controllers is primarily in the analog sticks/triggers, then also less noticeably in the buttons. I think the quality of the circuit boards alone does not differ from one to the other, if anything; a third party padhack will probably be more reliable because the joints are much easier to create properly.


Th only issue that I see with using 3rd party X360 pcbs is how often the security chip on the pad fails. I don’t know if it’s also an issue with 1st party pads, but I know quite a few people on the boards complaining about it.


i attempted to hack my own official xbox 360 pad but i seemed to have hit a stump maybe i could send it to you and you could fix it??


yeah, I can. Private message me about it.


So I have this really bad controller (pics in attachment). Do you think you would be able to get it wired for me?


Second picture: