Narrowed it down

Hey gang, my first post! Anyway, I recently got interested in fighting games and the prospect of playing those games on a competitive level. I’ve ALWAYS loved MK. So when I found out this game was going to be taken seriously as a fighter I was stoked! Anyway, I’m having some trouble deciding who to main.

I narrowed it down to Noob,Smoke, Cyber Sub, Sektor, or Kung Lao. And of course I’m playing through Arcade with everyone so this may change even again, But I’m wondering if there’s an easily mastered character I could start with and then jump of from there to other characters I find interesting.

Its about what fits you and your style. I dont really go for the easiest characters but it happens sometimes. Just go to training mode and grind

Not to encourage more Kung Lao’s, but of the list you provided the two easiest to learn are Kung Lao and Smoke in terms of learning their combos, special moves, and their options. I’d imagine that Noob Saibot would be the most difficult to learn out of all them given that he doesn’t have a strong rushdown mechanic and that he’s primarily a zoning type character. Also, his resets are tricky to nail for beginners.

Like what KamikazeJD said, take them to the lab, practice, and see what fits your play style before devoting yourself to a character. In the end, it’s not about who’s easier to learn, but who you feel comfortable using that matches the way you play because it might take you a while to learn another character since, as part of mastering a character, you will need to know how matchups between your character and others works. Practice, practice, practice!

Noob plays similar too kano got a good keep away game and noob has really good wake-up options.
Sektor is also a good character got great high and low mix-ups and tends too do a lot of damage.
Kung lao dominates as a rush down character and is very mobile.
Not too sure about Cyber Sub.

Noob -

Cyber Sub -

Kung Lao -

Sektor -

I have a feeling I have a long way to go still, a lot of those terms confused me. Where do I start on MK would have been a more appropriate post…I want to take my game from casual to competitive.

What terms do you mean? Also, picking a character’s the first thing you start with really… just that you picked a lot of them :slight_smile:

I meant terms like wakeup and stuff, but I browsed through the MK9 guide here and I got it, I knew what the stuff was I just guess I never connected the terms.

Well if you need more help, I’m EternityInBlack on both PSN and Xbox Live. I can help you more if I can see how you play and get feedback from what you know so far. And don’t be afraid to ask questions… that’s what this board is for!

Thank you very much! I will add you on PSN.

I do have another question, about the DLC characters, whats the consensus on those…I heard they were banned from tournament play? was that just temporary?

The DLC characters were banned from the EVO and the EVO tournament season because by the time the characters would come out, players wouldn’t have enough time to play around with them, take them in the lab, balance them (more on the dev side), and play against them. However, since EVO is over, they’re now available on a per-tournament basis though I’m sure everyone will implement the DLC characters moving forward. I know Devastation in AZ will have all of them available, balanced or not. Should MK show up at EVO next year it will have all the patches and DLC characters released so far.