Narutimet Hero 3 Discussion Thread

Anyone playing?

I hope this is better than part 2.
I saw the trailier to the vids and it really didn’t impress me at all… infact the game looked more annoying but more flashier.

I hope the burst system isn’t broken this time and to actually pull off combos would be cool.

anyone got videos? I tried getting them at but the site doesn’t seem to be running properly on my labtop.

As far as I know Willvolution only has videos from Gekitou Ninja Taisen 3 & 4 for the Gamecube, as well as some stuff from Soul Calibur and the like. It does not have an Narutime Hero videos.

I want to get my hands on this… hopefully this will salvage Naruto on the PS2. :frowning:

does anyone here know where i can find links to match vids to this game and the naruto 4 fighting game? i hear so much talk about these 2 games. i just wanna see how it is when good players play.

Was thinking about getting it last night, but I never spent more than 5 mins on the previous Naruto games. Should I even bother?

I heard that the item cancels and button locking techniques from the last game are still in this one. :frowning:

I know the fanboys are going crazy with this game. Got some GNT players talking to the PS2 people saying “OMG, you guys are so lucky to have such a great game” before it was even out.

I need me a burned copy…

completely ignored

I would be but from what i hear from the children at GF are the ougis are not 10min long anymore…hell that was the only reason i played pt2.

Look at the release date of NH3… now look at what today is… :rolleyes: :looney:
GNT4 vids, tried looking in the GNT4 thread?

Anywayz, there is a chance I can have some match vids up of me and my friends playing. Were gonna be messing around, but hey… vids are vids.

Wow, this game has improved so much its retarded.
Its like the creator where all “Hey, did you know part 1 and 2 are really shitty? Lets not make part 3 as shitty” and what do ya’ know.

The chars are ALOT more fuckin’ depth and they seemed to have polished this game up the ass.

The main thing I like about this game is how the Charka system changed.
When you escape combos you now lose more than you did in part 1 or 2 (only slighty more, but theres a differences).
But seeing as how this game is retarded broken, the slow charka gain gives the player something for you to worry actually about. Every char has a inf, and as soon as you hit the opponent once they have 0% on that bar… game over.

Also, the level 1/2/3 specials are somewhat different in this one.

Overall, the game is a huge improvement… but in the end that isn’t saying much from how bad it originally was.
If they play there cards right, and if NH4 is as big as an improvement, it will seem that part 4 will be tourny worthy.

Give me an example of an infinite?
The combo system just keeps counting if the other player doesn’t block. Try your “infinites” on a comp/human player. The videos are much shorter, which is good. The characters are much more fun to use. Any idea how to unlock the TWENTY ONE extra chars? :wow:

Willvolution is the place for GNT stuff and (when it was up, it supposedly will be back soon) was the place digging deep into the NH series and one of the few places where you actually found people who cared about the gameplay instead of the flashy cutscene supers.

Lately, the creator of SSR can be found GF’s NH board and has posted some match vids of NH3:
Original thread (probably more than I linked here):

Asuma vs Kakashi match 1:

Asuma vs Kakashi match 2:

Asuma vs Kakashi match 3:

A random Kidomaru video:

Kidoumaru vs Tayuya match 1:

Kidoumary vs Tayuya match 2:

There more NH3 videos floating around if look around at the GF NH3 board.

Edit: rapidshare’s server is supposedly down for maintence but somehow people are still downloading the vids…I don’t know how myself.

I’m not stupid, and I know how the game works. :rolleyes:

Most char’s inf goes as followed:
O , O , Square [repeat]

Some chars have it strict timing, some have it really easy timing.
The hit stun you recieve from items is long enough for you to put in another attack in, while the 2nd hit will cancel of some attacks will cancel right into an item even when its active. This has been tested already and its old.

Also, any grabs that launches you can be turned into an inf (air or ground).

NH2 had the same exact issues.

Those matches are ok, but its nothing special at all (aside from the music, he changed it from the disc).

I figure this is the only thing people care about.

Video to all the jutsu movies in game. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats seriously the only reason anyone would play this game.
This game is nothing more than fanboy trash.

Keep dumb opinions to yourself.

so i registered and the vids are taken down. Good job.