naruto av request


I want a avatar with Ero-Senin the toad master, rock lee’s sensei and a bottle of bacardi so if anyone could please hook this up it would be appreciated


I’ll do it. Check back here later today/tomorrow.



thanks homie



hey where u go dude?



can someone do my naruto av like i requested cuz the guy that said he was apprently is not gonna do it so if anyone could hook it up it would be appreciated


Sorry man, I got kinda tied up – I’m still go’n do your av. It should be ready tonite.



thankss cuz i pmmd u and everything and u didnt answer back so i thought u werent gonna do it



any updates on this avatar???



can someone do this avatar for me please?


Check PM:D



holla @ a playa…



Where’s Gai???


Hey Jedi – why did you reduce the image quality of the av? I posted it @ much higher quality + it was still small enough (18k).

Anyway, I hope you like it.



i had to reduce the image quality because the site wouldnt let me upload but ya i like it its cool thanks


Sry tru3tn01,
Didnt think you were going to make him 1 so I already made him 1, but since you did I just want to show him the 1 I made.



I think yours is cool – plus it’s actually closer to what he requested, lol.



That’s strange – I just tried uploading it and it worked fine for me (it is under 20k). If you want, I’d suggest trying it again. Also, here it is in .gif format.