Naruto Avatar Request Part 2


Can anyone make me a Naruto Avatar? Preferably I’d like it to be with my name, Rock Lee, and Gaara. If this is too complicated or you don’t feel like doing that just have my name and one of them. Thanks in advance.




i’ll doit… you should post the pic that you want to be used

my work


the guy in the middle at the bottom



here you go, i hope you like it


Seth, I think you should do more with the BG on that av. just some advice;)


i forgot to out line it


yo seth what happened to that av i made you dont like it?


i worked on the back ground


i was just trying out a av i made myself im going to go back to yours in a liitle while


hey man thanks it looks sweet


no problem:)


can someone make me a nine tails avatar, it would be appreciated if someone can find one


hmmm alright man…it dont matter to me anymore…