Naruto Avatar


hey could someone make me a coool naruto avatar??? with naruto in it and demonfox in da back




fuu dont post just tell me i have a friend that make bad ass avatars i will tell him when i get home!!! OK!!!

so… that mean quit asking for avatars every fucking weeek!!!:evil:


i like avatars people do it cause they want to it dont bother no one and i want a naruto avatar wit hthe nine tail demon fox in da bg so shhtaaa


Nothing special

and incase you dont think i didnt use the demon fox i did here is a zoomed pic its just not very visible :frowning: oh well


Except the fact, that I don’t like Naruto, it looks pretty damn good. Would wear it. Just put Luffy on it.:wink:

Good job.


wow thanks man :smiley: