Naruto Box Art

Basically a company called FX from Hong Kong is looking for a new style of box art. I’m just calling on some help from the artist here at SRK. Here is what the old box art looked like.

It needs to be at least 600DPI Basically come up with whatever.


600 Dpi?

[COLOR=#d6f3ff][FONT=‘Times New Roman’]Not for sure what that is in resolution size.[/FONT][/COLOR]

Why aren’t you offering money for this? You say it’s for a company.

um, not only did you not provide a physical size (600 dpi means nothing without it), but you didn’t provide any of the high resolution official art , logos, etc you no doubt have access to.

Give me a moment.

7in 1/2 tall
5in 1/2 wide
2in deep

Yeah well i don’t have the info I needed. The FX company got shut down in Hong Kong about a year ago. We lost everything.

Anyone willing to help me?