Naruto Fan Art Thread! [Sketches, Paintings... Requests.. Anything!]

I’m really getting into Naruto, and although I myself am not an artist, it’d be great to see what you guys and gals here can whip up!

First off, I’d like to see:

Rock Lee


I did this one a couple of months back

its around here somewhere, oh well, I’ll repost.


Naruto- this Character is quite popular- i gotta check it out- what is his story all about?( sorry for being outta the loop)

Naruto is that hot shit

Well the main character is Naruto. He and his friends want to be come ninja’s in their village, but Naruto has a secret. He has a hidden power within him that came turns him into a gaint fox. Think of Gouku and his Ozurou(Monkey) relation. The story and the fight scene are some of the best I’ve seen and its the only anime/series that I’ve seen where every character is likeable, even the villians. After the first episode or 2, you will be hooked. If you have Kazaa, you can get them from there. Might have to ask around about site that have all the episodes. And yes, it still comes on in Japan.

Did this awhile ago for a friend:

Oh! I like the inking very much! Did you use photoshop or painter? Please respond :smiley:

Naruto is my favourite anime!, if you want to download it…

I’m glad people are getting into this! It’s about damn time:lol:
Anyways, as he said, after a few episodes you will be HOOKED! and you will crave for it.
Anyways, here is the site for ALL the anime and the manga of this wonderful story:

Here they have ALL the anime eps so far, but eps keep coming out each week anyway. They also have ALL the manga which is way ahead of the anime (in terms of story)… I recommend you read the manga and watch the anime…You may understand a lot more.
However, you should have the bittorrent clients to download it…Just visit the site and you can get it or you can go to- to get the program to dowload it.

Another great Naruto site is-
You can get all of it here, but i prefere narutofan sometimes…

And 1 last link for you all is -
Here just type up an anime name you want to download and you can get it… But again you need the bittorrent progam, which you can also get here…Azureus is an even better torrent downloader.

Remember, if you are going to follow it, I recommend you watch it from the 1st episode, don’t start randomly…
Same with the Manga if you are going to read it…take it from the 1st page. Trust me, you will get so addicted…


Ps- nice pic Chain…

omg!! :eek: nice ass pic chainwhore, great inking!!! imma try to color it, hehe i just love see great fan art

well i have a bunch of naruto fan art…it’s pretty much the only fan art i do :smiley:

but most of it is old, most of the people here has already seen it, but here’s a recent one

if u wanna see my old stuff here u go


awesome piece by chainwhore!

chainwhore i hope u dont mind but i colored ur pic


i just had to see it in color

hope u like the color

WOW :eek: great jobs on the pics guys… good job with the coloring too

look forward to some more fan art…

some itachi maybe?

also can’t wait for episode 84 to come out

83 left me hanging :mad:

Hey guys, thanks for the props.

Lol, this cracks me up. I inked it with ink, go figure ^_~

Hitshiro: The characters look good in color. I like it. Heh, what’s with all the green though? Where’d the sky go? :stuck_out_tongue:

You want some Itachi?! You’re gonna get some!!
(my fave chara):stuck_out_tongue:

:lol: yeah sorry chainwhore, i never really colored an inked picture before, so i figure all that empty space was green leaves in the forest :stuck_out_tongue:

Ron - nice style you got going there… your a pro :slight_smile:

Particularly liked your rendition of kakashi

Lets see some more! Perhaps in fighting stances =]

Nice pic Chain. Very clean lines

Good shit Jal, like always.

ahh jaL great pics :eek: :smiley: glad to see u finally post some more pics, and not only more pics but naruto pics :cool:

oh yeah great job on the coloring in the last cheap shots, i could totally tell it was u by ur style and plus well u said u were gonna color the issue 7 cheap shots :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll do some more of Itachi…my fav chara…:smiley:

good job, you captured his emotion well… mostly in his eyes