Naruto: Gekitou Ninja Taisen 4 Announced

There hasn’t been much info on it thus far, but Tazmo over at says that the recent issue of shosen jump aonnounced that it was currently in the works…
I just wanted to put it out there; I’ll talk more about it later.

Yeah, ran a story saying the same thing, but with the release date TBA.

Here .

I still got to wonder once Naruto is released over here, if anyone would have the balls to pick up the GC games. I think Bandai has stated they have the rights to publish the PS1 to PS2 games, but I haven’t heard jack about the ones produced by Tomy.

Eh, I guess the GC games are probably to far along storywise for the possibility of a release so soon after the shows debut.

Is there a chance this game will feature post-time-jump characters?

I heard initially that they were going to translate the Narutimate Hero games, but now it appears that they are making new ones after the show preimers in September.

I wish I could tell you, but I don’t have a fucking clue what that is.:lol:

I’m speculating that this game will have the sound crew, Kimimaro, Kisame, Shizune, Kabuto, etc.

Although many of these predicitions depend on a. when the game is released and b. how far the anime is. Perhaps this game will feature movie characters and filler characters; maybe some new supers, but I doubt they would go over 2 supers.

This game will be badass. I’ve been playing Gekitou Ninja Taisen 3 a ton since my buddy imported it a few months ago. I think that you’re hard pressed to find a better feeling in a fighting game than when you land Rock Lee’s ultimate super. :tup:

Landing Kakashi’s Raikiri Rendan. :karate:

I’ll get excited about this game once I start hearing more info about it (gameplay changes/upgrades, characters, blahblah).

Edit: I think GNT3 proved that the characters can have multiple supers so I don’t see a problem with them adding commands like r+X, u+X, or b+X (unless they plan on actually fixing 3v3 mode if they don’t scrap it).

I couldn’t agree with you more, Gen. The three person attack was utter bullshit. 3v3 doesn’t even compare to 1v1 in that game. I have complete faith in Eighting to make yet again, a GREAT game. They didn’t let us down in the past 2 installments, and I expect nothing less from them this time.
Hopefully there will be more transformations (ex. Sasuke and Naruto).

Landing a fully-charged Chidori from the other side of the screen(on the bridge level). Also, I’m not too keen on them having filler/movie charaters on the GC. I mean NH2 has the main villian from the first movie, so they’ll probably end up with that punk rain ninja with the Thunder Blade(filler before Sasuke went emo) and Arashi or something like that. But then again, it’s TBA.

Basically he’s asking if we’ll get characters from AFTER the 2 year jump.
Pre = Before
Post = After

Oh, I know what the difference between pre and post is, I just thought he was using some fighting game terminology I didn’t know.
The game itself will probably take one of two paths: The first and the more likely, is pre-time jump. It won’t have any of the characters after the the two-year hiatus. The other, an the very unlikely, is after the two year hiatus. I say this because we have yet to see what alot of the crucial characters can do, not to mention half of them we haven’t even seen yet.

I’m kinda pondering how many characters they’ll rehash or change.
They need to add Kisame at least, he’s been in the anime for ages, they could even do Zetsu since he’s been seen.

Mizuki they could change, but I don’t know how many filler characters they’ll add or not. Depends on where up to they’ll want to work with.

I hope they add some new elements to the game to make it more of a “mind game” or at least a more in-depth fighter.

Those are both good, but I’m still all over the Rock Lee super. When he opens his gates and goes nuts on Gaara is still my favorite part of the series.

One of my friends and I have gotten some good mindgames going in Gekitou Ninja Taisen 3 when we’re both playing well and we’re mixing it up, but more depth is almost always a plus.

New games, by who?

Oh it doesn’t matter, odds are the games will be shitty, I was hoping that since the series is already popular and has established games overseas, that most developers would take the easier route and just translate the existing software.

Foolish bastards.

GNT3 isn’t bad at all.
Its actually showing signs of becoming a decent fighter if they improve it in GNT4 (and thats a big if seeing as how very little was changed from GNT2 to GNT3).

NH2 is just overall broken.

Another thing that I would like to see is varify the move lists of the characters, but the question is can they do that?

Anyway, yeah I do agree that GNT3 is more balanced than NH2.

This may be common knowledge, but I was hoping that if anybody finds any rumours or concrete information about GNT4 that they would please post it here.

Pozer, wtf? The game got engine tweaks to make it more balanced between 2 and 3.

And the whole game is nothing but baiting and predicting.