Naruto: Gekitou Ninja Taisen 4 Announced

The admin of Forums said dont expect Naruto GNT 4 to come out (forgot the reason) but i guess hes WRONG!

Exactly, if you can constantly predict the movemnets of your opponents, you’ve got the upper hand the entire match. There is nothing more satisfying than dodging an attack with a sweeping combo.

EDIT: Since the Naruto thread is down in GD, I guess I’m forced to ask here: does anyone know when the filler epsiodes are going to end? I’m very anxious to watch the time-skip arc.

I have to agree with Stabby on this one, aswell. AI wise, GNT3 has 2 beat without question. Enemies would randomly not block attacks, whether they be within a combo or not. It took the challenge out of the game. With 3, you have to be aware of openings, weaknesses, and technical advances in order to take out your opponent.

i hope it will be improved, 3 is good enough as it is. Theres plenty of charecters to add. One thing they should add is side rolling when hitting the ground, so it makes it a bit for difficult for landing a free super when you knock somone to the ground.

I always thought it was a bit cheesy and easy when I stick everyone with a super everytime they come off the ground :confused:

That’s a really good idea; it will also create a large potential for mix-ups.

:open_mouth: …i think i saw a character switch out from naruto to sasuke :open_mouth:

also note, everyone has 4 bars now instead of 3…

looks like they still got the team battle…maybe it wont sukk this time or be broke as hell…

Thats the tag system that GNT4 will have.

That’s one main things that could really make this game interesting IMO besides the obvious few engine tweaks.

Till this day I still don’t understand how the team super “ready” notice works in GNT3, just seems random. There are times when the notice comes up back to back and there are times it just don’t come up for a while.

remembers a match where he tried to use a team super in a combo with Kakashi but missed, made up for it with wake-up Raikiri Rendan and then did ANOTHER team super on wake-up afterwards

Fix that shit plz Tomy.

ya…the team supers were very random…and what was worst of all is, you didn’t need a full bar for them and they took about 75% life… =/

i wanna see some backturned moves…couldnt hurt for free for alls…

:open_mouth: where did u find out about that…i musta skipped over it

I said “more” of a mind games, when did I say there was none?
I like the baiting system, but the way block strings are setup are kind of dull.

Grabbing isn’t much of a mind game because you can easily escape by hitting… well… anything!

No chance in hell of post time skip since we haven’t seen much of anything post time skip. That…and Haku and Zabuza are STILL there. And you can only play the sound 4 in cursed mode version 2. That sucks.

this game gets no respect unless u can actually crouch. there will be no footsies or mindgames if u can block any attack while standing.

an option to turn auto blocking off would be nice, but then there’s the problem with turning around.