Naruto: Gekitou Ninja Taisen 4 gameplay thread

Well, SK okay’d it, so here it is.

So far from what I’ve read on gamefaqs, the main changes are the new 7 characters plus CS2 Sasuke and One Tail Kyubi as extras. Running SS, 3v3, no 40% supers are the main gameplay changes. NO NEW SUPERS for the old people, realtime supers are STILL unKnJable. Also apparently OTKNaruto is very different from normal and K mode while CS2 Sasuke is like a bit of an upgrade with a few changes. Also, seems alot more characters have Teleport KnJ’s ala K.Naruto in 2 and 3. So far I’ve counted Shika, Tayuya, Sakura, and Kidoumaru.

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  • KnJ wise: L = GNT3 K.Naruto like ground KnJ where you just reappear behind the opponent and R is for aerial or ground KnJs. The L ver. KnJs seems to have more lag than attacking KnJs. - Aerial KnJs seem slower than before (to me).
  • You can come out of a running sidestep doing anything (attack, jump, whatever)
  • In 3v3 Mode, for 25%(?) chakra Z or b+Z switches characters and also for tag switching KnJs (just press Z instead of L/R). Z makes your partner just appear with lag similar to L ver. KnJs while b+Z KnJs makes your partner always perform an attack. Characters perform different tag attacks, some are sucky like Sasuke’s j.B while some are good like Kiba’s who performs his run B which part of his other attack strings. I see crazy tag combos being created in the future. During combos you can tag at any point besides attacks with knockdown properties on them, causes stagger, or lifts your character off the ground, 8ing seems to put alot of focus on the 3v3 mode this time.

While resting, your partner gains back small portions of health (red recoverable damage) and constantly gains chakra. The health recovery doesn’t seem to work with characters who loses life…like both gates opened Rock Lee or S.Kakashi.

Team supers are done when everyone on your team has 100%. If you miss with the initial hit only the starter loses 100% charka but if successful everyone loses chakra. There are some special “Duo” supers that only requires two special characters and the third one can be anyone. Rock Lee and Gaara has a kickass Duo Team Super together.

Universal Cancels = Y during attacks with launch properties on them or juggling hits that doesn’t cause knockdown (i.e. sweeps)

  • For 25% Chakra you can cancel certain attacks of attack strings into your character’s counter stance and then from there instantly go into another attack or just walk forward/backwards/jump/whatever.

So far from what I tested it seems to only work with moves with launch type properties on them or attacks that is part of a juggle with your character still on the ground (the juggle attack can’t be a knockdown one though) and the attack has to hit the opponent. UC doesn’t work vs. guarding opponents which seems to take away it’s potential usefulness. It doesn’t make sense why the character even goes into their counter stances if only works on successful hits.

The attack also can’t be a projectile, i.e. Kakashi:
d+BBYu+BBYBB…etc works but not

You can’t cancel the d+B because it’s a knockdown hit but you can with the second B because it’s a juggling hit.

The UCs could lead to more damaging and more KnJ safe combos or better wake-up super set-ups (it’s not hard to build that 25% back up in the same combo). Offensive wise since it only cost 25% if you get real creative you could probably make some creative combos with jump-canceled attacks mixed in especially since the UC is instant, ie Kakashi (again):

d+BBY, j.BY, BBY, BBY, air throw
Vid Link:

Damage wise, it’s only slightly better Kakashi original attack string but you get the idea. There could actual useful UC combos if people mess around with them.


  • A button throw has super armor on it now.
  • the start-up animations of his X and d+X super has switched, i.e. he does the quick shoulder ram for the weak version and the more infamous running headbutt for the stronger version.


  • Seems to have lost some auto-guard frames on her godly b+B or is it just me?


  • Throw bounces higher now
  • The lag in his attack strings leading into his sword swings is even longer now. Some opponents can just jab him between the swings.
  • His sword is more shiny now, nice.


  • Has two styles(?) one for offense (hits many times) and one for defense (gains super armor but doesn’t have many attack strings).


  • Like mix of Kakashi and Tsunade
  • His d+A is similar to Kakashi’s
  • He’s constantly healing the red portions of his life, this seems to counter the fact that his defense is very shitty (probably worse than Kankuro or K.Naruto’s).
  • his d+B sweep has alot of range
  • his d+X is a sleep genjustu with a limited range, realtime super. Even though it stuns the opponent for a while they can KnJ out of it at anytime making kind of worthless because it has horrible start-up time.

I was trying to gather info for the game, only to hear that the dpad is disabled for play.

wtf man.

Never used the D-pad… but I can see how that will hurt some people.

Yeah, because of that I’ve been playing GNT3 for the past hour with the analog only to get used to it. It’s awkward for some things, but it’ll work out eventually, just gotta get used to it again.

Man I hate using the GC Analog stick.


If it’s upsetting you enough, I already started a topic in the hardware section asking if there’s a way to make the GC read the Hori dpad as an analog.

If it isn’t, it won’t be too hard for you to get used to. I admit it’s annoying and definitely a ridiculous decision by 8ing, but it’s not impossible to get by without it.

GOOD NEWS! WiLL just got the game and is testing stuff out!

Daikaiten is balanced, can’t be comboed after excluding an OTG

Rasengan damage is nerfed and is much less comboable, there are the combo WiLL found for it:
Throw, BBDown+X
Throw, BAABDown+X
Out side of that, the old setups don’t work for it, you’d have to use Naruto Rendan instead

There’s also 2 HINATA’s the normal and a supposed “Kakusei” or Awakend Hinata, no details yet.

BIG news this time

Universal cancels.

For example, Kiba can do BBBAAY. What this does is after the BBBAA hits, he goes into a counterstance which immidiately is cancelable into ANYTHING. The means if you expect a b+B you can just sit it out and counter, or if you think they’ll wait, you can re-pressure. If they get hit, jump and airthrow thier ass. so far EVERYONE has something like this and some have more than one.

Lee and Gai’s b+B’s are chargeable now and can be held as long as you want, however can’t be canceled. BUT when they’re charged they instantly guard break, even on Jiraiya.

As for the people with double supers, they’re all like Naruto now, one being strong and hard to combo the other being weaker and easier to combo.

All this new stuff combined with 3v3 mode is going to make one hell of a game.

tight avatar u got

Universal cancels sound great. Is the lag time from cancelinglike Neji/Hinata’s or Tsunade’s Speaking of which, will Sasuke and Kakashi still be able to use Sharingan Canceling?

Really loving the news of Lee’s new b+B.

  1. No, these cancels are instant. The difference is these ones cost chakra.
  2. Yes

Go to the board itself to get some video clips of some of this stuff in action.

Props to PsychoSquall :tup:

Mine just arrived now, analog stick is alright (just because I already use it). Those cancels add quite a few more elements than the last few games. And is it just me or does this one seem a lot faster?

Wow… these cancels do sound interesting.
It sounds like low tiers actually stand a chance now.

I checked out some of those clips, most depressing was Neji’s Daikaiten nerf (IMO they could have let the opponent bounce up just alittle higher now but oh well) and most exciting was Lee/Gai’s chargeabled b+B and Kiba combo with use of the universal cancel.

I would have had my copy today but I was at work and no one else was at my house so UPS will attempt to deliever again earlier tomorrow. Btw the analog stick thing isn’t a problem for me since I always used it, I guess I’m in the minority because I couldn’t use the D-pad for shit with GNT3. Still doesn’t make sense why they removed it unless the D-pad functions as some new command in say…3v3 mode?

Fuck…poor Daikaiten. I was thinking about picking him up too. Oh well. Tayuya, come here bitch! Stand and deliver!:encore:

Carey, PHEAR the new Zabuza. He can combo his throw on anyone AND he’s alot faster with his sword swings. Throw, BBAAA Wakeup X for the fucking WIN!

BTW, your cell phone isn’t accepting my calls.

Can I get confirmation on this? Its known not to trust the BS this man spews out.

Neji’s Daikaiten doesn’t launch up anymore, therefore no more 100% combo. Also, I belive if you press L to KnJ the character will do a teleport, press R and you do the normal old Naruto GNT3 KnJ.

Wow, good stuff Gasa!:tup:

I haven’t got my copy yet, but I have heard many good things. Mine shipped on Friday, so hopfully it gets here tonight or tommorrow.
God, I can’t wait to play this.

Hey Guys,

A couple of questions:

-No more ‘buying’ characters? I heard they are all unlocked.
-What do we get with previous saves? I still have mine from 2 and 3…
-Is the menu easy to navigate?
-Is this shit awesome or what? Stupid question…
-MOST IMPORTANT: Is it true I can change the stick settyings back to pad? I was so comfortable with using the pad and have never used the stick.