Naruto: Naltimate Hero (PS2)

Anyone else playing this Japanese Import for the PS2? I know DJ-B13 is (he convinced me to guy buy it this weekend… so I did, and we’ve been playing it ever since!). If you are a Naruto fan, it’s time to get that PS2 chipped and import this game! It’s somewhat similar to 2-player Smash Bros (I say “somewhat” because it has similar aspects… but it has a ton of original stuff as well). Anyway… if anyone is playing… this is the place to chat about it!

Yeah, I play it when my friend has his PS2 in.

I haven’t seen Naruto (gasp!), but I use Haku in the game…the game is pretty damn good, imo.

Presentation is excellent. :slight_smile:

The missions are cool. I’m starting B-Rank missions as we speak… they look pretty rough!

I’ve never seen the show, though people keep telling me it’s tight. Anyway, what’s this game like? You mentioned SSB which I admit isn’t much of a turn-on for me. I don’t really care about the graphics, just some general gameplay details or whatever.

I’ll put up some gameplay vids in a few… though it might just be me vs the CPU. At least you’ll see how it plays.


A few of us sailor’s picked up burnt copies in Hong Kong, and I must say, the game’s fun as hell. Wish I understood what most of it said though. Cell-Shaded SB meets Anime = The Win.


no vids?:frowning: