Naruto: Rise of a Ninja

Didn’t see a thread about this yet, so I decided to make one.

Primarily an action-adventure game, Naruto: RoaN is being produced by Ubisoft Montreal, a big departure from the Bandai games which have been pretty mediocre for some time now.

Along with the aforementioned action-adventure game, there’s also going to be a full-blown fighting game as well (which is why I made the topic), which will feature online play, and a full on tournament which is named after the Chunin exam in the animated series.

Here’s some vids showing the fighting part of the game;


And IGN talking about the online tournament;

And some info about single player mode;

The game has been getting pretty positive feedback from major sites like Gamespot, IGN, and Gamespy, and MS even featured it in its keynote speech at TGS. It’ll be interesting to see if a western developer can pull off an anime license better than their eastern counterparts.

In any case, its coming out October 30th exclusively for the Xbox 360.

I like how they took the God of War concept of their jutsus…

Neji’s is still bad ass though

I have been following this for a while I just might buy…

those videos were like the same auto-combo over and over again :confused:

yeah and it looks like nothing’s guaranteed with kawarimi no jutsu


that Kakashi aircombo into throw was really badass though

Yeah, the Jutsus really make this game a cut above the other Naruto fighters out there. There’s different types of Jutsus as well. Some mess up your opponent’s button presses, and others enhance your abilities. The jutsus that cause damage open up a mini-game of sorts like that Neji clip above.

Very cool idea. Hope it works out.

Hey maybe it’ll solve that “Hard execution barrier” issue and players would have to deal with strategic movements than muscle memorizing FRCs…lol

Looks really gimmicky.


could be a decent third alternative to Narutimate Accel and Gekito Ninja Taisen series, that’s if there’s nothing absurdly broken about it.

I’m wondering how exactly they’re gonna represent lee since he can’t perform ninjitsu and he doesn’t do seals…and let’s assume and hope that these guys are just…really…really bad.

how’s the naruto game for the wii? anyone play that yet?

It’s basically somewhere inbetween GNT3 and 4 with a mix of taisen ex…


I’m not a big fan of Ubisoft, but still I’ll give this a chance…for the adventure aspect, I got a bad feeling about them trying to make this a legit fighting game.

I was wondering how the VF5 stick would work with the fighting part of this game?

He has one jutsu, and that’s basically releasing the 8 gates. It greatly increases his speed and power for a short period of time.

Its shown in the video showcased in that article.

Looks good so far… it’ll probably be better than Capcom’s megaton bomb…

Please let me be wrong…:sad:

i just saw that article…and i must say…i’m disappointed a bit in how he’s represented…that’s my opinion. Especially considering that Rock Lee is my favorite character in the series. That better not be fuckin all he can do in the game…as in just open gates…where’s the Omote Renge!?..Where’s Ura Renge!? I saw him do something similar to konoha sempu but i wasn’t sure…and when he goes into 3rd gate i want his hair standing on end…not just his face turning red. He’s also supposed to be in full body testicle syndrome after having been in the gates but i didn’t really see that either…I know i’m probably being picky though lol but i feel they gyped him probably because they’re just now deciding to put him in as a character to fight bah…

focus of the game isn’t the fighting, its basically doing the first story arc as ambitiously as they can; its more of an action/adventure game. can’t wait to see what they do with rock vs gaara, naruto/neji battle was breathtaking from what I saw

Don’t think it will work. If you look at the fighting clips, you have to use the analogs to do “hand seals” to build up Chakra and do your Jutsus.

I’ve been looking forward to this, but I kind of don’t feel like its going to become a game that will be played as competitively as other fighting games.

Perhaps not. A lot will rest upon how balanced each character turns out to be, and how effective the Jutsus are.

The one character that’s striking me as overpowered is Rock. He’s fast and strong, and every vid I’ve seen where he’s in it just shows him dominating.

We’ll see how it develops. I think the Jutsu system has been very well thought out in this game.