Naruto Shippuden Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 (LNPs, Tourney Rules added to OP)

So I just got this game and I’ve got to say, it’s one of the most fun fighting games I’ve played in a long time. In all seriousness, this game is extraordinarily fun, and has some serious merits in terms of being a good fighting game. The diversity between characters is better than many “real” fighting games (not to take away from “real” fighting games, but this isn’t what most would think of in the category). Also, THE GAME HAS A SOLID ONLINE MODE.

I’m definitely thinking that this game deserves some discussion.

Here’s the list of Latent Ninja Powers:

Tourney Rules:

Really? IGN’s review had me worried that the online sucks. Just how thorough a test did you give it, for curiosity’s sake?

I’ve been playing it all this morning and have had several opponents. I’ve only had one game where I really felt held back by the lag. It’s not 100% perfect like, say, Blazblue, and you can feel some input delay. That said, it completely exceeded my expectations, and is totally playable. In all seriousness, I didn’t think that the Wii could do something like this.

Why not? Castlevania Judgment was reported as great online, if I remember correctly.
I don’t think Wii have some deep, inherent difference in networking that makes it always suck. I think that like with other consoles, it’s pretty much up to the developer. The online games are still p2p, it’s not like all the traffic passes through some giant Nintendo server.

I watched a video with some old lady controlling two floating dolls, looked pretty sweet. Might see if I can get my bro to get this game so I can try it out when I’m home for christmas.

Well, honestly, I didn’t think the entirety of the gaming industry was that incompetent and/or lazy that nobody to this point has been able to make something remotely enjoyable on the Wii. I figured that, much like graphics, online play was just another victim to a genuinely shitty piece of hardware.

The only really laggy online game for the Wii that I’ve heard about is Brawl though. It kind of feels like that game is so big/famous compared to other Wii games, all online is judged by this one game.
But still, I don’t own one so this is just theory. I know Mario Kart(2 players on same screen online ftw) and Bomberman had nice online, but that’s about it.

I’ve played more than just Brawl online, though, and I’ve not remotely enjoyed anything. Granted, all online games for the Wii will be judged next to Brawl for the remainder of the console’s life, much like DOA4 was the benchmark for the 360 for a long time, but it’s not like Brawl was an outlier. Most things on the Wii are just genuinely terrible.

Game is awesome. I main Hidan and Bando. <- CoN series tournament players.

Online is okay for the most part.

Well, it’s really too bad if that’s the case. Like the infamous friend codes wasn’t bad enough :xeye:
But still, I don’t think network takes a lot of resources, unless it’s advanced stuff like GGPO rollback and what not.

Is Zabuza in this game by any chance? Or is he so old and dead he’s not in games anymore?

Too long dead. Kisame has a good portion of his moveset, however.

If anyone is in the Midwest/IL/WI/IN area and wants to serious about this game pm me

Unfortunately not, he got cut after CON2 on the Cube, iirc. But yeah, his moveset is largely contained within Kisame, who is way cooler and significantly less child molestery.

I wish Haku was still in the series, I thought that he was the coolest character ever when I was watching the dub.

Having the most badass, yet touching scene in the series > being a boring, stupid fish sidekick with a fuzzy sword… I mean, what is this, One Piece? :razzy:

I’ve actually only played the Narutimate games on the PS2 before. But this CON series looks pretty cool, judging from youtube.

if you like haku you should play one of the anbu charaters who has the similiar needle thing going.

I was wondering when a thread for this game may pop up…I haven’t really got a chance to play it extensively or try online myself. IGN didn’t say the online was horrible…they just mentioned that it does have some lag issues and input delay…of course that can usually make or break a fighting game sometimes in peoples eyes glances at Tekken 6

You’d best take that back, son.

Kisame is my main.

But they don’t have that bad-ass mirror thing going on. :crybaby:

Here’s a cool vid showing off the moves of the original characters made by Tomy USA (including the Anbu folks).


Actually should include the link:


So, how does this game compare to the rest of the CoN series? I liked the first and second games, but for some reason I just couldn’t enjoy the first CoNR =/ I don’t know why to be honest.

Lots of vids, use of every character, good to get a feel for the game