Naruto Shippuden: Gekitou Ninja Taisen! Special (RELEASED!)

Oh, so you’re marveling over Ultimate Ninja Storm 2’s pretty graphics?
Enjoy your shallow gameplay.
I’ll be playing a real fighting game.
Gekitou Ninja Taisen! 4 was very fun, but only a handful of the characters could be competitive.
Then again, that didn’t stop Marvel.
That being said, it was still the best of the series because of its mechanics.
Gekitou Ninja Taisen! EX3 was much more balanced, but the way the game played was very boring and pretty borked.
Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 was a huge step in the right direction for 8ing.
The most balanced game yet with the exception of Kankuro and Kiba.
Only one or two major problems with the gameplay.
Despite these problems, it’s leaps and bounds ahead in terms all around playability.
Now we’re heading out of EX territory and into SP.
Are you excited?
I’m incredibly excited.

Can’t see shit lol.

This series really doesn’t have much depth going for it either. The PS2 Narutimate games, specifically about 3 probably had the most of the Naruto games out there. It can be fun if they stop Kankuro from game lagging, stop Kiba’s glitches, and Kisame’s homosexuality.

Sorry, I linked to the thumbnail and not the image.

Now it’s linked on youtube because the image kept 404ing for me

A new GNT finally… Personally, I can’t get hype until I know for sure that the game will have certain things… Like slow Chakra regain, gnt4 or Rev3 gravity, etc…

It’ll be cool to play as sage mode Naruto… but only if they get the mechanics right this time around.

Would also be nice to see 8ing work with PSN or XBL Arcade (or a disc game) for this GNT… But it’ll probably just be on the Wii like always…


NA2 still is best Naruto game ever.

GNT4 strong 2nd.

If this new GNT plays anything like GNT4 I will get it. If it’s close, i’ll get it still. :lol:

Personally, I played GNT 2,3 & 4 like forever. I still prefere UNS1.
I won’t get it. Sick of GNT games being just addons of former games.

I can’t get into the Ultimate Ninja Storm games… They’re really flashy/appealing to the eye… but that’s about it. After you see all the supers and cinematics, I honestly can’t imagine someone playing that game without getting bored.

Yeah that is kind of frustrating.
There are lots of changes to the game itself aside from characters if you look in depth though.

The scan mentions that you’ll be able to counter as you get up… CoNR3 players should recognize that.

Ultimate Ninja Storm series is god aweful. It’s build is meant to be played as a one player game. Vs. mode is entirely laughable. They should have taken all the “good” from the Tenkaichi series (that that includes the dual screen cameras) and work with that.

Sure the game is beautiful, but with shitty controls and camera…who gives a shit.

I’ll play any GNT game over that any day.

Another GNT? awesome! Hoping to see maybe some footage at TGS if that’s too much trouble?

I’d bet my underpants on it.

Even small developers and publishers get their time in the sun, so Tomy will be no exception.

Same, hopefully this will be the game that finally tops GNT4

To me, UNS is just the Naruto version of Tenkaichi. GNT4 is where its at and I’m hype to see where this one is going.

Not that its a bad game or anything (i still own/play it) but y does every 1 love gnt 4 so much? i personally think rev3 is so much better…

Glad to see someone else agrees Tenkaichi sucks. Where is my Budokai 4?

or, where’s my Super Dragon Ball Z 2? :stuck_out_tongue:

Everything CoN3 does GNT4 does better (excluding graphics), imo the only reason why I like CoN3 is because of Kagura

We would have been had SDBZ 2 by now…but because people didn’t buy the game it’s probably not going to happen. I mean I haven’t seen Crafts & Meister doing anything else since that games release…Have they made anything else that I missed out on since then? Unfortunately lots of things are governed by the almighty dollar…


thinking about it now with the power the 3DS has they should be able to make a good portable version of this game to take with you on the road now. Get to work Tomy!

Thank god I’m not the only one that hates the Sparking series. I also played just the demo of RB, and that really turned me off.

I love the Budokai games by Dimps (SBAR is one of the best ones). Come one Dimps, make the next Budokai game.

On topic now, I’m going to be excited to check out Gekitou Ninja Taisen Special. I have a feeling that most of the changes to the gameplay in CONR3 will be made in Special, which is a good thing. I just hope they finally add 4TN as a playable character at last.

I think GNT4’s graphics are much better, actually.