Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 pros and cons from the fighting game community

I just wondering how naruto shippuden: UNS2 is as an enjoyable game, causal game, and competitive game. What makes it dynamic? Is it scrubby? How are the mind games? Is there a level of complexity? What can other fighting in 3d get from this? I heard great things about this but I’m weary about its simplicity.

Sure there’s some complexity, but it all goes down the drain once the stupidity kicks in.

Kawarimis and assists during hitstun - specially coupled with the Kawarimi Ougi glitch - are simply retarded.

what, this game has that stupid ass assist system too? Ban them, you have to ban them in order to make the game actually interesting to play, it’s like Accel 2, people started banning assists everywhere day 1 because they realize how broken some assists are

I get the feeling this thread won’t end well.

But to add something for the fuck of it, I honestly didn’t enjoy the UNS series. I actually used to play the original Ultimate Ninja games on my PS2 and had a lot of fun with those. I think I own like 4 or 5 of them at this point. But when Storm came out, I just couldn’t really adjust to the new mechanics. The third-person camera got on my nerves and the game itself just felt to weird to me since I was used to Ultimate Ninja games on PS2. So I dropped the series at this point. I’m not saying Storm and Storm 2 are bad games, not at all. I just couldn’t get the hang of them and missed my 2-D plane in Ultimate Ninja that I had already grown accustomed to.

For the record, I really enjoy playing UNS2. I just don’t play it competitively because of all the retarded shit going on.

Assists are just the tip of the iceberg. You’ve got the Kawarimi system and shudders the Awakening system do deal with. It’s like X-Factor on steroids.

i thought the teleport crap was pretty idiotic considering you can even teleport out of being stunned,among the awakening system just being absolutely retarded for some characters like itachi for example. oh! don’t also let me forget how the teleport crap allows offense to be utterly useless since when you do try to mount offense and you get teleport on you will get punished with an fat combo because attack animations lag for so damn long. uns2 is complete trash as far as competitive fighting goes.

Thanks for the feedback but can u guys elaborate on these systems and bs? I really want to know how a match is typically drawn out. I’m reading up reviews on gaming sites but they don’t really elaborate. How can the “Awakening system” be like X-factor on steroids? Lol. X-factor is already bs. Kawarimus? U can call assists during hit stun? Teleport during stun? One of the reasons why I want to know about this game is because one of my friends just gave up on mvc3, ssf4, and mortal kombat. I don’t want him to give up on these games and be super salty about it but he’s argument for playing naruto is that he’s a fan, the dynamic 3d gameplay and the guessing game. So that’s one of the reasons why I’m curious but also the fact that it was well received. There’s not much fighting games that are flashing and 3d. I think powerstones 2 is the only game that I consider the best scrub easy to get into 3d game that is crazy fun as hell. So i’m very curious.

Depending of who you’re playing, Awakening literally means game over. Itachi is the prime example. Susanooh’s attacks break your guard and kill you in literally seconds and there’s NOTHING you can do about it aside from preventing the Awakening itself.

Kawarimis and assists make the combo system pointless because whenever you get hit you can just mash guard and spend a bit of meter to get out, and if you don’t have meter just call one of the bullshit assists like Hidan or Pain and get out for free.

These couple of systems are the reason this game is stupid, because mashing and spamming randomly will actually get you somewhere.

So there are like combo breakers? Can’t u use that when ur being attacked by an awakened charater? And are hiden and pain like the tron or haggar assists from marvel? As they are invincible but difference is that u can call them while hit stun? How do u play this game safely while predicting ur opponent moves? Are there any competitive videos out there that show these example?

Also, there are different support types? Can u guys elaborate on these? There are defense, attack and balance? Which one is generally better? Can someone consistently keep pressure on someone? Or zone someone consistently? Does everyone have awakening? I didn’t know this from gaming reviews so this is some great information guys.

Basically yeah. But it’s a combo breaker that uses like, 5% meter. As for the assists, Hidan is basically like Haggar - it keeps hitting you forever and you can do something out of it - and Pain is Tron on steroids, Shinra Tensei throws you to the other side of the screen - and if Pain is on attack mode, you might get a free juggle into utlimate jutsu.

I honestly don’t think it’s possible to play safely without banning 90% of the game’s features.

Isn’t Sasori cheap?

This might be long…


If your opponent hits you, for literally 5% meter you can appear behind them instantly, there’s no recovery frames or anything, so you can attack your opponent straight after doing it. Basically, because of this feature combos are EXTREMELY unsafe, since they are the easiest things to KnJ (aside from grabs), and they leave you wide open since they generally have longass recovery time (although characters like Pain can cancel his combo into his super, which can catch your opponent off guard once or twice, but this move is really unsafe on block, so it’s not advised to abuse it). Thus, your only real methods of attack are assists, supers and ultras. These can all be KnJ’d out of too, however they are generally much safer as recovery time is (generally) shorter and they do only slightly less damage than a full combo. Most supers are fireball variants anyway, so even if our opponent KnJs - at least you’ll be a good distance away. The only way to win at this game is to turtle. Good rushdown does not exist.

Each of them do their super once called in. But you can select which type of assist you want.

There’s three types:
Attack: They join in your combos - which is useless. The main reason why attack is used is because if you knock your opponent back, they appear on the screen and slam them back into you. This’ll be your main source of damage, as when your assist slams your opponent back, that’s basically a free super/ultra since until they bounce of the ground twice, they can’t recover. Characters like Naruto, can knock back someone with his super (rasengan), have his assist slam his opponent to the ground, and then take that opportunity to use his ultra for big damage.

Balance: They fire they’re charged shurikens everytime you do. For example - imagine in Street Fighter, evertime you fired off a Hadouken, three other Ryus appeared on screen and used Hadouken at the same time. This can be spammed…heavily, and it builds your team meter like crazy. Also at the cost of not being able to use them for about a minute they’ll jump in front of ultras for you (which has saved my ass many times)

Guard: Useless. They just stand infront of you while you regain meter.

The standard combo you’ll see is 1 Attack and 1 Balance. Although sometimes you’ll see 2 Attack/2 Balance. No one uses Guard.

Most characters just get a reasonably large attack/speed boost (aka X Factor). But some characters: Naruto, Sage Naruto and Itachi. Basically turn into some giant crap, that will break your guard in two seconds flat, and can take away between 1/2 - 3/4 of your lifebar in one jutsu/basic combo.

Tier List

S Tier

A+ Tier
Sage Mode Naruto

A Tier

The Rest Tier
The rest

Ahh you missed the original thread man. There was one godlike post that pretty much summed up how dumb this game is; I’ll see if I can find it. UNS2 actually got more broken than UNS1 lol.

EDIT: Here

damn right he’s cheap lol…especially when he’s in his true Sasori awakening.

Ok, lets say you’re playing with friends and want to implement some house rules that might make the game more enjoyable/less broken.

What would you do?

I guess ban KnJ for starters is the easy one.
What else? Should certain characters be banned? Certain assists? Ban assists altogether?
(although I think assists are the main source of complexity in this otherwise simple fighting system, so I personally wouldnt ban all assists…)

No - if you ban KnJ the game will be even worse. Awakenings will rape you hardcore since you’ll have absolutely no means of defending yourself. Puppet users will become even more broken as you’ll have no means of punishing them and getting close. They’ll literally destroy your guard and then lock you down in an infinite. Even for regular close range characters, four combos = dead enemy. The game will turn from ‘Nothing is safe’ into ‘Everything is safe!’ KnJ itself isn’t the problem; the problem is all the ridiculous crap you can do directly after a KnJ.

Don’t ban Assists either.

The only real house rule you can implement that won’t screw up the game is no Ougi/Justsu after a KnJ. By doing this you reduce the actual risk of combos significantly, since your not in fear of eating an ougi/jutsu to the back everytime you get KnJ’d - and they deal nice damage too - however combos aren’t totally risk free since you can still be punished with a combo/tilt/grab. That’s what I used to do with my friends back when I played this game anyway, and it actually made the game fun for a few months.

Oh, thats pretty much how we play anyways, so fine I guess.