Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Move Cancel into Jutsu

This is how it works. You have to be holding the analog stick in the direction of the combo you are doing and then press X(PS3) twice really fast during the animation of the combo(its differect for each character and will only work if they are in a staggered phase or being OTG( Off the Ground)) and then do the Ultimate or Regular Jutsu. For example Kakuzu’s down combo can be easily canceled into his UJ ( Even with online lag),you do the down combo until Kakuzu goes into the animation where the lightnin.

I actually happened across this last night because I figured there might have been a way to cancel combos into jutsu at some point but I never experimented to figure out why it worked.

Good stuff.

We have a thread for this game already.

And for those who don’t know, this has been discovered back in UNS2, although UNSG is where it’s seen more widespread use. I even made a topic on the UNSG GameFAQs board analyzing the different hitstuns in the game which can be exploited by NMC cancelling.

How do you know if it worked if you are only playing by yourself?