Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generation - Games out; LET THE SALT START FLOWING! <3


Teaser Video by V-Jump

First scan from Jump featuring PTS Naruto, Zabuza, Haku, A/Raikage as playable characters and Darui and C as support characters

Second scan; nothing new

Third scan featuring two of Sasuke’s forms

Didn’t feel like reviving the old NUNS2 thread sooooo…

Game is in development for PS3/360. Only things that are known so far based on the scan is Raikage, Zabuza, Haku and possibly even PTS Naruto are the new playable characters so far with Darui and C as support only characters. Will update this post for more information.

Get ready to ravage your shoulder buttons like a horny pedophile fucking a jailbait virgin again. And honestly, it looks like NUNS + NUNS2 characters + more characters, hope I’m wrong though.:coffee:

Playable Zabuza and Raikage, I’m hype.
They really need to improve on the game’s system tho.

I thought UNS2 was fun, albeit broken as all hell. Still fun.

The fact that Zabuza is in makes me very happy, since he was the only one I really wanted to play as in UNS2. The game had better include the other kages, since I really want to play as that female Mizukage.

Here we go again… Don’t get me wrong, though… I can’t wait to play this game…offline. Unless they fix the netcode, that is.

If they have the Raikage in the game, the Tsuchi- and Mizu- kages should be in too or it just wouldn’t make sense.

This was very fun, and imo the best anime-based game ever. I don’t watch the show, though, doesn’t appeal to my tastes. The combat engine *could *be deeper, but I don’t care it going in that direction. It can get competitive-ish, and the Marvel inspired elements work well in the 3D movements. Balance be damned, UNS2 was fine by me. People want something more serious, there’s 4 million fighting games on the Gamestop shelf over there.

Oh God, Mei is the first characters I want to play as. :lovin:

And more Zabuza and Haku is always a good thing. Really hope they add the previous Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist. **

Some of us in SSR have been thinking about sending them a wave of e-mails notifying them about the problems NUNS2 had and even sending them video(s) and we think it’s worth a shot. I mean it’s not like we have anything to lose, since the SSR community’s been dead. :shake:

The biggest change I want from this game is for them to actually do something about the free KNJ. Second will be actually having more attacking options for each character other than 4 combo strings that start the same and then end differently. UNS2 was a fun game but the moment your brain even thinks about taking it anywhere in the serious range is when you start getting gamer rage.

I think its a good idea.

I guess one thing is, does anyone here read japanese fluently? What are the japanese fans of this game saying in their messageboards/fansites?

If they are complaining about the same sorts of problems, then we can have some hope that cyberconnect might notice and fix them.
(instead, we can beg them for GGPO :stuck_out_tongue: )

Just remove KnJ and assists during hitstun and I’ll be a happy camper.

What I want to know is where are the Japanese discussing NUNS2 online in the first place. I’m sure some of them have noticed the dumb shit NUNS2 had since I fought a couple of them who played NUNS2 at a “high level” as well, which is basically sit in one spot, rape your shoulder buttons to KnJ everything and KnJ-confirm into a grab, jutsu or ougi. If both players are playing at a “high level” then the match will basically consist of shooting off assists and hoping your opponent fucks up, especially if you brought in an Attack Support and are in Support Drive so you can catch them with an ougi on Strike Back and gain a life lead.

Hey, Ichipoo. Did you receive my PM about Ultimate Ninja 5? Thanks!

Looks like they are gonna use the same engine.

I can smell the game being very bad… again.

Yes. Sorry, I didn’t know you were looking for a response.

There’s still hope… a very slim one at that though, it’s just that the ones who want the game to be decent at best need to play their part with trying getting CC2 to pay attention to the community first.

I think the games are very bad in terms of design choices, the story mode was cool and all, but they only had like 2 specials and all you had to do was mash on one button for a combo. The crappiest thing though were the assists and the melee combat, you basically couldn’t land a combo because you could mash those reversal dodge thingys (forgot what they are called) or/and assists. The cheap runaway tactics and KnJ made the game a lot worse.
I’d like to see a true anime fighting game in 2D with 4/6 Button layout, like SF or KoF.


Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and Hokuto no Ken?

OFF TOPIC: What happened to the smilies options? I know you can still type them in but what happened to the “scroll?”

japanese discussion of specific fighting games is a little different.
2ch bbs is actually a good place to find discussion of games. a thread is made for a game, then as soon as it dies they make another thread. Their gekitou ninja taisen sp discussion has gone through like 10 different threads.

dibs on 9 tail master Naruto being playable.


Teaser video by V-Jump.


First post updated with 2 new scans though it’s not much and the video.

That KnJ Haku did at 0:19 smells like bullshit. And so does Sasuke’s Susanoo at the end.

Raikage hyped me a bit, but so far it seems we’ll be having the same bullshit we had in UNS.