Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generation - Games out; LET THE SALT START FLOWING! <3


Yeah there are more vids of the game from that channel.
Looks like more of the same to me, so I’ll prob. pass on this one despite it having Zabuza and Raikage unless I read some good improvments on the original.
Still need to finish 1P mode in UNS for them trophies, lol.

Wow, the game looks pretty…identical. Almost like it’s Super UNS2.

Well, I rented UNS2. So, I’ll just rent this one as well.

Yeah, looks like a 60$ expansion pack until Storm 3 comes out.
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Meh, I would’ve continued updating but I somewhat lost interest as of late. And no training mode… wow guys.

LOL It will never end man. They just don’t give a fuck.

All I got from that report was “This game is gonna be the same and kinda shit, so wait for Ninja Storm 4!!!”

So it’s a shameless rehash after all. Nice try, CC2, you almost made me interested in this.

I’m gonna give them the benefit of the doubt and say that the only reason the game right now looks identical to the last one is because it’s really early in the development and they only had time to add the old + new characters in the game for the TGS.

However, if it’s true that the gameplay and how the battle system are going to remain the same there’s just no point in buying that game except if you play these games for the story mode (Lol).

On a more positive note, Haku looks pretty cool in 3D, I gotta admit.

Why lol? In 2, all the content was in the story mode. Isnt it even more lol to be playing these games for competition?

1st Hokage & 2nd Hokage >>>> My body is ready!

What do you mean by ‘‘all the content’’? They added an online mode and unlockable support characters and types. Yes, there was a lot of work involved in Storm 2’s story mode, but I don’t think it’s stupid to think that they also wanted this game to be played competitively - especially since the developer of the game mentioned in a recent interview that they will try to balance things out between characters in the next installation.

I’d love to be there for one of these threads. Still a big fan of CoNR 3. Don’t have the guts to unlock my Wii any further and switch regions on it to play special.

By “all the content”, I meant if you consider the time and money spent on different parts of the game, it’s clear that in NUNS2 story mode got most of it. Think of all the extra art and programming required for the special boss fights, voice work and animation for the cutscenes, etc. Versus mode is almost an obligatory afterthought, like Uncharted’s multiplayer mode for example.

Whether they wanted the game played competitively or not is irrelevant due to KnJ and other issues. Hopefully they will fix them somehow in the new game, but so far they havent shown much to indicate that they will. Really, any mechanic that can completely destroy a game with just an autofire joypad, just how did it slip through testing? Especially in a game with an online mode. Anyone with half a brain can see the problems a mile away, you dont need to be a genius designer. I’m sure over at CC2 some coder or designer went, “oh who cares, only kids will play this game anyways…” and didnt bother thinking up a more robust mechanic.

Since I’m ranting, I’ll also complain about NUNS2’s terrible “loljapan” netcode. NUNS is a perfect candidate for netcode since the animations are fairly slow and there’s nothing really frame-timing-dependent in it. With good predictive or rollback netcode the dream of truly international play would be within reach. But instead we get half second+ input delay and general awfulness. Maybe I’m bitter because I live in Australia hahah.

I’m literally having an argument with Naruto fans on a Naruto forum because apparently Training Mode is a sin and isn’t a vital tool for fighting games.

Naruto fans are stupid, that’s to be expected.

Link please?

Read em’ and weep.

I want Lars to come back :frowning: I kicked serious ass with him having Naruto SM and Pain as supports…

New pictures.

ehhh, not to hate but the storm series is ass as a competitive game tbh. i remember when the nh series were the recent games how amazing they were(actually the 1st fighters i learned on a competitive level) but i cant even see the appeal in playin storm competitively. its like tenkaichi, fun game based on the anime but nothin more really

You must not have been around when NUNS2 came out, because we were basically, **SHITTING **[SIZE=4]on the game by ranting about it on the NUNS2 thread.[/SIZE] :rofl: