Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations


Hi everyone. I just picked up Naruto Shippuden Ultimate NInja Storm Generations (long title) last night, and as a big Naruto fan, I was hoping this was going to be an in depth game. While it’s very basic in terms of depth, there still is a very decent fighting game here.

There is one attack button, a block button, substitution (dodge, you stick a log in place of yourself as you’re being pummeled), jump, 2 partner assist buttons similar to MvC if you are doing a 3 man team match ( there is also just 1v1, love they have the variety), a projectile throw button, and a chakra button which charges meter and turns all your other buttons into super esque versions of their usage, as well as gain life and perform essentially super / ultras. There are dash cancels, combo cancels and more that i’m still trying to grasp. For a very simple command layout, this game really has a lot to offer. And I must say, the graphics are nothing short of amazing.

I’ve been searching the internet to find a site with in depth strategy to really learn the game, and had no luck. Does anyone here play it? I had assumed correctly there wouldn’t be a forum or thread here on SRK for it, but no reason that can’t change. I really would like to learn the game more in depth and see what other dedicated fighting game players think and can contribute to it. I’ve only been playing the story mode of the game, which unlocks characters, and still trying to really get a feel on how to execute commands properly. I’m only a beginner when it comes to play SSFAE, so my knowledge and execution in fighting games is very weak. I’m sure someone who really knows their stuff would be able to pick this game up and figure out some crazy things. Hope to hear back from some people, would love to get this game some recognition and see people discussing strategy. Thanks!

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I don’t play this game, but I have looked into it. So far the only community I know that’s active and hold tournaments every week is trueinfotv.

24x7 Lobby Stream on PSN:

If you ask questions in the chat when a lot of the players are on I’m sure you’ll get answers. There’s also a tier list in creation at the website. The lobby on the stream is set to singles, though it does get switched to team sometimes upon request, the reason for singles is that the game tends to get crazy with subs on.

Also there is a thread here for this game here.


Starting a stream on this it’s like trues

Also starting stream for this game I Also don’t play this but my stream will be on the XBL for Xbox players I stream live everyday at if you wanna be a part of it message me at my GT Ademus XP7


Try for combos, strats, etc. for Naruto UNSG


i’ve been having trouble aswell in the game and i dont own it i go somewhere else to play it but i dont know what to practice or how to do this tilt canceling which is to jump out of a combo and quickly do the ultimate jutsu. i’ve only played it once but i need to get good at it to get ready for a tournament. i hope this can be somewhere to get help. all i need to know is who are the beginner friendly characters with good range and what to practice


I am above decent in Storm series and I am going to say(Comes from the guy who has played for a long time in NUNS2, NUNSG, NUNS3 and rev) This is far from a good fighting game, there is no strategy or indepth guide, just learn to control combos with jumps and do tilt cancel(this is probably the hardest thing up to date…at least was…they removed it, to make games dumber), that’s it, you’ll beat scrubs and have a more or less of a good time against good people.The rest are just reflexes and general usage of brain…

But if you ask me, the best option is going to be to wait for Storm 4 and buy that.It looks promising, but yet again, every game in the series did, before it released. NUNSG and Storm 3 are best ones in the series


If you like watching and learning from YouTubers play and compete, Shikas Clouds and Afro Senju are two of the best + funniest I’ve seen, give them a lookup if you’re interested.