Naruto Shippuuden Gekitou Ninja Taisen EX

Naruto Shippuuden: Gekitou Ninja Taisen EX

Yep, this just came out in Japan, and the early reports are pretty freaking awful. =(

I actually like a LOT of what they did with 4, it was just extremely tier broken (Marvel doesn’t even compare). As such, I had some hope for this one, but that now appears to be completely unjustified.

First off, they reduced the roster from approx. 40 characters to 14. Yes, I know, this is a new Naruto “series”, but that’s still pretty effing lame. The complete list, with hidden characters in BOLD:


Among the notable changes to the cast:

  • Naruto now can transform into OTK for 50% chakra. It’s mostly the same as his Kyuubi transform in previous games, though - he just has a couple of OTK’s old moves and no life drain.

  • Gaara can Y-cancel sand attacks now.

  • Sakura looks to be decent finally, with much better life & damage.

  • Itachi got all kinds of nerfed. d+X is gone, X is weaker, j.A has a lot more recovery, and his new f+A is the world’s slowest Katon. That doesn’t even cover all of it.

  • Temari’s j.B is no longer an attack, but a glide that can cancel into j.A. She has a totally new back+B, and it is probably the best in the game - launches extremely high, and in the corner you can just loop it over and over.

  • Kisame’s throw into BBAAA only works outside the corner, and almost all his other main combos are now gone. All his stuff that drained chakra still does, just less so. He can summon a clone that does an unblockable move that traps the opponent in a bubble, not sure how useful it is. Funniest bit: You can burst out of his throw BEFORE HE SLAMS YOU, and get a free combo from behind! He still looks to be top tier though, for reasons I will explain later.

  • Neji’s d+X is now a crappy counter super.

  • Kankurou has a second puppet, which autoguards, is unblockable, AND cannot be bursted!

  • Tenten was changed the most of anyone. She now has multiple weapons she can cycle through, including a Zabuza-style sword.

As for the new ones, I have not seen Sasori yet. Deidara has a bunch of exploding clay projectiles, some of which are unblockable and cannot be sidestepped. His combos may suck though, I barely saw people use any B strings with him.

Now, to general system changes…

  • Of course, as you may have seen, stages have obstacles now. Doesn’t really seem to add anything to the gameplay.

  • Counter hits always launch, as does hitting a staggered opponent. This screws up all sorts of standard strings, Kisame’s j.A combos, Neji’s f+BBABBX, and other things.

  • The overall damage is lower. I personally like this.

  • The throw break window is now longer, more like GNT2.

  • Everyone has an airthrow!

  • Y-cancels drastically increase gravity. No more BBAABY, BBX for Kisame…hell, Lee/Gai can’t even do a ABAY, ABA type loop anymore. So basically, most characters have few combos anymore.

  • Supers require you to do Wiimote stuff for full damage. HOWEVER, if you use a GC controller, you’ll get the maximum every time.

  • You cannot burst while knocked down anymore, and can be hit OTG right until you get up.

  • You can get hit out of tech rolls now, and it launches just like in Tekken. Combine these facts, and you get a stupid wakeup game. This is why Kisame is still good…he can perform (Throw, BBY, BBY, j.A) then immediately f+A, and it will hit them whether they tech or not. If they don’t tech, you get ANOTHER f+A; if they do, then you can Y-cancel the f+A into the above combo and repeat the trap again.

  • And I saved the worst for last: There is almost NO blockstun whatsoever in the game. If someone tries BB and you block the first B, you can jab them BEFORE THE SECOND B COMES OUT. Jump attacks are also unsafe now, thanks to this. So really, the only safe poke is B, and for some characters even THAT’S too laggy. Combine this with the easier throw breaks, and this could well be a game that makes you BEG for Tekken 4.

I will update in the future if people discover anything interesting or just funny. Sad faces for Wii fighters, it looks like…at least we have Smash and Accent Core. =D


Damn, did someone forget to tell the developers that the Wii development is damn near the same as the GC? Or is the whole Shippuuden thing just being animated means, the game will try not to spoil things for people just following the anime?

Yeah I accidentally hit enter on that first post, it’s complete now.

Read and laugh your ass off!

Also, Wikipedia claimed that there was another hidden character, Two-Tailed Kyuubi Naruto, but that appears to be a hoax.

Some of the shit sounds kind of the cool, but for the most part it don’t sound all that great.

Y cancels getting a hardcore nerf sucks, but being able to re-launch from OTGs sounds cool.

weak. some videos of the game in action.
Looks hot, even with the short roster. You know GNT EX4 is gonna be something lol




Wtf he cant get up?

Isn’t that training mode though, or at least an AI? It needs to show inputs for the 2P or something.

N - Hopefully they’ll have the non-Hiruko Sasori in the game by the time they fix all this up anyway, haha.

after watching the vids, it doesn’t seem so bad. i suppose they couldn’t have characters in the game that weren’t developed in the manga. it doesn’t make sense to have the same roster from the gc games when post time skip, hardly any of those characters have made worthwhile appearances. orochimaru should have been in the game though because of his battle with naruto, but i guess they’re saving that for part two…

Ok… that looks really bad.
There has to be something where missing from this.

The videos made it look alright but if you watch them blocking some of those strings, it looks like they came out of blockstun early enough to do something but didn’t. Watch it closely, doesn’t look promising to me.

As far as the roster, the games compliment the TV show, which if I remember right is just now getting to the time skip. Which would explain why Sasori is in his puppet monster thing and not his human looking form. The cast is purely Gaara recovery arc characters.

I suppose only time will tell though, I hope that Sasori ground combo stuff isnt what it looks like.

Is there a Wii Freeloader out now or people just playing this on a Japanese Wii? Tenten looks fun to play, funny how the games always makes her more interesting than the series.

That Sasori OTG rape was ugly though, hopefully that’s just some training mode thing (like they got gain chakra while they’re on the ground in the mode so that’s why he didn’t auto-KnJ like they usually do?)…

Nope you need a japanese Wii, or you can get your wii modded but I dont know about that.

Josh - Question, does Temari still have j.X?

If so, is there any hits that you can get for free after it? Has anything else changed about it?

If not, is there anything else that she has similar to that? Thanks <3

She has a KnJ-able dX now, but no more jX. I can’t remember what her dX is, though… I think she sends waves of wind out in a bunch of directions?

well, if its knj, that sucks then. j.X was my main reason for playing Temari, if she lost that, forget that.

THen again, her old j.X in a game without much blockstun = LOL

Yea, the game looks hot though. what’s sasori’s special? i take it no 100 death puppets??

my brothers been waiting for this game for a long time now. he even bought the game before buying the japanesse wii. plus him and his friends have been playing gnt4 four over 2 years during luch and nutrition times at his high school so ya…the defintion of hardcore naruto fans.

Dude, GNT4 is barley a year old.

Plus, what does this gotta do with anything? lol :lol: