Naruto Shippuuden: narutimate accel 2 fighting game thread

hey guys. if you love playing this game kindly post stuff like combos, etc.

Very few people here play this game. I used to play it but it’s kinda ehhh…

Best go here if you any info:

I’m afraid you will not find many (if any) players for this here. In terms of stereotypes, you’ll have much better luck discussing this with “Naruto fans” than with “fighting game players.”

Apparently, every time a new Naruto fighting game is announced, some people try to drum up a competitive scene for it, ready and waiting for the game itself. Usually the support is relatively small but the hype is respectably high and its future seems bright and exciting.

When it’s released, those same people quickly discover how broken it is and the scene voluntarily dissolves before any serious tournaments are actually held.

Well for this game it’s super competitive and has a lot of depth to it. Probably far greater of that of Smash Melee and Brawl combined.

The site Hatred Edge gave u earlier, would be your best bet to find in-depth discussion. But I could try to answer any question u have, since I play this game seriously as well.

In this game there is some called NarutoCon system. It’s the assist feature in this game (ala: Marvel Vs Capcom). In tournament play they recommend that this feature isn’t used. So the first piece of advice I could give, is to learn how to play this game with out using the assist.


But as for me, I just play in both styles and I do fine …so that’s an option as well…LOL!!!

This game is super technical. So u may need to know frame advantage…but what fighting games nowadays isn’t anyways right?

Good characters to learn:

Key: TS = Time Skip, PTS = Pre Time Skip

  • Rock Lee (TS)
  • Gai
  • Neji (TS)
  • Naruto (TS)
  • Sasuke (TS)
  • Itachi

I believe they are top teir characters. But all characters are really good in this game.

Taunting with some characters allow u to to enhance their abilities. And then when u do a super and are successful, u go into a different style of play.

With some characters, let’s take Naruto (TS) for example, if u lose a certain amount of health u go into said mode I mentioned earlier. And again when u do a super u go into a different style of play…Like from Naruto to 4 Tailed Kyubi.

But all this here that I said is pretty basic info…I’m not familiar with how much u know about this game. So if u have any questions…just holla…

Just remember that if you run out of chakra then you’re good as dead, because you need chakra to escape infinites.

I suggest learning Neiji, and learning how to shuriken cancel his palms move (it’s super easy). That’s his infinite. After you get 30 hits, Byakugan should activate and you’ll drain their chakra. Pin them to the wall with this, and once their chakra is depleted you’ve basically won.

On the flip side, you’re gonna need to learn how to teleport. You know, like, all the time.

Is this game import only right now? I can’t seem to find any release dates
and most sites say:“TBA”.


Yeah, it’s import only. =/ The latest game that’s been released here is Ulimate Ninja 3, which is just as broken as this one. Actually, more broken.

The assist system is the most broken thing I have ever seen. I’ll venture to say that it’s worse than MVC2 assists…

There’s technically no limit on the assists…
They’re invincible
They can function as combo breakers
Can be summoned while inactive/in blockstun/in hitsun/in the air/switching planes
Can setup Ouigis
Setup unblockables
Attain space control
Grant characters rusdown
Grant you invinciblity

Take all that and the fact that teching is hard as hell in that game…

The major problem is that the company is run by jackasses. All they had to do was slow down how fast the guage fills back up. But no… The dev team thought they were so smart. Because the guage refills so fast you’ll have access to an assits every 2 in game seconds. It’s fucking broken.

I don’t play competitively, but I’ve heard they just don’t use assists. I wish they’d at least let you turn them off, though. =/ I’ve seriously won by playing run away, and spamming assists. Around here, though, we’ve agreed just not to press our R1 buttons. It’s gay, but it’s better than nothing.

And I agree with stupid hard teching. It’s pretty ridiculous how hard it is to tech. Especially since missing a tech in this game gets you punished big time. Like how a fully charged Rasengan can’t be blocked on wake-up. Or at least I don’t think it can.

It can’t be blocked period. Once fully charged you need to KNJ or jump or plane switch to avoid it. And with an assist… unblockable setups.

I got killed because I falied to tech. Who decided that is was a great idea to be in an OTG state for 100+ frames?

And people did ban the assists. Popping R1 was their solution. I’m still shocked that you cannot turn them off.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the designers intended for you to spam assists whenever you were OTG.

So what exactly is wrong with assists.

I don’t play the game, but my group of players play the game competitively. We assumed the rules that using assists are banned. Bad shit happens when you use them. They break combos, they stop pressure and they stand there when you summon them so you can use them anytime and there’s no limit or price to using them.

That’s what’s wrong with assists. In short there is no balance to them at all. In concept, it’s good. For instance Lee has to get in. With someone who has zoning capabilities Lee can make up for his weakness. But then there’s Gai…

We all know Lee is fast. His taunt opens the gates. That doubles his speed. Then take Guy’s assists. Guy just says a few words, this boosts Lee’s speed. Keeping track? Lee is now 3 times as fast. Then take his special item. It slows down the enemy. Combined you just increased Lee’s speed times 4.

That isn’t even the beginning of the stupidity of it all.

It would be alright if the brokenness balanced itself out, ala some other well known fighting games, but it really doesn’t. =/

People like Gaara w/ Kankuro Assist make you hate assists. I play with my three cousins and one of them is pretty much beatable unless he uses the Gaara/Kankuro combo along with its nasty poison effect.

Overall, I get very good comp as two of the three have been playing the NH series since NH2 original release so I get good feedback as to who to use. The third is getting good as he plays every weekend (Fri, Sat, and Sun) whereas I play about twice a week. We all live nearby so its not exactly outta the way.

Just yesterday I was owned by PTS Lee, Gai , TS Sasuke and Termari.

I played this game seriously at one point, but the worse thing about the game is teleporting. U can teleport almost any move and combo, so you pretty much have to pray that the person doesn’t do it right when u try to hit them. But when the person runs out of chakra, then they can’t teleport no more, so u can pretty much infinite or combo them. Assists are BANNED in tournament and almost NEVER used in casual play. Why? Cause yes, they are BROKEN. Other than those things the game is crazy fun and just like how the manga is.

Geez I forgot about KNJ… damn it’s annoying. Getting out of every damn combo/throw/attack. It’s ehh… Multiple combo breaker. Even if you hit someone they can KNJ. I can’t believe I even played this game.

KnJing is your only defense against infinites, though. And, like, 2/3rds of the cast have infinites.