Naruto, south park style!


ever think something was justa complete waste of existence? well, you havent seen anything til you see someone who draws naruto characters in southpark style!

i’ve got about 30 done total, and when ive made every character that has at least a few lines, i’ll make a giant city pic.

here’s team 7 (kakashi, sasuke, naruto, and sakura)


team 8 (kuranai, kiba, hinata and shino)


team 10 (asuma, shikamaru, ino, chouji)


team gai (gai, neiji, tenten, rock lee)


team sand (baki, gaara, temari, kankurou)


team sound (kabuto, dosu, zaku, kin)


lol these are great…I can just see it now…KAGE BUNSHIN NOO BEEFCAKE!!


:lol: great stuff, they actually do look like the characters,


lol every naruto fan should see this…you really got the south park touch in it, great job


If you vectored these it’d be perfect.

Great job, real funny.



Wow, these are some nice little pictures. Great stuff!


I’m neither a Naruto nor a South Park fan, but I must say you’ve captured the South Park look very well :slight_smile:


what do you mean by vectoring?

I’ll post a few more later on today


Vector is using lines, and it comes out very sharp and clean cut.


they aren’t 100% clean, because these aren’t the final product, i’m gonna put them all in one giant city picture.
thanks for all your responses!

here’s team konoha (4th hokage, konohamaru, iruka and mizuki)


Photoshop, Painter & PaintShop Pro are examples of raster programs. Image files created using these programs are a bunch of pixels.

Illustrator, Freehand, & CorelDraw are examples of vector programs. Image files created using these programs are calculated using points and lines between these points.

the South Park art style lends itself better to vector art because it has large, solid masses of colour. Vector art also has the advantage of being sharper than raster art.