Naruto Storm Revolution


Well the Demo came out on XBL and i have to say its pretty good, something different anyone else playing it

Also its getting its own Esports league powered by ESL

pretty interesting stuff.

what do you guys think


The ultimate fighting game ever created!!!

Well actually 3rd most ultimate fighting game ever created (Fighting Vipers is still #1, followed by EA Sports UFC, though it’s close.)

I guess they are saving the Kaguya saga for the next game (that game will have everyone playable) since Kaguya arc has barely started,
and the anime has to catch up. Good timing too because with the finale of the manga, they would have at least one more game to
expand and improve things further to make the most definitive game in the franchise. Revolution should not be skipped, though,
unlike Full Burst, this is like the equivalent to the advancements from NUNS2 to NUNS3.

It’s a much bigger leap in story and playable roster than USFIV, that’s for sure.


stages found

"(listed in different order)
1-3) Hidden Leaf Village (Part 1, Destroyed, Rebuilt)
4) Training Field (Day)
5) Hidden Leaf Forest (Day)
6-7) Orochimaru’s Hideout (Normal, Destroyed)
8) Samurai Bridge (On)
9-10) Hidden Raid Village (Upper, Lower)
11) Mount Myoboku
12) Sage Kabuto’s Hideout (Interior)
13) Waterfall of Truth (Day)
14) Great Snowfield of Iron
15) Storm Cloud Ravine
16) Lightning Desert
17) Hidden Sand Village (Night)
18) Hidden Sand Gate
19-21) Forest of Quiet Movement (Day, Evening, Night)
22) The Great Naruto Bridge
23) Chunin Exams (Prelims)
24) Chunin Exams (Finals)
25) Lookout Tower
26-27) Final Valley (Day, Raining)
28) Crashing Waves Coast
29) Tailed Beast Ruins
30) Great Ninja War Battlefield
31) Deidara’s Hideout
32) Forest of Dead Trees
33) Five Seal Barrier Cliff
34) Forest of Death
35) Grassy Waves Prairie (Day)
36-37) Uchiha Hideout (Normal, Destroyed)
38) Five Kage Summit Venue
39) Mountain Graveyard
40) Ninja World Tournament Stage "

Also found some info on some new features/adjustments to gameplay

" Combination Ultimate Jutsu: When you have specific teams, your regular Ultimate Jutsu is replaced with Combination ultimate. For example, Naruto and Sasuke do their Chidori and Rasengan together. Kushina, Naruto and Minato have a team Ultimate, etc.

Counter attack: By pressing r2+[] and sacrifising about 25% of your chakra bar you can initiate a counter attack. If opponents attacks during this brief window, he is stunned and open to anything

Guard Break: Replaces unique up times. If used, enemy’s guard is immeidately broken and they are briefly stunned. Damage done to them is scaled severely.

3 types:
Ultimate Jutsu Type: The only type to use ultimate Jutsu. Cannot use support Drive or Awakenings, but Ultimate jutsu takes only 40% of chakra. Also, Team Ultimate has been changed. Instead of charging all together, each character in your team now charges one after another.

Awakening Type: The only type to use awakenings. Cannot use Ultimates or Support Drive, but has two awakenings. Instant Awakening, that can be used at any point by flicking the right stick. And True Awakening which is a more powerful awakening that you perform by holding chakra button when your storm gauge is full. There are some absolutely massive awakenings which are like a short boss battle.

Drive Type: The only one to use Support drive. Cannot use Ultimates or Awakenings. Can change supports from Defence and Attack by flicking the right stick. By pressing //\O can activate Auto type, which makes supports work as both types simultaneously. Has a Seal Barrier technique. If your Storm Gauge is full you can press ///\O to seal your opponents Awakening/ultimate and half of their subs. "


Most epic commentary everrrr!!! (EVERRRRRR) Revolution really is pro tournament worthy!! (Hey, even SSB got its own pro tournaments, and UNS is more complex, deep, faster paced and skill based than that).


yea some pretty awesome commentary and decent gameplay


First time I seen peeps go at it. Usually its just run away jutsu users. I been playing casually since the first ultimate naruto 2d.Still miss the 2 d platformer smash style ps2 narutoz.


Is it now just one assist char? That may be why it seems like peeps finally have to confront each other.


This game may be the most legit yet, but the demo has no offline MP (wtf?!). I’ll scoop this up for less than $60.


Im calling main on kushina the red habenero!


…Wait, what? I’m sorry, but Persona 4 Arena takes more skill and is more likely to make big-name tournaments than any of the games in the Storm series. Also, you obviously are not a pro-Smasher because if you were, you’d never even think of saying that.

Storm combos are done by mashing a single button, you press a single button to get out of any bad situation, the best tactics to use in the games aggravate players and would not be fun to watch, and the best players are notorious for abusing the most broken character available…and that’s not including the glitches, bugs, imbalance, and things that just shouldn’t be in the game. I mean, if your game is made to have up to six characters on the screen doing their thing at once, along with majorly flashy moves and dynamic stages, make sure it doesn’t lag when those situations arise…without even being on the system’s online service.

Your entire statement is not true on any count, but I’m glad you are hype about the game.


is there a demo out on live n psn?



Combos dont equal depth what a silly statment and P4A takes just as much skill as storm, also glitches and unbalances are apparent in every game and a lot more fighters that are considered competitive are just as even more broken then storm in that sense example, Marvel

  1. I never said combos = depth, you did. Divekick has no combos, and yet is very complex in it’s simplicity.

  2. P4A does take more skill than the Storm series: While you can combo by just mashing, they have an actual movelist. By actual, I mean QCFs, HCBs, Shoru-Motions. Also, mashing is not the best way to get damage, and the games own mechanics have ways to get around the auto-combos…but they aren’t Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free cards, and you have to use them wisely. While the Storm series has gradually evolved and added similar features to balance out the game, it didn’t begin with them, and none of them really helped to balance out the game that much. Revolution may change that, but I’m not expecting too much.

v More points for those that care, but I got a bit lengthy so I spared you all from being forced to view it.

Gets a bit lengthy here…


  1. Your comment about glitches and unbalances is true, and I acknowledged to myself that this might be brought up when I made that statement. However, a Marvel player can prevent themselves from suffering from the bugs and glitches, and unbalance in characters (as much as Vergil and Zero are insane) really comes down to player skill. All of the imbalance in the Storm series is available at entry level with little practice or learning involved. Also, while Marvel is a ‘broken game’, Marvel’s problems don’t effect the game on a massive scale to the point that all gameplay suffers as a result. It changed the meta, sure, but UMvC3 doesn’t lag and slow down to a snails-pace when both players call an assist and perform moves at the same time: Storm does. UMvC3 at least has 8-10 characters that are better than the rest of the massive cast: Storm has 1-2 that heavily outshine an even more massive cast. Competitive UMvC3 has multiple tiers and can be played at that level without imbalanced characters and abusive movesets: higher-play (if you can call it that) Storm is all about imbalanced characters and abusive movesets, and if you don’t make the adjustment, you have a much higher chance of losing regardless of your skill level with your character. Are you seeing a pattern here? These are all small examples of why UMvC3 can be played on such a level and the Storm series cannot.

  2. The Storm series is one of those series that is made for casuals, bottom line. It’s made for the anime/manga fan that wants a game to play were he/she can kick butt with his/her favorite character and be as flashy as possible. I highly doubt the creators ever even thought about making any of the games tournament-worthy until recently with Revolution, if even now. You can just tell by the overall feel of the game that it isn’t made with EVO attendance in mind.

  3. Do you even truly WANT a Storm game to make it in competitive play? Well then, it couldn’t be anything like it has been. The UN series was much closer to competitive play than the Storm series has been. It would have to go through a MAJOR overhaul, and would likely not play even remotely the same if it were to have a chance. All this and more, and there would still need to be hot fixes and patches, and look at the track record on that!? When people cried about the broken things in Storm 3, what were we given? More costume DLC, more costume DLC, and even MORE costume DLC…followed buy a DLC/Disc-version that updates the game to have all the previous DLC, along with ONE single new story mode, and ONE single new character…a character a lot of people didn’t care about at all. No fixes for anything in the game…none whatsoever. Compare this to SFxTK, who at least tried (failed, but ultimately succeeded even though it was too late) to fix what was wrong with the game. It would require a completely different group to work on the game and maintain it, and would likely not play how it has in the past. [/details]


Sorry for a double post, but I didn’t want to wait for someone’s response before I could show the fact that I am actually excited for this game…so much so that I pre-ordered two copies and paid them off three months in advance!

Just in case no one fully understands the prior post affinity made, the biggest major changes to the game are as follows:

[list]Combination Ultimate Jutsu, which allows you to be extra flashy and awesome, but I don’t think it effects damage or anything relevant except hype. Note that CUJ is NOT a replacement for Team Ultimate Jutsu as a whole, but for regular Ultimate Jutsu and the animation portion of TUJ.

Counterattack seems really good, as you’re literally punishing your opponent for rushing you (whether an attack or dash) with a massive amount of guard-crush stun, and the only drawback is temporarily shortening your chakra by between 20-30%. It really punishes that guy who wants to chakra-cancel rush you after you sub out of a situation. It is also very balanced, as you can’t spam it, so it’s not automatically better than substitution.

Guard Break is a bit misleading, as it doesn’t actually break any guards and can be blocked just as easily as any other move, but it does provide effects similar to a guard crush. If your opponent is open, and you are within distance, pressing up on the D-Pad allows you to rush to them and if you connect, the result is your opponent being in a state of guard-crush stun. You are limited to two uses each match, and I feel like it doesn’t last as long as the Counterattack. It also replaces the character-unique top item and has a deceiving range (you don’t move near as far as you think you will), which when you add that it can be blocked if timed incorrectly, keeps it balanced (I personally feel it’s a bit under-powered, but w/e)[/list]

We now have an amazing new change called Drives: Simply put, it takes everything that every character had access to, splits it into three, and tells you to ‘pick one, and choose wisely, because that’s all you get.’ Here are the details to each Drive that we know so far.

[list]Ultimate Drive! As you can assume, this drive is all about Ultimate Jutsu. If you choose this drive, you get access to your Ultimate Jutsu and Team Ultimate Jutsu, but you sacrifice access to an Awakening and the only thing you can to with your supports is to summon them when they are off cooldown. While this seems drastic, it’s balanced by having Ultimate Jutsu reduced to requiring about 30-40% chakra bar. Also, when using TUJ the team no longer charges together but one after the other, which makes subbing more difficult as well as using up to three of their subs. TUJ also does MAXIMUM DAMAGE between both your assists. Note that you do NOT need a Combination Ultimate Jutsu to use UJ or TUJ: you only need select the Ultimate Drive. Note also that you need a full Storm Bar to use TUJ.

Awakening Drive! Once again, anyone who’s touched a Storm game knows about that comeback mechanic known as Awakenings, and they recently added the Instant Awakening in Storm 3. If you pick this drive, unlike Storm 3 in which only certain characters had IA, your character gets access to both and an IA and a True Awakening. This also mean you lose access to your UJ and the only thing your supports are good for is being summoned when their cooldowns are refreshed. IA can be used as long as your chakra bar contains at least 10% chakra and hasn’t been shortened to it’s limit. If you manage to use your True Awakening and do not win, you still obtain a powered-down status, but from what I saw it appeared to not last as long as prior installments. Also in an effort to balance things, during TA it seems that UJ Invulnerability and Throw Invulnerability have been restored. Also during IA or TA, if your supports are not replaced with other options, you may in fact summon your supports. Note that you need a full Storm Bar and to over-charge your chakra for a few moments to use True Awakening.

Last but not least, Support Drive! This one is my personal favorite, as it feels like more of a challenge to win when you select it, but I feel it will be stronger once the full game comes out and you can pick your supports. When you select Support Drive, you lose access to your UJ and any form of Awakening. In their places, however, your supports go absolutely nuts! Both your supports start off in Defense Mode, meaning each match you start with both supports acting as if you choose them to be defensive. This means dash-guarding, and charge-guarding. If you have at least 10% chakra, you can flick the right stick (similar to IA) and you will switch them to Attack Mode, meaning extended combos and Strike Backs. As long as you aren’t actively doing anything and have the chakra, you may switch between them as needed. Once you have about 30-50% chakra, you may input the same inputs you would to perform an UJ: doing so turns your supports on to All Mode for a short amount of time. That’s right, folks! During this time your supports act not only as Defense and Attack, but also Balance (they throw chakra-enhanced projectiles when you do, and one of them will take a UJ/TUJ for you, although this has yet to happen for me)! You also still get to summon them when they come off their cooldowns, and their cooldown times are shortened! Once your Storm Bar is full and you have around 80-100% chakra, you may input the same command for TUJ to perform a Sealing Technique. When this connects, after a short animation of performing a sealing jutsu with your team and dealing very minor damage to your opponent, your opponent now appears a shade of red. If you look up at your opponent’s HUD you’ll notice that their Storm Bar, Chakra Bar, and half of their Sub Bar have been locked. From what I recall, your opponent cannot use UJ, TUJ, IA, TA, All Mode, or Sealing for a short period of time. I believe it also prevents any support aid like charge-guarding or Strike Backs. Note that the game itself says ‘Support’ when it refers to what things Sealing locks, and I feel that either it is referring certain aiding or that it is supposed to lock supports entirely. If it is the latter, that function has not yet been implemented and must be subject to change, as Sealing anyone currently still give them access to their supports via left and right bumpers. Note also that the only person who charges to initiate a Sealing is the lead character. Also, supports still have a ‘health bar’ liek in Storm 3, were they can only get hit so many times after being summoned before that go into a very long cooldown.[/list]

Also, note that anything that says ‘requires Storm Bar level’ to be at a certain amount other than TUJ, TA, or Sealing does not currently function this way: this currently only requires a certain amount of chakra. Also your Storm Bar fills in all the same ways the Team Bar does in previous games, regardless of which Drive you pick, so don’t believe otherwise.


All I wanna know is are all the chars unlocked. Bought full burst and other then the awesome boss fights. I feel like UN and blazblue are trying to force me to commit suicide with there story modes


Isn’t this the game that allows you to grab people in blockstun?


I believe that would not only require a combo-cancel (which was not available until Storm Generations), but regular attack with high blockstun. That requires a fair amount of chakra, and an opponent who has no idea what you are doing. I’ve tried to perform such a feat on the CPU in the demo multiple times, and they always avoid it. If I try to lock them into it, they sub out.

While I don’t believe that inserting an easy out makes up for having a lot of overpowering situations, it really does work for a game that does not care about major competitive play.


Sorry for late reply. Yeah the demo is out. The online matchmaking is probably off by now, though. You probably know this by now.


Actually, they extended it due to massive requests. It’s on until Sep 11 (hmmm…), 5 days before it’s American release.


Cool. Still bummer there’s no offline option.