Naruto: The Broken Bond

I was thinking of getting this game but not sure.

Is the battle engine any good? I read that it’s quit deep but then again I haven’t heard much about this game from a serious community.


Ive only had little time with it but here are a few things I think you should think on when considering getting it or not.

Naruto broken bond series mechanics is design towards action/platform with fan service intention and its base majority on single player campaign. They did added a multi player feature that resembles a fighter.The feature was design for the sake of people who aren’t satisfy with the single player campaign alone, but mechanics still base on the single player one. So with that in mind, I wouldn’t recommend expecting some depth or real variety that can rival that of the naruto series that are dedicated to multi player features. That’s not to say the multi player feature was not implemented properly either, but chances are that if don’t like the single campaign than the multilayer may not be much better. I think its best to rent it so you can judge for your self.

But if all you have is a xbox360 than broken bonds is your only choice for naruto game on xbox360, besides “rise of ninja”. Broken bond defiantly has improve from rise of ninja and so far is the only other naruto game that has net play features like sony’s naruto ninja storm.

If you have other console, theirs plenty of other naruto games to consider. One I’m personally like is Nintendo’s Naruto clash of ninja series, that not only resembles a much polish version of broken bonds multi player features but allows up to 4 players as well which creates many variation that can be play. Their newest game to be release that is “clash of ninja revolution 3” is looking promising as it address to a lot of unfavorable features as well as in game glitches that may have ruin some experiences in the previous installments. It will also have net play introduce that will be on Nintendo wifi. The Nintendo WIFI isn’t on par with microsoft xbox live service, but its always nice to have the option of net play and its free.

hey keo

Thanks for the input. I’m not a Naruto fan, the reason why I asks is because it was cheap at wal mart for like 18$.

I thought I might give it a go. That’s pretty much the price of two rentals here so I guess its worth a purchase just for curiosity lol.

I actually ended up getting the game and I feel the battle engine is not bad so far. Probably not the best Naruto game out there but not a bad for fun type game.

I’ve played Clash of the Ninja before it’s a good game I even like the Ultimate Ninja series as well. I don’t play these games too often but I like to get out and try something different out of the ordinary :slight_smile: