Naruto to Boruto Shinobi Striker is the most innovative ninja fighting game ever! EVO candidate!


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I can’t wait for this game. Good job TC !


This game is hot garbage just like any and all other big license anime games. They don’t even have to try because it’s naruto and niggas like yourself who eat literal shit are going to eat this… literal shit up. “Innovative” and “Fighting Game”. Ha, kill yourself.


The only thing I’ll lose sleep trying to figure out is whether this bitch is for real (and possibly with high functioning autism), or if she has created Affinity as an alt account and has been trolling for TEN YEARS. If it’s the latter, I’m impressed at the dedication.


here are some basic combos, the full version can have more combos and styles


a recent video, guess as other Bandai Namco games are launched and out of the way, they can gradually begin to promote Shinobi Striker :slight_smile:

  • Claims game as ‘most innovative fighting game’

  • Then shows an 11 minute video of character cosplay and a 10 minute video of button mashing capture the flag.

This has been THE INVINCIBLE SWORDSMAN saying:



approx. 500,000 Loadout Combinations, 7.5 Million Player Character Combinations

it is surpassing both Xenoverse games human customization combined!
well I haven’t counted all races, but even from just Xenoverse human standpoint, NTB Shinobi Striker is raising the customization standards and revolutionizing things in amazing ways!!

ya’ll may laugh now, but it’s the calm before the glorious storm. so with my ultimate evaluation skills,
I already know Naruto to Boruto Shinobi Striker will be GOTY to me and those that agree.


I am interested in this game, looks fun, but this thread is off the chain. Wtf

Aff you for real?


Japanese Open beta!!

An open beta test for Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker will run on PlayStation 4 from February 23 to 25 in Japan, the latest issue of Weekly Jump reveals.

In addition to the “Konohagakure Forest” stage, the open beta will include the “Sunagakure Training Grounds” stage, which was not available in the closed beta that ran in December.

Users who participate in the open beta will receive a “Shinobi Striker T-Shirt” present that can be equipped to the player’s avatar character when the full game launches.

Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker is due out worldwide for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in 2018. In Japan, it will only be released for PlayStation 4."


open beta downloadable now for the 23rd open beta start.


assfinity shilling the game

-puts this on the games not to get list-


So ultimate!! Open beta does not require PS Plus! and its international open beta!!
UK, Germany, Australia, etc. getting it too!!


Bandai Namco Europe speaks!!


This game will end up as bad as Dynasty Warriors 9 thanks to Affinity shilling.


hey, a part of the DW fanbase and newcomers love Dynasty Warriors 9. only those with the hate goggles can’t see that.

also people not used to open beta stress tests, should sit out of playing the beta until the community green lights that matchmaking is working properly, this isn’t the first time, Xenoverse also had issues and things ever fixed and it became one of the most successful anime games ever (as did its sequel)

so people should be patient and understanding.


update! alright! more players are starting to share positive updates, some got to play their first match

server still have issue, but things are improving.


Rant time

I know Shinobi Striker can lag if the amount of visible players goes up above 30 or so. but I seen it run fine and maintain pretty solid framerate and performance, even with 25 players in view. Reducing the visible players cap was the biggest step backwards the open beta made, considering that would have been completely AND easily avoidable if they had the good judgement to just slightly tweak the visible player count (not less than 20, no more than 30), instead of dumping the cap ALL the way down to 6.

Shinobi Striker visible players count went from this

to this

(and no, the amount of players logging in did not decrease, there’s more players than what is displayed, due to the reduced visible players cap they set.)

Xenoverse displays more than triple than what Shinobi Striker displays in the current updated version, so Shinobi Striker fans that agree this matters, and they should raise the visible players cap to like 20 or more (preferably 25 to 30 visible players), you can share your requests at Namco’s twitter accounts, and can include shinobistrikerBETA with # symbol before “shinobi”, so they have a better chance of reading your twitter message to them.

it really does matter. that gorgeous world hub is big enough, and the platforms this game is made for, can easily handle quadruple the amount of visible players the game was reduced to (only 5? 6 if we count ourself? c’mon. this is PS4/Xbox One generation hardware, the full version should display a lot more at once than that.)

at first the beta had lobby players uncapped in amount of visible players, when it reached its limit, everyone but the player would become invisible.
it didn’t explode, freeze or crash
all it needs is setting a more reasonable cap like 20 to 30 visible players at a time, not freaking only 6 players visible at a time!!! their solution is entirely exaggerated reducing the visible cap to that extreme.

and again, more visible players is a good thing because also it reduces the amount of disappearing that goes on when it tries to load a 7th player ninja in view, in order to do that, it has to cause one of the 5 other players to be invisible. that’s unprofessional keeping the visible players cap that low. PS4 and Xbox One hardware is capable of handling much more than that. a balanced amount would be at least 30 visible players at a time, but even 20 visible players is more acceptable than just 6!!! it really makes the world feel more alive and populated, plus makes the platform not feel like PS3 hardware struggling to display more than 6 players at once.


I’m like, the last guy to call anything sexisrt but that is definitely true. As much as people give then shit, comicbook creators give their female characters far more justice than Naruto does. I mean just look at X-Men or Justice League.


I still prefer the Gekitou Ninja Taisen series(the first four and Special on the WII)…