Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2.0 - Storm 4 Is Out! (PS4/Xbox One)


-Is there a theater/watch fights mode in either?

-Does it take a million years to unlock doods?

-Is UNSG better than UNS2?

-Is UNS2 better than UNSG?

-70 characters is ALOT of characters, damn


-No, but I’m pretty sure the next one coming out in March will have one.

-In Generations, no Just play through story for 40 minutes and skip the cutscenes and you’re done. Also I’m pretty sure you can just put cheats into both of them.

-UNSG is better because there’s WAY more characters AND assist only characters, none of which Storm 2 had. Generations also shows the substitution bar, which is really useful so you don’t have to just guess when you have any teleports left like in Storm 2. However Storm 2 had a WAY better campaign because it let’s you actually play out the anime scenarios, like 3 is doing.

-Not really, no. Unless you care more about the campaign.

-And 3 is gonna have even more.



Fuck, that’s another game on the list for next year. I’m never gonna have any spare cash.

I see that having a UNS2 save file gives you 11 characters in UNSG. CAn you get them without the save file? GameFAQs seems divided on this


I actually had no clue about that :eek: What characters are they? If I have them then yes you can, because I don’t have a Storn 2 save file on here.


basically the gameplay is like to make an entire game out of dragon rush mode from budokai 3 or tacs from marvel. A bunch of auto 50/50’s and guessing which is fun but things like spacing, movement, reactions, and matchup knowledge take a backseat to concepts like option abuse,resource management, and being able to play a good game of rock paper scissors. You even have to implement guessing games and use stagger timing once a hit is landed since just like in earlier doa’s there are no guaranteed combos everything can be substitution jutsu’ed even on hit. You never get rewarded for making smart decisions for this reason because there is no real advantage other than bar which is a pretty free resource to build so again it very difficult to play smart because everyone gets the same reward regardless of their decisions. Top tiers are usually pretty dominant because of awakening abilities because awakening abilities are the only guaranteed rewards in the game. Which is even scrubbier because its the ultra/ xfactor mechanic… the reward you get for getting your ass handed to you. Other wise its pretty fun and looks pretty . From a competetive view though dont expect it to be very stimulating in that respect. Also I liked nuns2 the best cuz of lars thats it they are all pretty much the same its just a matter of what little nuances you like. I will say 2 had a pretty nice campaign though it was kinda like regular fighter story mode with some challenge tower style twists in their all wrapped in a jrpg shell.


The characters they give you are the Genin 12 + their sensei IIRC. Having Storm 1 gives Ino, Shikamaru, Choji, Neji, Tenten, Lee, Kiba, Hinata, Shino, Asuma, and Guy right off the bat. Storm 2 gives the Shippuden versions of those characters.


1.Uh, spacing, movement and reactions AS WELL as substitution are the most important factors to winning a match. Knowing when to get in, knowing when to space out and zone, and knowing exactly where you want to dash are all things that you need to take into account if you’re going to win. Tricking your opponent into wasting teleports, dashing in on other people’s substitution, knowing when to guard a dash, ect. These are ALL things you need to take into account if you even want a chance at winning against a human player.

Also…reactions and matchup knowledge take a backseat? Are you kidding me? You look me in the eye and tell me it’s a good idea to rush down a good Lee player, or that this game doesn’t usually require SUPERB timing and reaction capability.

2.There are tons of advantages and strategies outside of bar, like tricking your opponent into wasting bar, or using certain assists with certain types of strategies. For example, Lee likes Hinata and Pain on guard assists because he can use them to protect him as he charges chakra. Characters like Itachi and Susaano Sasuke like Hidan’s assist because they have weird normals and he can compensate for that, making the opponent waste subsitution or just keeping the opponent’s pressure down. There’s tons of factors that you’re not taking into account.

3.There are more differences between Storm 2 and Generations besides Lars (who wasn’t even that good really). Such as the campaign, the visual substitution bar, assist only characters, way more regular characters…I’m starting to wonder if you ever even play these games.

Oh, well then yeah, you can unlock those without the save file.

Worst case scenario I’m pretty sure there’s cheats too, so


Yes. Tale of Young Naruto Uzumaki gives the PTS characters. Tale of Naruto Uzumaki, I assume, gives the Shippuden characters.

Grabbed off GameFAQs. Hopefully it’s accurate, I think I’mma grab this tomorrow. Also hahaha tiny text!


First off I’m an adult speak to me as such do not attempt to insult my knowledge about subject matter just because you do not carry my same view point.

When it comes to your fist point you completely missed the other side of mine which was that things like resource management take precedent which most of your counterpoints are indeed based around resource management and being aple to play rps. Baiting your opp to teleport is an example of both encouraging your opponent to poorly spend his resources while getting him to guess incorrectly. Assist synergy is an example of option abuse. I also did not claim that none of those elements of spacing, movement, and reaction time did not exist in the game I simply stated that there importance is not as great as the resource management and guessing aspects. Roster change, campaign update etc are all little nuances. There were more changes in this years Call of Duty than there were between the 3 NUNS games combined.

I’m not attacking your game dude I state both pro’s as well as cons. This is why you dont see these kind of discussions here on SRK about other games because people like you open threads and get too sensitive about public opinion people either read it and leave it alone,or see that its easy to flamebait you and start trolling your shit. It’s not a bad game, not great but not bad either.


I didn’t mean for it to seem as if I was mad or something, but looking at it now I can see how one would think that lol.

However I don’t think that the spacing, baiting, movement and reaction aspects take a backseat to option abuses and the rock paper scissor factors. It seems as if you’re stating that using the latter concepts is almost mandatory if you’re wanting to beat any competent opponent at this game.


Is there a vs CPU mode in UNS: Generalizations? And how do I made money in this game?


DL’d the demos for both games, will post my thoughts here after


Yeah, and you make money any time you complete a fight.

Actually you pretty much unlock something every time you finish a fight. I’m still unlocking shit.


:rofl: Worrrrrrd. That’s awesome


Not impressed with UNS2 so far. Kakashi fucking cheats constantly.


I liked Gen MUCH better. Gonna see if I can get a deal on it today.


20 bucks on gamefly is the best deal i know of


I got it for 20 bones at my Gamestop. It pays to work here :smiley: looking forward to firing this up tonight.


^if you can get hours


I don’t seem to be grasping the concept of Tilt Attacks. I’m tilting and pressing Attack but something isn’t working. What motion makes them work/what am I missing?