Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2.0 - Storm 4 Is Out! (PS4/Xbox One)


DL’d the demos for both games, will post my thoughts here after


Yeah, and you make money any time you complete a fight.

Actually you pretty much unlock something every time you finish a fight. I’m still unlocking shit.


:rofl: Worrrrrrd. That’s awesome


Not impressed with UNS2 so far. Kakashi fucking cheats constantly.


I liked Gen MUCH better. Gonna see if I can get a deal on it today.


20 bucks on gamefly is the best deal i know of


I got it for 20 bones at my Gamestop. It pays to work here :smiley: looking forward to firing this up tonight.


^if you can get hours


I don’t seem to be grasping the concept of Tilt Attacks. I’m tilting and pressing Attack but something isn’t working. What motion makes them work/what am I missing?


I don’t think I’ll be getting UNS3 and here’s why. They’ve taken out to many characters and only added 4. Granted that I didn’t use most of them, I’d end up losing a lot of the ones that I want. I also don’t really care about the story battles. They are cool at first, but after they’ve been beaten, I don’t realy see myself going back to them.

I would like to get it because they are tweaking the fighting system or so they say. Also, you can now kill assist characters, so that’ll stop a lot of the bullshit that we’ve all had to deal with in each installment. I’m just wondering how the KNJ system will work.


Flick the Analog Stick then press the attack button.


Here’s all the changes for Storm 3 at this point:

And here are the scans for the newest playable characters.

I’m new here so I was wondering if there are any tags or embeds to use for posting, I don’t see any at the moment.

Edit: Nevermind, issue with javascript on my end. :sweat:


That tier list is pretty booboo lol Didn’t think I’d find a forum about Naruto on here.


You have to wait until the stick centers again after the tilt. It should’ve been called a “flick” instead of a “tilt”

You can get all the characters by unlocking them through story if you don’t have a save file from a previous game. There aren’t any exclusive characters unlocked from having previous game save files


Just saw the gameplay vid of Asuma vs. Chouji.

Please tell me those Shinobi Alliance vests are situational and not standard for the characters.


Really? It has some of the best boss battles in the series so far by far.


They usually keep the costumes from previous games as options, so I would assume that those will be optional as well.


You guys think Madara will be in this game?


Nah… I don’t think it’ll go that far into the war. It follows the anime’s progression primarily.


I could see him as a secret unlock but im not sure how far the story goes.