Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2.0 - Storm 4 Is Out! (PS4/Xbox One)


That tier list is pretty booboo lol Didn’t think I’d find a forum about Naruto on here.


You have to wait until the stick centers again after the tilt. It should’ve been called a “flick” instead of a “tilt”

You can get all the characters by unlocking them through story if you don’t have a save file from a previous game. There aren’t any exclusive characters unlocked from having previous game save files


Just saw the gameplay vid of Asuma vs. Chouji.

Please tell me those Shinobi Alliance vests are situational and not standard for the characters.


Really? It has some of the best boss battles in the series so far by far.


They usually keep the costumes from previous games as options, so I would assume that those will be optional as well.


You guys think Madara will be in this game?


Nah… I don’t think it’ll go that far into the war. It follows the anime’s progression primarily.


I could see him as a secret unlock but im not sure how far the story goes.


While true, Namco and CC2 both said that it’ll have something for fans who follow the manga, so you never know. If they are going to do it, look for it around mid to late January for an annoucement. At the very least, we’ll have all nine jinchuuriki with their awakenings being bijuu mode.[media=youtube]OinSvqogO_g[/media]

They still haven’t even formally announced Rinnegan Tobi though he was briefly seen in an early trailer. Plus they still have to announce Edo Nagato and Itachi. A new trailer is set to release Tuesday. I’ll have it posted on my Youtube channel.


There were some reports that stated this game will cover the entire war arc. I don’t remember if was on SaiyanIsland or the officiL website but Madara should most definitely be in the mix.

Yea the games follow the anime primarily but nothing that can’t be improvised such as the VA and jutsu.


Here’s the latest Naruto Storm 3 trailer!


Yes! Hell Yes! :wow:

Killer Bee with Samehada! All the Jinchuuriki showing off their best moves!

It’s gonna be one fun ass game to play.


This game looks beyond sick. I’m glad they brought the Open-World Roaming back, as well as the giant boss battles. It looks like they’re getting into a good portion of the war but, it looks like they’re going to stop at the point Naruto joins, or close it.


Dat back to belly suplex!!!

Couldn’t see if the game went for autheticity and gave The Raikage just one arm.


Raikage still has both arms in the game. That 5tails Han with that Santoryu ultimate jutsu is a boss!


I was looking for that in Generations but, he still had both. I don’t why, though… He lost it during the fight with Sasuke at the Summit, which was well before the war.


I’m sure the Raikage still having both arms is a part of some Japanese sensibility where it’s inappropriate to have a handicapable character in a game.

You know, similar to how Future Gohan in DBZ games always had both arms.


No, he didn’t… I’m sure he had one arm in Shin Budokai 2… or one of them.

Edit: It was DBZ: Sagas where he was playable with one arm


85 screenshots I made of the Naruto Storm 3 trailer 4 since a lot happened pretty fast. Didnt even see how samehada had his tongue out with Bee lol


But you do know that DBZ Sagas was made by an American developer, right? :rolleyes: