Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 . The next greatest anime fighting game. Online!

UNS1 is very fun and unique from typical SF type games, adding a dimension to the fighting while keeping the learning curve fair for beginners, and deep enough for skilled masters! Though was limited from lack of online.

But now that UNS2 is getting online, the competitive community and leagues will finally be able to grow out of their shell and take on the world! :lovin:

With over 40 characters (pretty much double the first game), more stages, new moves, enhanced presentation, and much more, it really will provide a refreshing and exciting way to enjoy a fighting game, even those that played UNS1, haven’t had a chance to test their skills to the maximum to the world like this before!


Definitely shaping up to be a worthy addition to EVO tournaments too! (wasn’t Smash Bros. at EVO once? no wait I think its tournaments were independant from EVO, well who knows?)

From what I hear, UNS1 wasn’t really that good at all.

Theres a UNS competitive scene?

Azuro - from what I hear, Marvel vs. Capcom 2 wasn’t that good at all and millions still play it and already believe MVC3 will be the next best game for them.

there WILL be once UNS2 releases! There is a competitive scene for UNS but due to lack of online, it’s limited to
small isolated local groups and strat forums. but that no longer will be an issue now that UNS2 confirms online play. People can speculate there will be lag, but games like Tekken 6, MvC2, and even HD Remix vary in connection quality, so it will be playable online for most people, for sure.


Somebody hasn’t seen the bitchin’ in the MvC3 subforums, apparently.

Uninformed much?

This game will still probably get more love than Smash Bros. though.


Play NA2 instead…

and be hopeful, that UNS2 fixes EVERYTHING THAT IS WRONG with UNS!!!

hahahaahaahahahahahahaha Naurto and DBZ games… (begins to laugh again)

thank you for sharing your opinion in this lovely forum.

many games receive a lot of hate, but that clouds people from the reality that just as many can be loving it as well. the hate hasn’t stopped these big franchise games from selling big and played by many. If “everyone” truly hated something, it would receive low sales and players just like KOFXII or Star Wars Teras Kasi.

Just like the hate/love relationship with Super Street Fighter IV. Many complain and still complain about that and other games but that doesn’t stop the other masses from playing it and loving it themselves personally. Same case with Tekken series, Virtua Fighter series, UFC series, etc. depending on people’s tastes and tolerances.

I might have to try this out when its released, Ultimate Ninja was pretty fun.
Is there a site that players visit?

Any time friend.

Real talk UNS1 sucks hardcore. For a 1player funsie, okay maybe it’s “fun” AT BEST. But as a competitive game, the game is a fucking JOKE!

UNS2 can be somewhat decent if they go back and take the BEST features out of NA2 (NOT NA3, cuz that game is complete ASS). Add some Tenkachi 3 flavor (aka it’s CAMERA/split screen). And u might have something there.

I personally would like to do WITHOUT the tenkaichi cam, and just use NA2 2d plain. But that’s just IMO.



bitch in da pink

Hidan or Bust. I know theyre aint gonna do him any justice and him Meh, same with Deidara :confused:

I agree with DigimonEmperor, UNS1 sucks hardcore compared to NA2 and the ones before. The screen flipping BS sucks too, make it split-screen or GTFO.

IMO, best anime fighting game ever made was and still is JJBA. UNS series still has a long way to go before it can catch up.

anime owns, rock on yall

The Gekitou Ninja Taisen games were pretty damn good and were actually quite deep.

Since then every Naruto game has been shit.

Just want you to know you’re my favorite affinity.

some translations:

"A diverse online mode where you can compare your gameplay with other players
The lack of online mode was one of the disappointments principial the first Ultimate Ninja Storm. In this case you will have a range of options to compete against other players. There are three main modes of battle: quick, random opponents, custom (in which your opponents choose the criteria you set) or own, created by you.

In addition, there will be a global ranking and statistics cards with the players, their nationality, slogan, image and their place in the international ranking to compare styles.

Matsuyama reported that the game can choose between the original language or dubbed in English: “We know how important it is for Naruto fans can hear the voices in Japanese,” he said.

Naruto games have sold over six million units worldwide. Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 will be released in fall 2010 for Xbox 360 and PS3."

Fuck game modes/online/rankings/language and all that other bullshit for right now. Did they actually fix the PROBLEMS of this series, in terms of game play, is what I wanna know? I suppose we’ll find out at E3.

I’m calling it now…




Treating your opinion as fact and speaking for everyone’s behalf (in SRK), is rather arrogant and self centered. >.>
You don’t determine what is a waste of time and space on SRK (or anywhere for that matter).
Be more open minded with your thinking instead of the “my way or the highway” attitude, m’kay?
I guess haters have to dump their nonsense somewhere, but it’s not helping anyone. <.<

People can argue about the “problems” in UNS1, but despite the “problems” more popular fighting games like, for example, Hokuto No Ken, and MvC2 had and still have, many still play those games.

I would say UNS1 is very fun and balanced compared to MvC2 and HNK, but it would be rude and closed minded to call either game junk, because despite a game’s flaws (which all fighting games have), they still have enough quality in their gameplay to still be competition worthy for people that happen to like those fighting games more than others. :chat: