Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Series

The Naruto games are all fighting, and they used to not be very good until the Ninja Storm series. I’ve been playing the 2nd one for a while now and im pumped for the new one coming out on February 7th. Let me know if any of you like the series and if you’re gonna get the new game, and also your opinions on it,
My XBL is Kiinkey Twinkie … Im down to play any time :slight_smile:

You clearly didn’t try to play the PS2 games at a higher level.

Oh and here: Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generation - Games out; LET THE SALT START FLOWING! <3

NUNS and NUNS2 were hella fun. Generations is looking to only better the franchise by fixing the KnJ mechanic and adding a ton of characters. I would possibly be down for Generations.